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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 20 Recap

Jiang Zhongjing’s remarks deeply touched Bai Zhu. He completely dispelled his self-doubt and concerns, and vowed to work hard to cure and save people from now on. Jiang Zhongjing was very pleased. Lao Pan came to the house to take care of Jiang Xianyun. Jiang Xianyun was busy preparing lessons and making videos for online lessons every day. Jiang Shan Anxin came back to work, Lu Pingan was happy for her, and Lin Zhi welcomed her.

Hao Wen’s husband, Li Jiangchao, was in a coma for eight years. Hao Wen and the nurse suddenly lost their minds when changing sheets and fell to the ground accidentally, causing Li Jiangchao’s spleen to burst and bleeding profusely, and Hao Wen’s forehead was also bruised. Bai Zhu asked Hao Wen to go to the bandage first. He checked Li Jiangchao and immediately removed the spleen. A man named Jianguang came in a hurry. He asked Hao Wen’s grief, and took Hao Wen’s hand to ask questions.

Lin Zhi, Tang Hua and others felt that the relationship between Hao Wen and Jianguang was very strange, and guessed that they were relatives, or else Hao Wen had cheated on the marriage. Chen Zhi suddenly found that Li Jiangchao was awake during his room inspection. He hurriedly reported to Xu Yiran, and Hao Wen was so frightened. Xu Yiran checked Li Jiangchao, Li Jiangchao kept his eyes closed, Hao Wen breathed a sigh of relief, Chen Zhi insisted that Li Jiangchao really woke up, Lu Pingan went to check again, but Li Jiangchao still didn’t open his eyes.

Chen Zhi stayed by the patient’s side as soon as he was free, and believed that he would wake up again. No matter how hard Xu Yiran tried to persuade him, he would not give up. Chen Zhi once again found that Li Jiangchao was awake, so he called Tang Hua and Lin Zhi. They both saw Li Jiangchao’s toe moved, Lu Pingan took an EEG on Li Jiangchao and found that he had normal brain waves, so he announced the good news to Hao Wen. Li Jiangchao is likely to wake up, I hope Hao Wen To make a decision as soon as possible, Hao Wen was not happy at all, and her face was full of sadness, Tang Hua muttered in her heart.

When Jianguang heard the news, he couldn’t wait to know the possibility of Li Jiangchao’s awakening. Bai Zhu sneered at Jianguang. When Jianguang learned that Li Jiangchao’s awakening was very likely, he was immediately dumbfounded. Xiao Yan called Jianguang to the office and asked about his relationship with Hao Wen. Jianguang admitted that he liked Hao Wen for many years. Hao Wen had already filed for divorce from the court. He was sent to the orphanage, but Hao Wen couldn’t let Li Jiangchao go. Tang Hua was very contemptuous of Jianguang’s actions. Jianguang counted Li Jiangchao’s actions against Hao Wen one by one after his marriage. Li Jiangchao became a vegetative person after the car accident. Taking care of him without any regrets, Jianguang became more and more sad as he talked. He went to Hao Wen to discuss the matter of treating Li Jiangchao.

Jiang Shan came home from get off work and saw that Jiang Xianyun made a large table of dishes by himself, and did not let Lao Pan intervene. Jiang Shan was happy to close her mouth. She hadn’t eaten Jiang Xianyun’s dishes for many years, and Jiang Shan enjoyed it. After the meal, Jiang Xianyun took out the divorce agreement, but Jiang Shan firmly disagreed. Jiang Xianyun had dragged her down for so many years, and he had never considered it from her point of view. Jiang Xianyun wanted her to live a happy life, but Jiang Shan said nothing. When she came out, she cried bitterly.


Li Jiangchao finally woke up, Bai Zhu heard the news, Xu Yiran called Hao Wen, Jianguang wanted to accompany her, Hao Wen worried that Li Jiangchao would be stimulated and wanted to face Li Jiangchao alone, Li Jiangchao struggled to speak, Hao Wen guessed By the time he had to swear never to drink again, never to have domestic violence again, Hao Wen had heard it too many times and didn’t believe he would change his past. He bowed deeply to apologize to Li Jiangchao, and then left without looking back.

Li Jiangchao struggled to write 110 on Xu Yiran’s mobile phone, and he wanted to call the police. Hao Wen came out and cried to Jianguang, worried that the police would take them away, but Xiao Yan could hear it clearly. It turned out that Jianguang was a neighbor of Hao Wen’s house. He often heard that Li Jiangchao beat Hao Wen because his work was not going well. In the end, he couldn’t bear it anymore and rushed in to persuade him. Seeing that Jianguang was beaten to the death, he picked up the flower pot and threw it at Li Jiangchao. As a result, he was beaten into a vegetative state. Li Jiangchao lay in bed for eight years. Jianguang did his best to help Hao Wen take care of Li Jiangchao. affection.

Jianguang was willing to take responsibility. He knew that Hao Wen had received the divorce verdict today. He took out the ring and knelt on one knee to propose to Hao Wen. Bai Zhu brought the police to arrest Jianguang and Hao Wen. Xiao Yan hurriedly stopped him, and Hao Wen accepted. Jianguang’s marriage proposal, hugged him and cried bitterly. Jianguang encouraged her not to be sad. When they came out of prison, they would have nothing to do with Li Jiangchao, and the two of them could live their own lives.


Xiaoguang was discharged from the hospital today. Xiao Yan was resting and came to see him specially. Bai Zhu promised to take Xiaoguang to the playground, but he missed the appointment for the temporary admission of the burn patient. Xiaoguang was very angry. I begged Xiao Yan to take him to the playground, but Xiao Yan couldn’t entangle him, so he had to take him there. As soon as Xiaoguang came to the playground, he cheered happily, Xiao Yan showed him around, and he had a great time.

After Bai Zhu finished his work, he learned that Xiao Yan took Xiaoguang to the playground. He was worried that Xiaoguang was injured and hemorrhaged continuously, so he hurriedly called Xiao Xingshi to ask her guilt and asked her to bring Xiaoguang back immediately. Xiao Yan had to do it. As soon as Bai Zhu saw Xiao Yan, he reprimanded her face to face. Xiao Yan accused Bai Zhu that he should not hide his illness from Xiaoguang. The two had a disagreement, and a heated argument broke out in the end.

During dinner, Xiaoguang explained to Bai Zhu what happened. He begged Xiao Yan for a long time before agreeing to go to the playground. Bai Zhu realized that he had misunderstood Xiao Yan, and called Xiao Yan overnight to apologize.

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