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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 22 Recap

Chen Zhi borrowed Xu Yiran’s car and lied that a patient had dragged Tang Hua to the playground and wanted to take Tang Hua on the merry-go-round. Chen Zhi touched his nose and had no choice but to come back to Xu Yiran to complain, but Xu Yiran was so angry that he was speechless.

Wuwei drove his wife Lu Yan to a resort in the suburbs. He suddenly dizzy and crashed into the roadside guardrail on the highway. Wuwei was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xiao Yan found out that he had a cerebral hemorrhage and hurriedly arranged for him to have an operation. Lu Yan inadvertently said that she also has symptoms of dizziness at ordinary times. Xiao Yan advised her to check it out. She felt that it didn’t matter. She turned around and fainted on the ground. Xiao Yan checked her and found that her blood potassium was very low. No cause could be found. Not only did Lu Yan’s dizziness not ease, but she also suffered cardiac arrest. After Xiao Yan and his colleagues tried their best to rescue Lu Yan, Lu Yan was finally rescued.

Xiao Yan and Tang Hua went to check the information overnight, but they could not find the cause of hypokalemia. Xu Yiran asked Bai Zhu to help Xiao Yan because of his yin and yang. Bai Zhu came to the ward to learn about the situation from Lv Yan, and learned that Wu Wei was an oil worker who had been working in an African oil company for a long time. This time he was returning to China for vacation.


Bai Zhu suspected that Wu Wei and Lv Yan were both relieved of chemical poisoning in the oil. Xu Yiran checked Lu Yan and ruled out this possibility. Xu Yiran took the opportunity to jokingly ask Bai Zhu to accompany Xiao Yan to find out the truth, just like the last time he went to the factory to investigate cadmium poisoning, Bai Zhu hurriedly stopped Xu Yiran from continuing to talk about it, Xu Yiran determined that Bai Zhu was tempted by Xiao Yan, and Bai Zhu tried his best to cover it up.

Xiaoguang will rest tomorrow. The teacher asked him to write the essay “My father”. He wanted to go to the hospital to experience the work of Atractylodes, but Atractylodes refused. He called Xiao Yan overnight to ask Xiao Yan to go out at noon. Son. At noon the next day, Bai Zhu took the key of Lu Yan’s house and drove Xiao Yan to Lv Yan’s house to find out the cause of the poisoning. Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan split up to find out, and took back the buns that could be tested. It was found that there was barium nitrate in the buns, which was also Lu Yan. Causes of hypokalemia.

Lu Yan thought it was impossible. She and her husband Wu Wei made the buns by themselves. Wuwei finally came to his senses. He couldn’t wait to know about Lu Yan’s situation. Xiao Yan said it lightly. Tang Hua revealed Lu Yan’s true condition. Hua gave him a biochemical test and found that Wuwei’s blood potassium was lower than that of Lu Yan.

Seeing Lu Yan’s panicked expression, Lin Zhi discussed with Tang Hua privately. She suspected that Lu Yan was poisoning. Lu Yan heard their conversation and became furious, threatening to sue them both. Lu Pingan gave Lin Zhi and Tang Hua a hard lesson, and asked them to apologize to Lu Yan. Jiang Shan tried his best to intercede for them, but Lu Pingan didn’t buy it. Lu Ping’an found that Jiang Shan was deliberately avoiding him, guessed that Jiang Xianyun had set him and Jiang Shan together in that letter, Lu Ping’an advised Jiang Shan not to think too much, the two of them were still colleagues. Tang Hua and Lin Zhi confessed their mistakes to Lu Yan, Jiang Shan promised to educate them well, and Lu Yan would not pursue it.


Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan discussed the reasons for Wu Wei and Lu Yan’s poisoning. Xu Yiran couldn’t help making fun of them. He even brought them to a consultation together, giving Bai Zhu a chance to get close to Xiao Yan. The patient is a patient with emphysema. She has recently developed chest pain and dysphagia. Xiao Yan infers that the patient has reflux esophagitis. Bai Zhu agrees with her judgment. Xu Yiran quietly reminds Bai Zhu to pursue Xiao Yan boldly, and Bai Zhu takes care of him. .

Lv Yan asked Xiao Yan that Wuwei had woken up, and she regretted it too much. Lv Yan advised Wuwei to stay in the country to work, but Wuwei refused on the pretext of high wages in Africa. Lv Yan had seen her father feel powerless after being poisoned by barium nitrate. She added barium nitrate for firearms to the buns she ate. She wanted to keep Wuwei from being sick. She didn’t clean it up, so Wuwei accidentally ate the buns containing barium nitrate. Bai Zhu learned what happened and called the police on the spot, and Lu Yan was taken away by the police for investigation. Wu Wei asked Bai Zhu about Lv Yan’s situation, and Bai Zhu covered up the past.

Bai Zhu settled Xiaoguang, he asked Xu Yiran to drink and talk, Xu Yiran encouraged him to take the initiative to pursue Xiao Yan, Bai Zhu deliberately duplicitous, answered duplicitous questions, Xu Yiran revealed that Xiao Yan had him in his heart.

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