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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 19 Recap

Xiao Yan learned from Xu Yiran that Bai Zhu did not give up on Xiaoguang’s illness, which completely subverted his view of Bai Zhu and admired him. Xiao Yan apologized to Bai Zhu, admitted that she had misunderstood Bai Zhu before, and Bai Zhu took the opportunity to persuade her. Do not give up Jiang Xianyun’s treatment, Xiao Yan understood his decision, but did not agree with his approach, Xiao Yan took the initiative to reconcile with Bai Zhu, and wanted to work together with him to treat the patient, Bai Zhu asked her to talk to Xiaoguang more about locomotives, he did not want to. I understand why Xiaoguang likes motorcycles.

Jiang Xianyun’s pain was unbearable, so he couldn’t help crying out. Jiang Shan helped him massage to relieve the pain. Xiaoguang lifted the curtain to encourage Jiang Xianyun, let him shout out loudly, and then think more about happy things. Jiang Xianyun claimed that his life was not worth it. happy things. Lin Zhi and Tang Hua talked about Bai Zhu’s wife in private, Xiao Yan stopped them loudly, Lin Zhi asked Xu Yiran about Bai Zhu’s wife, Xu Yiran claimed that Bai Zhu was not married, Xiao Yan was surprised.

Xiaoguang’s pain attacked, he stood firm without saying a word, Jiang Shan and Lin Zhi helped him relieve the pain, Bai Zhu came to hear the news, Xiaoguang was already used to the pain and torture, but comforted Bai Zhu, Xiaoguang recognized Xiao Yan, and revealed that Bai Zhu often mentioned Xiao Yan at home, Bai Zhu was embarrassed, and hurriedly stopped Xiaoguang.


Lin Zhi and Tang Hua guessed that Xiaoguang was not Bai Zhu’s biological son, and Xiao Yan did not allow them to guess randomly. Jiang Xianyun asked Xiao Yan about Xiaoguang’s condition, and learned that when Xiaoguang fell ill, his whole body was in pain like a needle stick. Seeing that Xiaoguang is still cheerful and optimistic despite being tortured by illness, I feel very ashamed.

Jiang Xianyun spent Jiang Shan to buy things, and called Xiaoguang to talk to him. Jiang Shan was worried and hid at the door to eavesdrop. Jiang Xianyun and Xiaoguang talked about death, Xiaoguang didn’t want to die, he was reluctant to let his teachers, classmates and Baizhu go. Jiang Xianyun told Xiaoguang the story of losing his horse and encouraged Xiaoguang to face the pain bravely. Xiaoguang listened with relish and praised him. The teacher is better than the Chinese teacher. He encouraged him to take classes online. Jiang Xianyun opened his mouth and asked Xiaoguang how to teach online. Jiang Shan was very relieved to see Jiang Xianyun and Xiaoguang chatting vigorously.

Jiang Xianyun took the initiative to ask to be discharged from the hospital and go home. He came to say goodbye to Bai Zhu, Xu Yiran, Lu Pingan and others, and vowed to live well. Xiaoguang’s strength changed him and let him find hope of living. Jiang Xianyun registered an account online and couldn’t wait to think about it. I went back to sort out the materials and gave lessons to the children who could not go to school as soon as possible. Lu Pingan cheered on Jiang Xianyun, and Jiang Shan and Jiang Xianyun expressed their gratitude to Bai Zhu.


Lu Pingan drove Jiang Xianyun and Jiang Shan home to help settle Jiang Xianyun. Jiang Shan decided to resign and focus on taking care of Jiang Xianyun. Lu Pingan was a pity for her, and excused that Corey had left beforehand. Lu Pingan called Lao Pan to take care of Jiang Xianyun, promised to subsidize his salary of 3,500 yuan according to the previous practice, and asked him to call Jiang Xianyun on his own initiative. Jiang Xianyun knew that Jiang Shan liked her job as a nurse and advised her not to resign. Jiang Xianyun wanted to teach online to earn living expenses, and then invited Lao Pan to take care of him. Jiang Shan agreed.

Xiaoguang asked Xiao Yan for some exercises that he could not teach. Xiao Yan patiently explained it to him. Xiaoguang took the opportunity to tell a lot of embarrassing things about Bai Zhu’s vulnerability and childishness. Xiao Yan was so amused that he couldn’t help but laugh. Bai Zhu heard Xiaoguang’s words outside the door and waited for Xiao. After Yan left, Bai Zhu came to Xiaoguang to settle the account, and Xiaoguang was so frightened that he kept begging for mercy.

Xiao Yan witnessed Jiang Xianyun’s reborn change. She fell into confusion. She didn’t know whether the person she pursued was saving or harming people. Xiao Yan confided in Bai Zhu about her entanglement. Bai Zhu didn’t know how to answer, so she came to Jiang Zhongjing for advice. He was shaken when he saw Jiang Xianyun being tortured in pain. Jiang Zhongjing encouraged him to face death correctly, as long as he insisted on the doctor’s original intention of saving the dying and helping the wounded.

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