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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 4 Recap

Although Xinchuan is the first of the nine rivers, it is higher than the other eight rivers in terms of military strength and political elections, but only the revenue of the government treasury is slightly inferior. Now is the time to hire people, Yin An is an economic genius and knows the way of business. Yin Zheng also knew that the Lord took this opportunity of impeachment to find the third brother to enter the court, but he actually wanted to invite him out of the mountain. Hearing these words, Yin An was a little shaken in his heart. But then, he put on a reckless look, and left in a hurry on the pretext of going to celebrate the birthday of Bai Lu.

I thought that the girls in the backyard were always jealous, but what Li Wei didn’t expect was that these girls got along very well. Li Wei also successfully joined the laughter with her own strength. It’s been a long time since I ate such delicious food, and Li Wei was so happy that she was about to dance. But she wondered why, as the birthday girl Bailu, there was no joy on her face, and even a little sadness. It turned out that Miss Bai Lu was worried that Yin An would come to her room tonight, and she couldn’t think of a way to escape. As soon as the sisters heard about it, they all gave her advice. Li Wei quickly took out a pen and paper and wrote down the girls’ methods one by one.

Li Wei told the girls that if Yin An could return to the palace, maybe everyone would not have to worry about it. Everyone froze, thinking that Li Wei had come up with a good idea. While everyone was smiling, Yin An walked in out of time. Yin An sat down, pushed her face in front of Shuang Jiang, and congratulated her on her happy birthday. The real birthday star on the side—Bai Lu’s eyes showed murderous intent, staring at Yin An, the atmosphere became awkward for a while.

In order to make Yin An go back, Dong Haitang persuaded him personally. Yin An thought about it and decided to go back to the palace, but when he thought of the girls in his backyard, he couldn’t help bursting into tears. Since the girls had no palace membership, Yin An could only bring four girls into the palace. He thought that the girls who could not enter the palace would be sad, but as everyone knew, everyone was unwilling to go back with him. Several sisters worked together and finally avoided Yin An’s selection. Unexpectedly, Yin An actually called the name and called the four girls back to the palace together.


That night, only Li Wei and Yin Zheng were left in the room. Yin Zheng just wanted to know what Li Wei said to Dong Haitang, which made Yin An agree to return to the palace. But in the face of Yin Zheng’s approach, Li Wei was so frightened that she backed away. Knowing what Li Wei was afraid of, Yin Zheng said bluntly that he would not force her to marry her. Li Wei was very happy and promised to take care of him in the future. Li Wei also asked Yin Zheng if he could return to his hometown if he became an official in the dynasty. Yin Zheng had no reason to refuse, but he was still unavoidably disappointed, and he didn’t know how to face Li Wei for a while.

Mrs. Seventh Young Master was naturally slow, and when she saw that she was stunned, she scolded her loudly. Seeing the injustice, Shangguan Jinglu drew his sword to help, and relieved the Seventh Young Lady. Li Wei and Hao Jia also became friends with them. Hearing that Li Wei can only eat some vegetarian dishes recently, everyone gave her an idea to let her start with the people around her. One day, Li Wei came to the kitchen and happened to meet the chef who was worried about a few hairy pieces of tofu. Li Wei stepped forward and suggested that there may be another way to eat this hairy tofu.

There are no other dishes in the kitchen right now, so Liu Shaoquan had no choice but to act as a living horse doctor and do as Li Wei said. But when Yin Zheng picked up a piece of tofu, Liu Shaoquan panicked and quickly told the truth. Su Shen and Su Wu blamed Liu Shaoquan, but fortunately, Li Wei appeared in time to save him. Li Wei persuaded Yin Zheng to try new dishes, but Su Wu was worried that Yin Zheng would eat badly. Just as they were pushing and shoving, the tofu fell to the ground. Seeing that Li Wei was a little lost, Yin Zheng slowly picked up a piece of tofu and put it into his mouth. In this way, Li Wei successfully attacked Liu Shaoquan and got the right to set the recipe.

Several girls are getting together to enjoy delicious food, but they don’t know that danger is coming. Teach the mammy to quietly come to the inner garden, loudly scolding everyone for being unruly, and even rude. Li Wei couldn’t listen anymore and stepped forward to rebut. Unexpectedly, mama turned into anger and wanted to do something to Li Wei. At the critical moment, Hao Jia stood in front of Li Wei.


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