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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 12 Recap

The Lord didn’t seem to care about Yin Zheng’s refusal and insisted that he marry Yuan Ying. Yin Zheng was suddenly a little annoyed and asked the Lord, why did he go back on his promises today when he promised to make Li Wei his wife.

Yin Zheng’s remarks made Lord Xinchuan furious, and he and his wife appeared in time to relieve Yin Zheng. With the help of his wife, Yin Zheng calmed down and understood the benefits. If he contradicts the Lord today, he will only be a cripple from now on. Yin Zheng was helpless and had to keep silent.

Li Wei cooked a large table of dishes and waited for Yin Zheng to come back to celebrate together, but she unexpectedly received bad news. The night was quiet and the wind was blowing gently, but it seemed to force the tears out of people. Li Wei’s eyes were red as she sat in the yard. She suddenly thought that she didn’t know whether the new lady who was about to marry would like the yard she had arranged.

Time seemed to have wings, and in a blink of an eye, it was the day when Yin Zheng married Yuan Ying. There were lanterns and colorful lights over there, but there was a dark cloud over Li Wei’s side. Li Wei seemed to understand, since this is Yin Zheng’s choice, then she will go home. Feeling sad, Hao Jia and Shangguan Jing came in. Seeing the good sisters, Li Wei’s grievance was like a flood that burst a dyke, pouring out with her tears.

Yin Zheng and Yuan Ying sat side by side on the wedding night, but they didn’t look like newlyweds at all. Yuanying’s expression was cold, as if she was talking about a business with Yin Zheng. She told Yin Zheng that this marriage was just a deal between the two countries, and she was not happy to marry in.

But now they are powerless to turn things around, so she just needs to be the young master’s wife. Yuan Ying also admitted that he knew that Yin Zheng’s career was not yet secure, and he could be a good helper to him. When he has something to say, he can leave openly.

Yin Zheng was very happy, so he simply accepted the cooperation with Yuan Ying. He happily drank the glass of wine, but he was so drunk that he almost lost his temper. Passing by Li Wei’s room, he rushed up without hesitation, but unexpectedly saw Lao Jiu coming back with Li Wei, who was also drunk and unconscious, on his back. Yin Zheng woke up all of a sudden, quickly picked up Li Wei from Lao Jiu, and sent her back to the room. Listening to Li Wei’s murmured words, Yin Zheng felt very uncomfortable.

Although Yuanying is the princess of Jinchuan, but the sky is high and the emperor is far away, the nuns in the mansion are not afraid of her very much, and even united on the first day she took charge of the house, trying to give her a blow. But they underestimated the means of this new lady, and they were subdued by her within a short while. Afterwards, Yuan Ying made plans for the Kaifu Banquet, and removed the previous inappropriate recipes and ceremonies.

Here, Li Wei started to pack her luggage as soon as she woke up, preparing to go back to her own Jichuan. Seeing Yin Zheng walking towards this side, Li Wei quickly stepped forward and closed the door, unwilling to talk to him. But seeing that he really left, Li Wei was very disappointed again. Li Wei was about to leave, but unexpectedly, she was called by Yuan Ying.

Facing Yuan Ying’s extraordinary temperament, Li Wei couldn’t help being a little nervous, sitting on the stool looking timid. Yuanying asked Li Wei if she could read the ledger and whether she could post the account for Yin Zhengli. Li Wei was a little stunned, and then replied that no. Yuanying shook his head and made a fork on the paper. Afterwards, Yuanying threw a few more questions to Li Wei, but she didn’t seem satisfied with Li Wei’s answer, and made a cross several times in a row.

Li Wei couldn’t sit still anymore, and she was about to run away on the pretext of something, but she was stopped by Yuanying. Yuanying wanted Li Wei to go to see Yin Zheng with herself, and told Li Wei that if people have long mouths, they must clarify their misunderstandings, and if they have ears, they must listen to other people’s defenses, and don’t avoid problems because they are hypocritical or afraid to face them. .

Li Wei finally found out about the deal between Yin Zheng and Yuan Ying, and she had mixed feelings in her heart. It is undeniable that at this moment, her heart is full of joy.

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