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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 26 Recap

Zhang Cheng woke up, he did not agree to the operation, Xiao Yan explained the situation to Zhang Yunyun, if Zhang Cheng did not put the stent in time, his life would be in danger at any time, Zhang Yunyun knew that Zhang Cheng refused to operate because he wanted to compensate Fang Jingxuan and collect tuition fees for her, Zhang Yunyun tried hard to persuade him to have the operation, and also said that he would go to work-study program to earn tuition fees.

Zhang Cheng didn’t want to drag her down, but Zhang Yunyun had no mother and didn’t want to lose his father again. The father and daughter cried to each other.

Xiao Yan applied for an aid fund for Zhang Cheng, and she immediately told Zhang Cheng the good news. Both Zhang Cheng and Zhang Yunyun cried with joy. Bai Zhu searched for information overnight, and showed Fang Jingxuan the successful cases that she had sorted out in the morning. Fang Jingxuan was still worried, and Bai Zhu made a promise before Fang Jingxuan agreed to the operation. Xiao Yan came to the room early in the morning and learned that Bai Zhu persuaded Fang Jingxuan to agree to the operation. When she saw Bai Zhu sleeping on the table, she secretly filmed it.

Fang Jingxuan’s operation was successful, and Xiao Yan informed her that she would be discharged from the hospital in a week. Zhang Yunyun came to see Fang Jingxuan, offered 5,000 yuan in compensation, and promised to repay the compensation slowly in the future. Fang Anping felt very lucky. It was only after this car accident that Fang Jingxuan found out that Fang Jingxuan had a glioma in her brain.

Responsibility, let Zhang Yunyun use the money to pay tuition, Zhang Yunyun thanked them a thousand times, Fang Anping asked Zhang Yunyun to visit Fang Jingxuan in the ward. Fang Jingxuan and Zhang Yunyun hit it off right away, and the more they chatted, the more speculative they became.

Chen Zhi tried his best to please Tang Hua, but Tang Hua didn’t buy it. Chen Zhi suddenly received a call, and he hurried out to answer it. When he returned to the cafeteria, Tang Hua had already left. After get off work, Tang Hua went home for dinner. Unexpectedly, Chen Zhi was cooking in the kitchen, only to find out that his mother called Chen Zhi to come to the house. Tang Hua warned Chen Zhi to give up as soon as possible.

Chen Zhi was desperate, so he came to Xu Yiran for help, and Xu Yiran gave him a good idea. Tang Hua woke up late and couldn’t get a taxi, so Chen Zhi rented a car to pick her up. Tang Hua reminded Chen Zhi not to let his colleagues know that the two of them came to work together. An old Chinese doctor came to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital, and Tang Hua checked him.

Instead, the Chinese medicine taught Tang Hua a lot of Chinese medicine theories, and pointed out the reasons for Tang Hua’s weakness one by one, thanks to Xiao Yan who came to rescue him in time. Xiao Yan conducted a further examination on the patient and found out that he had an early stage colon tumor, and suggested surgery to remove it.

Chen Yanke and her boyfriend Dazhi came to Shanghai for a trip. She suddenly had tonsil infection. Dazhi took her to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Atractylodes gave her symptomatic treatment according to the examination results. To live with her, to greet her with warmth, Bai Zhu saw this scene from a distance. Xiao Yan and Tang Hua happened to be passing by, Xiao Yan accidentally sprained her ankle, Bai Zhu hurried over to help her, and brought her trauma medicine. Tang Hua saw that Bai Zhu was interested in Xiao Yan, and Xiao Yan tried his best to cover it up.


Bai Zhu asked Lin Zhi to call Chen Yanke back for a re-examination, and found that her heel had festered, so she hurriedly debridement and bandaged her. Bai Zhu suspected that Chen Yanke’s tonsils and feet were infected with the same virus, so Chen Zhi took it for a test. As expected by Atractylodes, Chen Yanke was infected with Klebsiella pneumoniae, a super bacterium that is usually infected in the hospital.

Chen Zhi overheard that Dazhi was hospitalized for pneumonia half a year ago, and Atractylodes told Chen Yan. It can be explained that Dazhi was infected with Klebsiella during the hospitalization, and then transmitted it to Chen Yanke through body fluids. Dazhi is the carrier, and the two of them should pay special attention to avoid being infected in the future.

Dazhi decided to leave without saying goodbye. He asked Chen Zhi to hand over a letter to Chen Yanke, and Bai Zhu asked him to throw it away. Chen Yanke chased after Dazhi and stopped Dazhi. Dazhi didn’t want to drag her down. Xiao Yan came to stop Dazhi in time and encouraged them not to be defeated by small germs.

As long as they took precautions, they would not be infected. Xiao Yan also told Lin Ruoyun and Li Shi Lei’s love story also persuaded them that Dazhi had no regrets, and he decided not to leave. Chen Yanke and Dazhi cried together.

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