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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 24 Recap

Lin Ruoyun called his son Li Song and daughter Li Jie home to discuss Li Shilei’s treatment plan. Li Song insisted on treating Li Shilei with all his strength and inserted a nasogastric tube. Lin Ruoyun accompanied Li Shilei to the Duojia Hospital, and the doctors did the same. Li Shilei still has at most six months to be diagnosed. Lin Ruoyun does not want to see Li Shilei continue to suffer. Li Shilei himself also asked to leave with dignity and not accept any medical means. Li Song and Li Jie were not willing to give up. Lin Ruoyun repeatedly emphasized Filial piety is not only filial piety, but also obedience, so take them back to the hospital.

Lin Ruoyun opened Li Shilei’s needle-filled hands and feet. The doctor had nowhere to place the needle. In the past ten years, Li Shilei’s illness has not stopped. He can no longer speak, but his face is full of pain. Lin Ruoyun begged bitterly. Li Song and Li Jie gave up the treatment and didn’t let Li Shilei suffer any more. They both felt heartbroken when they saw this situation, and promised to think about it.

Bai Zhu learned that Xiao Yan’s cervical spine was not good, so he dug out the neck pillow that he had given to Xiaoguang last year, and gave it to Xiao Yan in the name of Xiaoguang. Xiao Yan put it on his neck on the spot, and Bai Zhu left happily. Tang Hua and Lin Zhi saw the neck pillow on Xiao Yan’s neck, and remembered Bai Zhu’s smiling face, they both guessed that Bai Zhu gave it to Xiao Yan under the banner of Xiaoguang, Xiao Yan felt embarrassed, and hurriedly left under the pretext of ward rounds.


Lin Ruoyun fainted in the corridor due to overwork, Xiao Yan hurriedly rescued her, Lin Ruoyun finally woke up and told in detail the romantic love story between her and Li Shilei. After that, they had a son and a daughter. Their relationship lasted for a long time. Li Shilei took Lin Ruoyun on a trip every year and gave her flowers. The two of them had been together for 40 years. Xiao Yan was deeply moved and persuaded Lin Ruoyun. Don’t overthink it.

Lin Zhi watched Lin Ruoyun share their love story online. She and Tang Hua were filled with emotion when they talked about it. Jiang Shan reminded them not to discuss the patient’s privacy. Sister Li and Li Song thought about it again and again, but decided to insert a nasogastric tube for Secretary Liu. Tang Hua was about to proceed, but was stopped by Xiao Yan and Lin Ruoyun who rushed over.

Xiao Yan gave Tang Hua a lesson, and Jiang Shan made a relief for Tang Hua. Lin Ruoyun called Li Song and Li Jie home, and persuaded them to respect the coughing up blood and stop doing excessive treatment. Li Song and Li Jie consulted many doctors, but they didn’t want to give up. Lin Ruoyun didn’t want Li Shilei to fall into a situation where life is better than death. , she just won’t let go. Li Song came to Xiao Yan to explain the situation, Xiao Yan asked them to discuss it, Li Song and Li Jie were angry and wanted to change a hospital for Li Shilei.

Lin Ruoyun called Xiao Yan to her home. She insisted on keeping her promise to Li Shilei and did not want to bow to her children, so she decided to stop them in her own way. Lin Ruoyun posted an article on the Internet overnight, accusing Li Song and Li Jie of torturing Li Shilei. The incident aroused strong repercussions. Media reporters rushed to the hospital to report the incident.

Jiang Zhongjing affirmed Xiao Yan’s actions and promised to deal with the matter in person. That night, Li Song and Li Jie came to Lin Ruoyun to have a theory and complained that she should not disclose the family’s private affairs to the public, which made them the target of public criticism. Everything they did was also to prolong their father’s life. in the end.

Li Shilei’s condition suddenly deteriorated. Xiao Yan and the medical staff tried their best to rescue him. He finally turned the corner. Lin Ruoyun came with Li Jie and Li Song after hearing the news. Lin Ruoyun had to agree to insert a nasogastric tube into Li Shilei. Li Shilei was in pain and regretted that she did not persist until the end, making Li Shilei suffer again. Lin Ruoyun secretly decided to go with him, and explained to Li Jie and Li Song the precautions for taking care of Li Shilei.


Xiao Yan saw that Lin Ruoyun and her children had reached an agreement. She still couldn’t let go of this matter. If she followed her previous character, she would support Lin Ruoyun and her children to fight to the end. She was sullen and persuaded her kindly.

Tang Hua invited several blind date objects to the hospital for Tang Hua, and Tang Hua was overwhelmed. She called her mother Xing Shi to ask her guilt. Chen Zhi learned about it and offered to pretend to be Tang Hua’s boyfriend. When Chen Zhi falls in love, his mother will jump the Huangpu River in anger. Lin Zhi made an idea for Tang Hua to ask Xu Yiran to pretend to be her boyfriend, but Xu Yiran felt it was inappropriate. He pretended to have a girlfriend in front of Tang’s mother. Xu Yiran asked Tang Hua to go to Chen Zhi for help. Tang Hua couldn’t think of a better way for a while, so he had to go Ask Chen Zhi for help.

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