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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 8 Recap

Shangguanyan wanted to marry Danchuan by herself, and Yin Zhengsi couldn’t figure out what her intention was after thinking about it, so he had to express that he was already married. Unexpectedly, Shangguanyan already knew that the marriage contract between Yin Zheng and Li Wei was just a fake, and there was no love between them. Hearing this, Yin Zheng suddenly felt a little lost, and looked at Li Wei blankly. But Li Wei didn’t know how to face Yin Zheng, so she just kept her head down and said nothing.

Yin Zheng sighed heavily, then took Li Wei’s hand and walked to the front, publicly announced that he liked Li Wei, and asked Shangguanyan not to be difficult. Li Wei, who was on the side, quickly agreed, expressing her willingness to continue getting along with Yin Zheng, and asked Shangguanyan to raise her hand. Shangguan Jing walked in from the outside, breaking the slightly awkward atmosphere.

She told her sister that she was willing to go back to Xinchuan with Yin Qi. But Shangguanyan was still worried that Shangguanjing was only going back for Danchuan, not for herself. Shangguan Yan thought for a moment and gave Yin Qi the last test. If he could make Shangguan Jing laugh, she would allow them to go back.

On the way back, Yin Qi couldn’t figure out how to make Shangguan Jing smile again. He turned around, wanting to get an answer from Yin Zhenghe, but he didn’t expect to see them still holding hands. Li Wei realized it later, and hurriedly pulled away her hand, explaining that she was trying to get her wits out of a hurry just now, and she also knew that what Yin Zheng said at that time was just a stopgap measure. Hearing Li Wei’s words, Yin Zheng was angry and anxious, but he didn’t know what to say.

For this final test, Yin Qi Chafan didn’t think about it, so he had to go out to learn from the Danchuan man. But after only a short while at the face-changing master, Yin Qi complained and wanted to run away. Yin Zheng scolded him on his lips, but he had already closed the door in his hands, so that Yin Qi could not escape. On this day, Yu Ping and Yu Zhan pulled Shangguan Jing into the hall and wanted her to see Yin Qi’s face-changing performance. Yin Qi was clumsy and naturally didn’t get the applause of Shangguan Jing. He had no choice but to step forward and hold her, saying that he always remembered every word she said. Shangguan Jing was a little moved and couldn’t help but smile.

Shangguanyan hosted a banquet for everyone to practice, but Yin Zheng was so drunk that he didn’t expect. The night is quiet, and the shadow of the moon is rippling. Li Wei and Yin Zheng sat side by side on the edge of the bed, as if talking about something.

As far as Li Wei was concerned, she and Yin Zheng were indeed forced to marry at the beginning, and she couldn’t explain how she felt now. Because she always felt that Yin Zheng was just her boss. Yin Zheng blushed and was a little unhappy, thinking that Li Wei hated him. Li Wei quickly explained, bluntly saying that she never hated him.

Yin Zheng turned his head, looked at Li Wei, and asked if she liked him a little. Yin Zheng stared at Li Wei expectantly, but in the end only heard the answer of “unclear”. Maybe it was because the night was too hazy, or maybe because of the smell of alcohol, Yin Zheng couldn’t help but leaned over and kissed Li Wei’s lips. Early the next morning, Li Wei felt very embarrassed when she saw Yin Zheng, but she didn’t expect Yin Zheng to forget everything from last night. Li Wei couldn’t help but wonder if she had a dream last night.

After returning to Xinchuan, the images of that night always appeared in Li Wei’s mind unconsciously, and she was absent-minded all day long, unable to figure out whether she was dreaming or not. Perhaps the feeling that night was too clear, Li Wei felt something was wrong when she saw Yin Zheng, and always avoided him on purpose.

Lord Jinchuan called for the payment of the loan, but the tax money was allotted to Danchuan for disaster relief, and the treasury is currently empty, temporarily unable to repay. Yin Zheng thought about it for a moment, and thought that maybe those old debts could be recovered. On the other hand, Yin Song thought of Zhao Fangru’s natal family’s property, and wanted to cut it first and play it later with the master.

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