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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 2 Recap

In this way, Li Wei inexplicably became the side room of Yin Zheng, the sixth young master. After going to the ancestral hall to pay homage, Li Wei still couldn’t accept this fact, and sat in the room all day in a daze. It was not until the maids Yuping and Yuzhan loudly greeted him that Li Wei came back to his senses. According to the two maids, Yin Zheng asked the Lord to marry him an hour ago. The Lord had to agree and let Li Wei be Yin Zheng’s side room.

Li Wei overheard that Yin Zheng only had half a month left. She thought about it, and finally wanted to understand why Yin Zheng took the initiative to ask to marry her, it turned out to be for happiness. Thinking of this, Li Wei was still a little sad. But then she thought about it, it was a blessing that she didn’t have to raise her eyebrows with a strange man. She simply decorated her new house, and planned to return to her hometown after Yin Zheng died. She quickly wrote a letter to inform her parents of her plans.

At night, Li Wei went to the bedroom to greet Yin Zheng. But after calling for a long time, there was no movement behind the curtain. Li Wei happened to see a big bowl of red soup next to her, and subconsciously thought that Yin Zheng had passed away, so she shouted in a hurry. Yin Zheng came in from the backyard and couldn’t help laughing when he saw Li Wei like this. Li Wei finally met her husband, but she didn’t expect it to be the man she met in the kitchen that day.

Li Wei was so frightened by Yin Zheng that she almost lost her soul, so she could only do as he said. Yin Zheng couldn’t help laughing when he saw Li Wei’s stupid appearance. But as soon as he turned his head, he saw Li Wei’s strange eyes. Li Wei thought at this moment that her grandfather was like Yin Zheng before his death. Even if he was terminally ill, he pretended to be nothing, just because he didn’t want others to worry. It was a pity that Yin Zheng died young, and she promised him that she would treat him well.

Shangguan Jing, the owner of Danchuan County, has been practicing martial arts since childhood. And she was just betrothed to Yin Qi, the straightforward fifth young master. Yin Qi liked Hao Jia and refused to enter the bridal room. In the end, the mammy led someone to tie him into the room. As soon as we meet. Shangguan Jing took out her red spear and waved it at Yin Qi, making him scream in fright.

Afterward, the rope on Yin Qi’s body was cut, and he immediately changed into a look, barely holding on to some momentum. But when he saw Shangguan Jing’s red spear, he was defeated again. Neither of the husband and wife would accept the other, so they simply had a competition in the bridal chamber. Yin Qi was confident and felt that he would definitely come out on top, but he still underestimated the power of Danchuan County Master. After a few rounds, Yin Qi was defeated, and finally screamed at the moonlight.

Hao Jia got her wish and married into the house of Yin Song, the eldest son. At night, she brought a tea cup to greet Mrs. Zhao Fangru. Zhao Fangru couldn’t see any expression on her face, but Hao Jia knew that this lady was not easy to deal with. Seeing Zhao Fangru winking, the maid next to him walked towards Hao Jia with a teapot. The maid filled the teacup in Hao Jia’s hand with hot water, as if she could not see that Hao Jia’s hand was shaking. Even though her hands were so hot that it hurt, Hao Jia knew in her heart that she couldn’t shout, let alone resist.

Then, Yin Song came over. Hao Jia proposed to try Daichuan’s tea, and Yin Song agreed. But the moment Hao Jia took the tea cup, Zhao Fangru overturned the tea cup and bluntly said that she was not worthy of her own tea. Yin Song helped Hao Jia up, implying that Zhao Fang would like to do it herself. Under Zhao Fangru’s angry eyes, Yin Song took Hao Jia’s hand and left.

The newly arrived young masters and wives have to go to the Neiyuan Book Hall to learn the etiquette in the palace, but Li Wei could not hear it, and fell asleep quietly on the desk. Back at the mansion, it was already meal time, but Li Wei remembered that the mother said that the husband can only start the chopsticks after moving them. Li Wei controlled her hand that was about to move and looked at Yin Zheng eagerly. Yin Zheng knew it in his heart, and quickly put down the book and the vegetables.

Li Wei can feel that although he and Yin Zheng are not really a real couple, he treats him well. Li Wei also didn’t want to eat and drink in the house for free, so she decided to fulfill her dying wish for Yin Zheng. But Yin Zheng didn’t want to say more, so she had to inquire and figure out Yin Zheng’s preferences. On this day, Li Wei prepared many yellow chrysanthemums for Yin Zheng, and hung Yin Zheng’s portrait in front of the painting. Looking at the scene in front of him, Yin Zheng only felt a headache. However, Li Wei guessed it right once, Yin Zheng liked the puppy. Li Wei has been really attentive to herself recently, Yin Zheng couldn’t help but murmured, does she like her?

After talking with Hao Jia, Li Wei learned that this Xinchuan has a strange rule that Mrs. Side cannot send letters to the family. In other words, the letters he sent all ended up in the hands of Yin Zheng, who was “sick soon”. After seeing Li Wei’s letter, Yin Zheng understood what Li Wei was doing recently.


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