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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 6 Recap

At the family banquet, Li Wei joined several new wives to prepare delicacies from their respective hometowns. The Lord was very satisfied and promised to give Li Wei a reward. Li Wei is satisfied and interested in those gold and silver jewelry, and only hopes to get together with her family after the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Lord was very open-minded and granted Li Wei’s request.

The family banquet officially started, and the young masters and the young masters’ wives toasted the Chuan master and his wife one after another. Yin Zheng was a little absent-minded, and his eyes were a little lonely. Seeing that he was always looking towards Mrs. He, Li Wei suggested to go toast her together. But Yin Zheng was even more sad, because he knew that his mother would not want him to pass.

The moon quietly climbed up the hill, and the family feast ended successfully. In her hometown, after the banquet, Li Wei always prepares barbecue for everyone. Today, although in Xinchuan, Li Wei also wants to follow the habits of the past. After the palace banquet was over, she took the jade bottle and the jade cup to the courtyard to make a fire and roast meat. But who knew that the fire was getting bigger and bigger, and the three tossed for a long time before putting out the fire that suddenly came up. Just when the three of them thought about the rest of their lives, Madam He suddenly appeared in front of them, only to see her affectionate and serious, as if she was going to swallow her life alive.

In the hall, Song Wu fanned the flames, implying that Mrs. and He were guilty of Li Wei. Li Wei realized with hindsight that Song Wu was behind all this. The two quarreled in front of his wife, causing him to have a splitting headache. Finally, Mrs. He ordered Li Wei to be punished. Just when the board was about to come down, Mrs. Chuan suddenly came in to stop it. Mrs. Chuan spared Li Wei’s punishment, but also withdrew the Lord’s reward to her. As a result, Li Wei can no longer be reunited with her family. She wanted to ask Mrs. Chuan for mercy, but was stopped by Mrs. He, and even Yin Zheng on the side was almost punished because of her. Li Wei returned to the mansion in despair, shut herself in the room and sobbed quietly.


Yin Zheng went to the room to comfort Li Wei and brought her a bowl of longevity noodles. If it wasn’t for Su Shen’s statement, Li Wei wouldn’t know that this bowl of longevity noodles actually belonged to Yin Zheng, and today’s Mid-Autumn Festival is Yin Zheng’s birthday. The next day, Li Wei went to the kitchen in person and prepared a large table of delicacies for Yin Zheng to make up for his birthday. But what she didn’t expect to prepare was that the birthday star also prepared a big gift for her.

Seeing his parents and younger brother, Li Wei almost jumped up with joy. In the evening, the family gathers together and seems to have endless things to say. In these days in Xinchuan, Li Wei really suffered a lot. After seeing her family, those grievances turned into tears and almost burst out of her eyes. But Li Wei didn’t want her family to worry, so she had to say that everything was fine, and only told them happy things. In order not to make the family suspicious and worried, Li Wei had to sleep with Yin Zheng in the same room. Perhaps just tonight, there were some subtle changes in their hearts.

On the other side, Yin Qi specially prepared some spicy moon cakes for Shangguan Jing, which made Shangguan Jing smile. Unexpectedly, Yin Qi suddenly proposed to take a concubine, and finally made Shangguan Jing go back to her parents’ house. When the Lord knew about this, he was furious and ordered Yin Qi to personally go to Danchuan to invite Shangguan Jing back. The Lord also knew that Yin Qixu could not do anything, so he asked Yin Zheng to go with him to see the flood control situation in Danchuan.

After a few days of running around, the group finally reached the territory of Danchuan. The streets are very lively, and both men and women are free. Li Wei was very envious of Danchuan’s customs, but Yin Qi was so frightened that he almost lost his soul. Entering the inn, Yin Qi was “frightened” by the spicy food here, and when he reached the street, he saw women yelling at their husbands. Yin Qi was about to flee, when suddenly there was an imposing “stay behind” from behind. The visitor was Danchuan Shanggong Situ Jin, who came out to greet them on purpose.


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