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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 27 Recap


Xiaojing, a 28-year-old pregnant woman, suddenly suffered from unbearable abdominal pain. Her mother-in-law, father-in-law and husband sent her to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xiao Yan gave her a simple examination, suspected of acute appendicitis, and arranged for blood routine and B-ultrasound examination. , Worried that the ultrasound radiation would affect the grandson in her belly, Tang Hua repeatedly explained that the B-ultrasound does not have radiation, Xiaojing asked her husband to persuade her mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law was willing to give in.

Sure enough, as Xiao Yan expected, Xiaojing suffers from acute suppurative appendicitis and must be operated on immediately, otherwise it will cause perforation, and the consequences will be disastrous. Her mother-in-law firmly disagrees with the operation, fearing that it will endanger the safety of her grandson. Tang Hua argues with her, After hearing the news, Lu Pingan came to persuade him.

Xu Yiran recognized the pregnant woman as his first girlfriend, Xiao Jing, and urged Xiao Yan to perform surgery on Xiao Jing as soon as possible, but her mother-in-law refused to give in. Xu Yiran pretended to respect their opinions and asked Lu Pingan to take her mother-in-law and father-in-law out to discuss the treatment plan. The husband explained the seriousness of the problem, and Xiaojing and his wife agreed to the operation.

Xu Yiran pushed Xiaojing into the operating room as quickly as possible. When the mother-in-law and father-in-law returned to the ward, they learned that Xiaojing was already in the operating room. The mother-in-law shouted anxiously. Xiao Ming, Lu Pingan desperately comforted her.

Xu Yiran was ready to be held accountable by Xiaojing’s mother-in-law and her father-in-law. He completed the operation in an orderly manner. Seeing Xiaojing being pushed out, her mother-in-law couldn’t wait to inquire about the situation of her grandson. When her child was safe and sound, she felt relieved. . Xu Yiran lived with Xiaojing as a neighbor five years ago. Xiaojing was a kind and gentle person. Xu Yi then regretted not proposing to Xiaojing. He always thought that Xiaojing could marry a very good man, but he didn’t expect it to be such an unreasonable family. , he felt pity for Xiaojing.

Bai Shu bought a pair of shoes for Xiao Yan online, falsely claiming that Xiao Guang bought them with pocket money, and even helped her try them on with her own hands. Tang Hua and Lin Zhi happened to see this scene, and Bai Shu hurried away. Lin Zhi searched for the new classic shoes. Tang Hua concluded that Bai Shu was using the name of Xiaoguang to please Xiao Yan again. Xiao Yan didn’t know how to explain it, so he left in a hurry under the pretext of rounds.

Xu Yiran found out about this, and couldn’t help complaining that Bai Zhu gave her shoes to let her go. Bai Zhu didn’t understand this at all. He just saw Xiao Yan’s feet were worn out by the shoes, so he bought a pair of comfortable and lightweight shoes. shoes for her. At lunch, Lin Zhi asked Xiao Yan and Bai Zhu to sit together in public. Xiao Yan felt embarrassed and left without eating. Bai Zhu hurriedly chased after him and saw Xiao Yan’s back from a distance, so he finally left silently. Xu Yiran persuaded Xiao Yan not to miss Bai Zhu, otherwise he would regret it, and Xiao Yan sneered at him.

Junjun has been suffering from a high fever, so his brother took him to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital, and Atractylodes performed relevant examinations on Junjun. Xiao Yan came to look for Bai Zhu, but Jun Jun suddenly fainted from shortness of breath, so Xiao Yan had to leave first.

Atractylodes hurriedly performed further examinations on Junjun, and found that there was a large amount of pleural effusion, and immediately performed drainage. Baizhu obtained the consent of his brother to perform thoracentesis for Junjun.

After Bai Shu settled down, the army came to Xiao Yan. Before Xiao Yan could speak, Zheng Yajie, who was out for training, suddenly rushed into the office and hugged Bai Shu tightly. Bai Shu couldn’t dodge. Zheng Yajie kept claiming that she was excellent in studies, and came back after half a year of training ahead of schedule. , Worried that Bai Zhu would be snatched away, Xiao Yan was very embarrassed, and excused himself to leave beforehand, Bai Shu followed closely behind.

Zheng Yajie couldn’t wait to ask Xu Yiran about the relationship between Baishu and Xiao Yan. Xu Yiran admitted that Baishu liked Xiao Yan, and Xiao Yan also had a crush on Baishu, but she kept rejecting Baishu. Zheng Yajie was not convinced and wanted to guard against Baishu. From that day on, Xiao Yan avoided Bai Shu everywhere, and Bai Shu was dragged down by Junjun’s illness and couldn’t go away.

Junjun’s condition suddenly deteriorated. Baishu gave him first aid and found Junjun’s brain abscess. His brother was very anxious. His wife called him and urged him to go home. His brother wanted to stay and take care of Junjun.

Zheng Yajie came to Xiao Yan for a showdown, and wanted to compete fairly with her. Bai Shu learned that both of Junjun’s parents died. He lived with his brother and sister-in-law. The sister-in-law kept calling him. Jun suddenly had a toothache. Bai Shu checked his dental caries and festered severely. He deduced that the brain abscess was caused by dental caries infection. He suggested surgery as soon as possible. Bai Shu asked Jun Jun if he had been in contact with unclean things.

The sister-in-law called again, and the brother had to hide to answer. Junjun secretly told Baishu the truth. His brother and sister-in-law often quarreled because of him. He went swimming with his classmates last week. Bai Shu performed an operation on Junjun, and Junjun was soon discharged from the hospital. Chen Zhi told his brother some precautions.

Lin Zhi saw that Xiao Yan was always avoiding Bai Shu on purpose recently, Xiao Yan didn’t allow her to be suspicious and let her work with peace of mind, Lin Zhi had to shut up. Ding Xiaoying came home from get off work very late. She suddenly found a pervert following her on a motorcycle, and hurriedly hit the middle-aged female driver Ma Huizhen. The man continued to chase the taxi. Ma Huizhen suddenly fell ill, and the taxi lost control and crashed into On the side of the road, the man on the motorcycle had no time to brake and was thrown far away.

Lin Zhi was proud that she was not sick tonight, so the ambulance brought the three people in the car accident together. Ding Xiaoying begged Xiao Yan to call the police to catch the pervert. The Baishu examination found that the injured motorcyclist had a ruptured spleen, and he was operated on on the spot.

The police from the local police station arrived after hearing the news, suspecting that the man was the pervert who recently attacked women, and found a photo of Ding Xiaoying from his mobile phone. He was still unconscious, so the police had to take his mobile phone back to collect evidence.

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