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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 28 Recap


Bai Shu found that Xiao Yan was wearing the shoes he gave him, and remembering Xu Yiran’s remarks that sending shoes was to make women leave, he personally ground a cup of coffee for Xiao Yan as a gesture of friendship.

Ma Huizhen’s condition suddenly deteriorated and convulsions continued. Xu Yiran and Bai Zhu hurriedly rescued him, and Ma Huizhen was saved. Ding Xiaoying remembered that Ma Huizhen had abnormal convulsions when driving and had a car accident. Xu Yiran, Bai Shu, and Xiao Yan discussed together, suspecting that Ma Huizhen’s convulsions were caused by pregnancy and stroke, and wanted to give her a relevant examination first.

Ma Huizhen’s husband and father-in-law came after hearing the news. Xu Yiran briefly introduced Ma Huizhen’s condition. When her father-in-law learned that Ma Huizhen might be pregnant, he spoke incoherently excitedly. Xu Yiran gave her further examination.

Her husband persuaded Ma Huizhen not to drive a taxi when she recovered, but she liked the job very much. The test results came out soon, ruling out the possibility of Ma Huizhen’s stroke and pregnancy. Tang Hua felt that Ma Huizhen’s symptoms were exactly the same as those of the rare Huntington’s syndrome. Family.

Ding Xiaoying was right next to Ma Huizhen. She greeted Ma Huizhen, but Ma Huizhen persuaded her to get married as soon as possible. When her husband returned to the ward, Ma Huizhen was suddenly emotional and nervous. Thanks to Xu Yiran, Chen Zhi and others who came to help, Ma Huizhen was comforted. Ma Huizhen’s test result was negative, ruling out Huntington’s syndrome. Xu Yiran and Chen Zhi racked their brains. No cause could be found.

Baishu learned that Ma Huizhen was renting out at night and selling things at a stall during the day, and suspected that she had taken drugs that stimulated nerves, otherwise she would have collapsed. Xu Yiran asked Ma Huizhen that she had taken smart drugs.

Asked a colleague for a few smart medicines, Bai Zhu concluded that this was the cause of her illness, and advised her not to take it again, because once addicted, it is difficult to quit. The father-in-law couldn’t help complaining about Ma Huizhen, but Ma Huizhen was too angry to say a word.

Ding Xiaoying suddenly lost her eyesight. Xiao Yan hurriedly checked her. Her cornea was severely damaged and she needed to find a cornea for transplantation as soon as possible. Ma Huizhen’s father-in-law made sarcastic remarks, and Tang Hua hurriedly kicked him out. Xiao Yan advised Ding Xiaoying not to be discouraged and to wait patiently for the corneas.

Ding Xiaoying was an orphan, so she asked Tang Hua to help her find a nurse. Ma Huizhen offered to help her, but Ding Xiaoying politely declined. She usually worked hard to make money, just to be able to take care of herself when she was sick. Both Tang Hua and Lin Zhi felt sorry for Ding Xiaoying and wanted to find her a boyfriend. Lin Zhi took the opportunity to ask Tang Hua to let Chen Zhi be Ding Xiaoying’s boyfriend. Tang Hua didn’t want to hear her nonsense.

Ma Huizhen didn’t want to have a child, but her husband and father-in-law were looking forward to having a child. She had no way out, so she had to ask Tang Hua to help her lie, saying that she was infertile due to a car accident. Not wanting to lie for her, Ma Huizhen was very disappointed.

Tang Hua took a taxi home from get off work, Chen Zhi was worried, and kept calling Tang Hua, asking her to check if the taxi driver was a bad person. Tang Hua was very impatient and refused to answer his calls in a fit of anger. Luo Guangliang, the injured man on the motorcycle, finally woke up. When he learned that Ding Xiaoying was blinded by the car accident, he was very anxious.

Lin Zhi decided that he was a pervert, and taunted her. The police came to Luo Guangliang to understand the situation. Luo Guangliang denied that he was a pervert. He worked in a convenience store. Ding Xiaoying often came to eat in the store after get off work. Luo Guangliang had a crush on Ding Xiaoying. They were both orphans. Luo Guangliang saw Ding Xiaoying refuse When a colleague confessed, he silently followed her and never disturbed her. When Luo Guangliang heard that a pervert appeared in that area, he quietly protected Ding Xiaoying from behind.

When the truth came to light, Tang Hua blamed herself for suspecting Luo Guangliang before she knew the situation. Tang Hua received a phone call suddenly, and the two made an appointment to have dinner together tonight. Chen Zhi wanted to drive her off, but Tang Hua flatly refused. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became.

Tang Hua called her mother to pick her up from get off work, and even called Chen Zhi here, admitting that Chen Zhi was not her boyfriend, and that Chen Zhi was a rich second generation, and she was lying. Mother was so angry that she gritted her teeth and called her relatives and friends on the spot. Introducing someone to Tang Hua, Tang Hua was forced to admit that she was joking just now, that she and Chen Zhi were really in love, and her mother invited Chen Zhi to their house for dinner.

The mother had long seen that Tang Hua and Chen Zhi were in love with each other. She persuaded Tang Hua and Chen Zhi to have a good relationship. In the future, if the fake was real, Tang Hua was so angry that she persuaded her mother away. The painting was too disturbing, and he was forcibly driven away.

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