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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 3 Recap

Days passed by like this, Li Wei was still taught by her mother every day, and her monthly payment was deducted by her mother, but Yin Zheng seemed to be a lot colder to herself suddenly. In the blink of an eye, half a month has passed, and today is Yin Zheng’s “big deadline”. The manager looked serious and asked Li Wei to prepare well, because today was Yin Zheng’s big day. Li Wei couldn’t help feeling a little sentimental, the last time she delivered the medicine was actually the last time.

At the beginning of the book test, Yin Zheng expressed his views on the governance of the country in front of the Taifu and the Lord. There was no expression on the Lord’s face, just a heavy hum. When Yin Zheng returned to the mansion, it happened that night fell, and there was lightning and thunder. I saw Li Wei kneeling in front of the “mourning hall”, mumbling words. He walked slowly towards Li Wei, which really startled her.

Hearing that Yin Zheng had come out on top in this book test, Li Wei hurriedly congratulated him. Strangely, Yin Zheng’s face was not even half happy. In order to make him happy, the people around him always refused to tell the harsh truth, but Yin Zheng wanted to hear the truth from Li Wei’s mouth. Yin Zheng and Li Wei carefully told Yin Zheng that he really felt that he was the weakest among the many young masters. After speaking, Li Wei collapsed to the ground in fright. But Yin Zheng just took a long sigh, left a sentence of “do it yourself” and walked away.

Before Li Wei could recover from the shock last night, Mrs. Chuan suddenly ordered her to marry Yin Zheng tonight. Li Wei just felt at a loss, isolated and helpless, and cried out for a while. The two maids stepped forward to comfort her and reminded her that if she couldn’t “mother and son are more expensive” as soon as possible, she would be driven home in the end. Hearing this, Li Wei was instantly refreshed, and she had some ghostly idea in her heart.

The moon quietly climbed up the mountain, and surrounded by the brothers, Yin Zheng walked into the bridal chamber. Seeing that Li Wei’s lips were swollen like two sausages, and then looking at a plate of spicy lamb chops on the table, Yin Zheng instantly understood. He couldn’t help snickering and coughed lightly to control his emotions. Yin Zheng had to excuse his sudden stomach pain and left the bridal chamber. But when he left, he accidentally dropped the “erotic palace map” in his sleeve, and the whole room was filled with embarrassment for a moment.

Recently, Mrs. Chuan was ill, and several of the young master’s wives went to the palace to visit. At Yin Song’s request, Zhao Fangru reluctantly took Hao Jia with him. According to Hao Jia, Mrs. Chuan was sickened by the unruly Three Young Masters. Hearing this, Li Wei couldn’t help but hope that the three young masters had better toss a little more, so that she could go to the palace to serve Mrs. Chuan and not have to worry about the consummation. But things backfired, no matter what happened to the three young masters, Mrs. Chuan herself did not want Li Wei to serve the disease.

Back at the mansion, Li Wei saw Song Wu who was dancing in her room. According to Yuzhan, this Song Wu was the righteous daughter whom Yin Zheng’s biological mother and his wife recognized during their lifetime. Li Wei seemed to have thought of something, so she asked Song Wu to stay in her room, so as to prevent Yin Zheng from coming to the room to find her consummate room.

In this way, Li Wei and Song Wu shared the same bed. In the middle of the night, Li Wei was so hungry that she was talking in her sleep, and her body could not be quiet. Song Wu was awakened by Li Wei, so angry that she turned around and wanted to shake Li Wei up. Unexpectedly, Li Wei not only did not wake up, but also bit her arm like a pig’s elbow. After such a tossing last night, Song Wu was no longer willing to stay in this room. In order to make Song Wu stay, Li Wei had to promise to be her maid.

On this day, the three young masters still did not come. The Lord couldn’t help but have a headache and hoped that these sons could persuade the third child to come back. But no matter whether they can get in with the third child on weekdays, everyone is reluctant to take on this job. Yin Zheng suggested to the Lord that if the three young masters are allowed to return to the palace on their own, there may be no need to issue an decree. In this way, he took the initiative to take over the responsibility.

Li Wei served Song Wu for a while, but she was really tired and hungry, so she had to pretend to faint. Just as she fell, a pair of big hands wrapped around her waist and gave her a support. Li Wei caught a glimpse of Yin Zheng, so she simply continued to pretend to be stunned and let him carry herself into the carriage. After learning the purpose of this trip, Li Wei suddenly became interested.

It is rumored that the three young masters named his confidante after a solar term, and some people said that he was extremely handsome, but Li Wei was looking forward to meeting this mysterious three young masters. However, after seeing the third young master Yin An with his own eyes, Li Wei only felt that the rumors were not credible. But this trip did not come home empty-handed. Under the leadership of the third lady’s Dong Haitang, Li Wei met the legendary solar terms girls.


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