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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 23 Recap


The little boy Tian Rui suffers from autism. He accidentally ingested 100 tablets of salbutamol and was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xu Yiran wanted to examine him, but he refused to cooperate. Hard persuasion is of no avail. Bai Zhu wanted to give medicine to Tian Rui, he bit Bai Zhu’s wrist, and Bai Zhu cried out in pain.

Xiao Yan took the initiative to help Atractylodes bandage the wound, and Atractylodes was warm. Xu Yiran, Jiang Shan and Tang Hua cooperated to feed Tian Rui with medicine, Tian Rui struggled to break free, Xiao Yan gave Tian Rui the pills without any effort, Xu Yiran encouraged Bai Zhu to come on. When Lao Tian came to the hospital when he heard the news, he usually set up a stall selling barbecue, so he entrusted Tian Rui to his neighbors to help take care of him. Tian Rui took the neighbor’s uncle’s medicine for asthma. Lao Tian saw that Tian Rui was in stable condition, so he hurriedly went to the stall to earn money. Tang Hua couldn’t stand it any longer and complained that he was irresponsible.


Lao Tian used to run transportation. Tian Rui was born with autism. His wife wanted to divorce him, so he made a living by running a stall and selling barbecues. When Xu Yiran came home from get off work, he deliberately bought skewers from Laotian’s stall, and Laotian was grateful to him.

Tian Rui’s condition gradually improved, Lao Tian came to pick him up and discharged from the hospital, Tian Rui suddenly collapsed to the ground, Bai Zhu and Xu Yiran performed relevant tests on him, and found macrophages in Tian Rui’s pleural effusion, suspecting that he had liver cirrhosis, Tian Rui Rui’s heart suddenly stopped, Bai Zhu and Xu Yiran gave him first aid, they tried their best to rescue him, and Tian Rui was finally rescued.

Atractylodes conducted further examination on Tian Rui, and found out that his liver was seriously damaged. He suspected that he had eaten something in a mess. Bai Zhu sent Chen Zhi to the house to investigate and found nothing abnormal. Bai Zhu found the photos in his mobile phone and asked Tian Rui to point out that he had eaten it. Something, Tian Rui pointed to the sand at the door of the house, Bai Zhu saw that there were roundworms in Tian Rui’s eyes, and deduced that it was the roundworms.

Tian Rui’s mother came to the hospital in a hurry. When she learned that Tian Rui was seriously ill, she turned around and was about to leave. Xu Yiran and Tang Hua called her back. She spent all the money for Tian Rui’s treatment, and there was nothing she could do. Lao Tian came to hear the news and proposed to divorce his wife. He wanted to earn money to treat Tian Rui alone.


Xiaoguang came to the hospital to find Baizhu, and met Xiao Yan in the corridor. Xiaoguang revealed to Xiao Yan that Baizhu liked him, and Xiao Yan was stunned. Bai Zhu learned about this and gave Xiaoguang a lesson, not allowing him to talk nonsense any more. Xu Yiran recommended a specialized hospital for the treatment of autism to Laotian, and Laotian was grateful to him. Bai Zhu came to Xiao Yan to explain Xiao Guang’s childish words, Xiao Yan repeatedly said yes, but he didn’t know how to answer, but he was excitedly rambling.

Li Shilei suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and was unconscious due to a stroke. The nanny sent him to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xiao Yan found out that a large area of ​​Li Shilei’s brain tissue was necrotic, and he might never wake up again. Lin Ruoyun came in a hurry, Xiao Yan told Lin Ruoyun truthfully about Li Shilei’s condition, and suggested to insert a nasogastric tube for Li Shilei, Lin Ruoyun politely declined, he respected Li Shilei’s wishes, Li Shilei once said to leave with dignity, Xiao Yan advised Lin Ruoyun to think about it.

Bai Zhu learned about this and suggested that Xiao Yan respect Li Shilei’s wishes. Li Shilei’s daughter and son came later and insisted on going all out to save Li Shilei. Lin Ruoyun disagreed. The children couldn’t watch Li Shilei die like this. Lin Ruoyun and them disagreed, so they had to go home to discuss the matter.

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