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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 25 Recap

Tang Hua was so annoyed by the blind date introduced by her mother that she had nowhere to escape. She asked Chen Zhi to pretend to be her boyfriend and go home to meet her mother. Chen Zhi naturally wanted it. Tang Hua called her mother for a showdown, and her mother asked Tang Hua to take her boyfriend home. Although Chen Zhi bought a lot of gifts and did a lot of homework beforehand, Tang’s mother was very disappointed when she saw him.

Chen Zhi desperately tried to please Tang’s mother. She was always depressed. According to the lines prepared by Tang paintings, Chen Zhi lied that his parents were doing international business in Europe. Tang’s mother’s attitude towards him changed greatly. Chen Zhi blamed himself and wanted to tell Tang’s mother To explain the truth, Tang Hua stopped him on the spot. Mother Tang urged Chen Zhi and Tang Hua to get married as soon as possible, Chen Zhi agreed, and Tang Hua hurriedly changed the topic.

After the meal, Tang Hua urged Chen Zhi to leave as soon as possible. Tang’s mother welcomed Chen Zhi often to the house. Tang Hua sent Chen Zhi downstairs, reminding him that he was just pretending to be a rich second-generation boyfriend. Don’t take it seriously. Chen Zhi vowed to rely on himself With his ability to earn a lot of money, Tang Hua made it clear that he would not accept him no matter whether he had money or not, so Chen Zhi had to leave disappointed.

Xiao Yan and Tang Hua treated Fang Jingxuan, a girl with intracranial edema caused by a car accident, and found out that she had a glioma in her brain, which was oppressed and had to be operated on immediately. A middle-aged man came in a hurry. Tang Hua thought he was Fang Jingxuan’s father. He couldn’t wait to ask Xiao Yan about the cost of the operation, and then left in a hurry.

Bai Shu sent Chen Zhi to inquire about the condition of the injured person. Chen Zhi also wanted to take this opportunity to get closer to Tang Hua. Seeing that Xiao Yan was busy, he asked Tang Hua about the condition of the injured. Tang Hua suspected that Chen Zhi intended to approach her intentionally. Forcibly drove Chen Zhi away, and Chen Zhi reported the situation of the injured to Bai Shu.

Xu Yiran saw that Bai Zhu was using Chen Zhi to inquire about news, and couldn’t help making fun of him. Fang Jingxuan woke up quickly, Xiao Yan suggested her to undergo a craniotomy to remove the glioma, otherwise her life would be in danger at any time, she resolutely refused the operation, because she was a ballet dancer and had to perform on stage in a month, Xiao Yan had nothing to do. The middle-aged man came later, and he gave Xiao Yan the 10,000 yuan he had collected for the surgery fee.

Fang Jingxuan’s parents rushed over upon hearing the news, and the middle-aged man ran away in fright. He fainted on the spot because of the rush. Fang Jingxuan recognized the middle-aged man as Zhang Cheng, the taxi driver who hit her. Fang’s father, Fang Anping, called a lawyer on the spot to defend Fang Jingxuan’s rights. Chen Zhi revealed to Bai Shu the difficulties Xiao Yan encountered, and Bai Shu complained that he was nosy, and took the matter to heart.

Fang Anping brought his wife to Xiao Yan to learn about Fang Jingxuan’s condition. They knew Fang Jingxuan’s personality well. She would do anything to dance. Xiao Yan wanted to use minimally invasive cranial puncture to eliminate edema and temporarily eliminate the oppression of the tumor. Fang Jingxuan must insist After taking the medicine, the operation will be performed immediately after the performance. Fang Anping learned that Fang Jingxuan cannot continue dancing after the tumor is removed. He concluded that Fang Jingxuan would not agree. Xiao Yan asked them to tell Fang Jingxuan the truth and persuade her well.

Fang Anping and his wife came to see Fang Jingxuan and persuaded her to undergo surgery. Fang Jingxuan didn’t want to miss the performance. She would go to dance even if she died. Her parents tried to persuade her to avoid it. Fang Jingxuan reluctantly agreed. Bai Zhu saw this scene and told Fang Jingxuan the truth to her face. She would not be able to perform on stage for a month after the craniotomy, and she would no longer be able to dance in the future. Bai Zhu suggested Fang Jingxuan to do a minimally invasive procedure to eliminate edema first, and wait until the end of the performance. Fang Jingxuan categorically refused to come back for surgery.

Fang Anping and his wife were very dissatisfied with Bai Zhu’s actions. Bai Zhu felt that he was right and Fang Jingxuan had the right to know. Fang Anping came to Lu Ping’an to complain, and Lu Ping’an tried to persuade him to leave. Bai Zhu couldn’t get used to Lu Pingan’s submissive appearance, so Xiao Yan came over after hearing the news. She supported Bai Zhu and tried her best to save him.

Zhang Cheng’s daughter Zhang Yunyun came to the hospital and learned that Zhang Cheng had a sudden myocardial infarction due to emotional agitation. Jiang Shan explained the situation to her. She came to apologize to Fang Jingxuan, and Fang’s mother poured all her anger on her. Xiao Yan asked Zhang Yunyun to sign the consent form for the operation, and she burst into tears. She was admitted to the University of Political Science and Law as she wished, and Zhang Cheng ran to rent out day and night to raise her tuition fees, but accidentally bumped into Fang Jingxuan.

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