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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 7 Recap

Shangguanyan, the master of Danchuan, has always been unaccustomed to the alliance of Jiuchuan, she thought it was just sacrificing women to maintain the relationship. She immediately decided that after three years, all Danchuan women would not participate in the selection.

But now that Xinchuan has sent two young masters over, Shangguanjing feels that the situation is serious, and if she refuses to go back, she is afraid that her sister will be implicated. Shangguanyan was very domineering. She told her sister that if she refused to go back, even if Lord Xinchuan came in person, she would be able to protect her.

At the banquet, Shangguanyan deliberately made things difficult for Yin Qi, specially prepared a table of spicy food for him, and brought some pig’s internal organs, insinuating that he had changed his mind and failed Shangguanjing. Under pressure, Yin Qi could only eat those eyeballs with his eyes closed, but when he saw the pig’s brain flower, he couldn’t help but vomit frantically.

Although the sky has been shrouded in darkness, the street market in Danchuan is still brightly lit and bustling. Yin Zheng invited Li Wei to go out for a stroll together, but he didn’t expect Yin Qi to follow him if he was very satisfied. While Yin Qi was going to the latrine, Li Wei and Yin Zheng simply sat down and ate some fruit. Li Wei subconsciously handed the peeled orange to Yin Zheng, but unexpectedly, she was ridiculed by the man next to him.


The man raised the knife in his hand, carefully carved the fruit, and finally put it into an exquisite fruit plate and gave it to his wife. Yin Zheng couldn’t stop laughing, and let Li Wei drag him away.

In order to be able to meet Shangguan Jing, Yin Qi agreed to take Danchuan’s kung fu exam. What he never expected was that the first level was playing mahjong. After a few rounds, Yin Qi either regretted the card or fired the cannon, and he didn’t have a good impression on Situ Jin at all. Yin Zheng on the side couldn’t stand it anymore, so he had to give Yin Qi some pointers. In the second level, picking ears, Yin Qi also completed it in a mess.

The third step is to make chili oil that can be selected by Shangguan Jing. Yin Qi complained incessantly, but in order to calm Shangguan Jing, he had to roll up his sleeves and work. Situ Jin couldn’t help sneering, and bluntly said that Yin Qi really didn’t understand.

Li Wei, who was on the side, carefully considered Situ Jin’s words, and suddenly realized that what Yin Qi wanted to do was not to calm Shangguan Jing, but to make her change her mind. In the end, the dexterous Shangguan Jing chose the chili oil made by Yin Qi. But Shangguanyan still refused to let the two meet, and even admitted that she wanted them to be separated.

Several people thought about it all night, and finally thought of a countermeasure. On the second day, Yin Zheng begged to see Shangguanyan, and promised her that if there was a day when he could speak for himself, this unreasonable old marriage system would definitely be reformed. Shangguanyan found it interesting, but these words happened to hit her heart.

In the end, she decided to let Shangguan Jing and Yin Qi meet. As soon as he saw Shangguan Jing, Yin Qi chased after her to ask for her forgiveness. Unexpectedly, Shangguan Yan ordered someone to shoot a dark arrow at Yin Qi. Fortunately, Shangguan Jing noticed it in time and caught the sharp arrow with her bare hands. Seeing blood bubbling from Shangguan Jing’s hands, Yin Qi hurriedly tore off his clothes to bandage her.

Shangguanyan was aggressive and asked Yin Qi to participate in her own test of him. Yin Qi naturally didn’t know how to ride and shoot, so of course he didn’t dare to fight. Yin Zheng had no choice but to volunteer to fight for Yin Qi. Shangguanyan covered her eyes, and shot the target in the lake very hotly. And Yin Zheng was also blindfolded, only using his ears to identify the direction. The breeze blew the bells on the river, tinkling non-stop, but Li Wei and Yin Qi on the side held their breaths and swallowed nervously. I saw Yin Zheng raised the bow and arrow very neatly, and shot the arrow with confidence. To everyone’s surprise, Yin Zheng’s arrow hit the center of the jade pendant.

Lord Danchuan sent an edict, reminding Yin Qi that if the two rivers and the alliance are based on a marriage contract, then the sixth young master of Xinchuan should be invited to join Danchuan and marry the Lord of Danchuan. Everyone who heard the news was stunned and couldn’t believe their ears. Li Wei on the side was a little lost for a while, her heart was tense, and she didn’t know what to do.

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