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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 14 Recap

Zhu Yun went home with her father Zhu Guangyi, and complained that her father should not come to pick her up, so that she didn’t finish her homework, but Zhu Guangyi was sure that her homework would not be delayed. He believed that although Li Xun was sick, he had a strong sense of responsibility. , it must be done. And he admired Li Xun very much, and also saw that Zhu Yun liked Li Xun, but he was afraid of being blamed by Liu Ailin when he went back, so he could only remind Zhu Yun that he received Zhu Yun in the party school class, and Zhu Yun was very happy to help his father.


Tian Xiuzhu and his mother visited Zhu Yun’s home together. Liu Ailin was very satisfied with Tian Xiuzhu’s achievements. He has held art exhibitions all over the world. He is young and promising. Zhu Yun kept looking at his phone, wanting to wait for news from Li Xun , Liu Ailin was dissatisfied, and asked Zhu Yun what she was doing. Zhu Yun lied about checking her grades, and Zhu Guangyi was there to help smooth things over.

After returning to the room, Zhu Yun couldn’t wait to send her grades to Li Xun, and then couldn’t wait for Li Xun to reply. Seeing Li Xun praised her for her high grades, Zhu Yun happily called her, but Li Xun was exhausted. It turned out that it was because Li Xun had frostbite, but Zhu Yun bought medicine for fever cold, not to mention it didn’t work, and he was almost cured, so he had to ask Liu Sisi to deliver the medicine. He began to mutter, thinking that he underestimated the enemy.

Zhu Yun and Tian Xiuzhu went shopping, thinking about finding a way to repair Li Xun’s lighter, couldn’t help but call Li Xun again, and heard Liu Sisi’s voice again, the two of them were getting in the car together and were about to leave, which made Zhu Yun feel even stronger Not feeling well, I also saw Liu Sisi’s circle of friends, and took a special photo of Li Xun who was waiting for the bus not far away.

As soon as Liu Ailin served the New Year’s Eve dinner, Zhu Yun saw a familiar figure outside through the glass window. She couldn’t believe it and hurried to the bathroom with her mobile phone. She called Li Xun and asked where he was. She confirmed that Li Xun was upstairs. Suddenly, Zhu Yun almost jumped up happily, and lied that she was going out to get the courier. Zhu Guangyi offered to go for her, but Liu Ailin didn’t believe that there was still someone delivering the courier on New Year’s Eve.

Zhu Yun had no choice but to play poker with her parents, but Li Xun disappeared afterwards. She was worried about sending another message, so she went out with the excuse of taking out the trash, but Li Xun was no longer outside the door. Li Xun told Zhu Yun that he lived At the hotel near Zhu Yun’s house, Zhu Yun said that girls should not look for men in the middle of the night, but she still sneaked out while her parents were asleep, and broke into the Lihua Hotel excitedly all the way. old man and lady playing poker.

Zhu Yun was excited to meet Li Xun, but also nervous that men and widows should not be together. She wanted to leave several times but refused to leave. Li Xun gave Zhu Yun the employee’s salary card and set the password as her birthday. At the same time, I also gave Zhu Yun a set of blue princess dress. Li Xun went to buy fireworks and wanted to show it to Zhu Yun. Zhu Yun returned the lighter to Li Xun as a New Year’s gift. Li Xun was moved when he saw the repaired lighter. Watching the fireworks rising into the sky, both of them showed happy smiles and said New Year’s wishes to each other.

Zhu Yun changed her princess dress and was about to leave. Seeing Li Xun sitting on the bed and falling asleep, Zhu Yun lowered her head and looked at the man in front of her in a daze. Just then, the alarm rang and Li Xun was woken up. Zhu Yun said goodbye and left. Early in the morning, I was called up by my mother to go to New Year’s greetings. Li Xun also sent a message that he had gone back to school and said goodbye to Zhu Yun.

Zhu Yun really wanted to go back to school early, so she negotiated with Tian Xiuzhu and asked him to send her to school, and then invited Tian Xiuzhu to have dinner at the school, and Tian Xiuzhu agreed. Liu Ailin wished that Zhu Yun could communicate more with Tian Xiuzhu, and Zhu Yun couldn’t do it if she wanted to stay at home, so she was urged to go back to school by Liu Ailin. As soon as Tian Xiuzhu sent Zhu Yun to the school, Li Xun came behind Zhu Yun. It was also the first time Tian Xiuzhu and Li Xun met.

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