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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 29 Recap

Ma Huizhen was discharged from the hospital after recovering from her injuries, and her husband came to take her home. Ma Huizhen was worried that her father-in-law would force her to have a baby again. The little girl Lele suddenly ran over and hit Ma Huizhen. Ma Huizhen fainted on the spot, and her husband had to send her to the emergency department again.

Xiao Yan did an electrocardiogram for Ma Huizhen, and found no arrhythmia. He was sure that Ma Huizhen did not suffer from convulsions because of taking smart drugs. He suspected a cerebral embolism caused by a blood clot, but he couldn’t find the cause of the embolism.

Baizhu remembered that Ma Huizhen had taken ovulation-promoting drugs— – Clomiphene, Xiao Yan deduced that Ma Huizhen caused endometrial cancer due to an overdose of this drug, and then caused blood clots, Xu Yiran hurriedly gave Ma Huizhen a further examination, no cancer was found, Baizhu suggested a dilatation and curettage diagnosis, ruled out the possibility of endometrial cancer .

The doctor found a shadow in Ma Huizhen’s liver, and there was still fluid in the abdominal cavity. Xiao Yan arranged an MRI of Ma Huizhen’s abdomen. Luo Guangliang asked Tang Hua and Lin Zhi about Ding Xiaoying’s situation, and learned that Ding Xiaoying could recover as long as she found a suitable cornea. He kept them all in mind.

Ma Huizhen’s examination results came out quickly, and it was confirmed that it was a liver tumor, but the disease did not cause convulsions, and Baizhu suspected that she had other complications. Tang Hua revealed to Xiao Yan that Ma Huizhen did not want to have children and had been secretly taking contraceptive pills without telling her husband and father-in-law.

Xiao Yan knew that some contraceptive pills on the market would cause convulsions, so she hurried to find Ma Huizhen to confirm the matter, but Ma Huizhen refused to answer. Yan promised to help her conceal it, and explained her interests, so Ma Huizhen had no choice but to tell the truth.

When her husband came back after paying the fee, he heard that Ma Huizhen had been taking contraceptives secretly. He was furious and wanted to talk to Ma Huizhen alone, so Xiao Yan and Tang Hua had to avoid it first. Her husband thought that Ma Huizhen disliked him and refused to have children. Ma Huizhen had to explain the truth. Her father died of hemophilia. Ma Huizhen was worried that her child would inherit family hemophilia, so she hesitated to have a child. Her husband learned the whole story. He and Ma Huizhen hugged each other and cried.

Tang Hua reported to Bai Shu and Xu Yiran the cause of Ma Huizhen’s convulsions. Bai Shu was not convinced and had to wait for the test results to come out. Tang Hua saw that Bai Shu was angry, and Xiao Yan was helpless. The father-in-law made meals and sent them to the hospital. Seeing his son sitting in the hall feeling sad, he tried his best to comfort him. He was worried that Ma Huizhen had a malignant tumor, and his father promised not to urge them to have children, as long as Ma Huizhen’s illness was cured.

After further examination, the tumor in Ma Huizhen’s liver was benign, and the whole family breathed a sigh of relief. Bai Zhu knew that Xiao Yan’s judgment was accurate, and he didn’t say a word. Luo Guangliang suddenly suffered from persistent abdominal pain. Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan examined him together and found out Luo Guangliang’s mesenteric edema, so they contacted the gastrointestinal surgery to operate him.

Because Luo Guangliang had mesenteric oozing and intestinal necrosis, the doctor could only remove the diseased part. Then Luo Guangliang was handed over to the emergency department. Xiao Yan fainted on the spot because of overwork, and Bai Zhu picked her up and went back to Corey.

Bai Shu personally gave Xiao Yan an infusion, and then stayed in front of her hospital bed every step of the way. Xiao Yan gradually came to life, and Bai Shu ran away in fright. When Xiao Yan saw a cup of coffee on the table, he picked it up and drank it. There is a QR code on the lid.

Seeing Bai Shu in a daze outside, Xu Yiran guessed that it was because of Xiao Yan, so he forced him to eat supper. Ma Huizhen’s operation went well. Her father-in-law cooked porridge and brought it to her. Her husband quietly reminded Ma Huizhen not to steal the contraceptive pill again. Ma Huizhen returned a bowl of porridge to Ding Xiaoying. Ding Xiaoying learned from Lin Zhi that the real pervert had been arrested and that Luo Guangliang had a car accident to save her. Ding Xiaoying was grateful to Luo Guangliang.

Luo Guangliang’s condition worsened and multiple organs failed. He wanted to donate his cornea to Ding Xiaoying. Bai Zhu advised him to treat the disease with peace of mind. Xu Yiran persuaded Bai Zhu to confess to Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan asked Bai Zhu to talk about it after get off work, Bai Zhu drove her to the riverside, Xiao Yan saw that Bai Zhu liked her, and this matter had already affected her work and life, Bai Zhu admitted that he liked her, Xiao Yan couldn’t accept this feeling for the time being. There was something in her heart that she couldn’t let go of.

Bai Zhu promised to wait for the day when she was willing to say it. Xiao Yan called the director Catherine overnight, she wanted to return to work at Lausanne Hospital in Switzerland, and Catherine welcomed her back at any time.

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