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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 18 Recap

Bai Zhu came to see Jiang Xianyun as scheduled, Jiang Xianyun paid Jiang Shan out, and he wanted to negotiate with Bai Zhu alone. Seeing Jiang Shan being overly worried, Lu Ping’an greeted him with sympathy. Jiang Shan was worried about Jiang Xianyun, and Jiang Xianyun didn’t say a word to her.

Jiang Xianyun went straight to the point and asked for 1 million compensation, otherwise he would sue Bai Zhu. In order to satisfy his obsession with being a doctor, Bai Zhu rescued him completely regardless of his personal wishes, causing him to suffer in the depths of his infinite pain. Bai Zhu rejected his unreasonable demands in person. , Thinking he had a clear conscience, Jiang Xianyun didn’t buy it at all, clamoring for compensation, Bai Zhu didn’t want to listen to him messing around, so he had to leave first.

Lu Ping’an learned that Jiang Xianyun asked for 1 million compensation, and hurried in to persuade him. Jiang Xianyun refused to let him go, and even threatened to make his own affairs public on TV, which would discredit Tongshan Hospital. Lu Ping’an tried to comfort him, but Jiang Xianyun still Stubborn, Jiang Shan also persuaded Jiang Xianyun to give in.

Lu Pingan was forced to help, so he agreed to report the matter to the courtyard. He knew that Jiang Xianyun was not a money lover. The reason why the lion asked for one million was because he wanted to leave the money to Jiang Shan. Lu Pingan told Jiang Zhongjing about this. Jiang Zhongjing resolutely refused to agree. If he was Bai Zhu, he would also save Jiang Xianyun. The hospital would not compromise with Jiang Xianyun, otherwise the doctor would not make an accurate judgment in the future. Jiang Zhongjing reminded Lu Pingan. To protect Atractylodes.


Lu Ping’an recommended Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan to attend the hospital image dissemination conference in the city. The two of them found various excuses to make excuses. Lu Ping’an asked them to vigorously promote the EICU. Xu Yiran persuaded them to participate in the conference, and they reluctantly agreed. Xiao Yan rode a motorcycle to a meeting, Bai Zhu drove his car there, and saw a series of traffic accidents on the Xifeng Expressway. Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan went to save people without saying a word, and also called the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital for help. Lu Pingan immediately took an ambulance to reinforce him.

Xiao Yan and Bai Zhu acted separately. Xiao Yan taught the injured family members how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Bai Zhu raced against time to rescue the seriously injured and suffocated patient and saved his life in time. All the injured in the car accident survived. Lu Pingan and the others came later. , sent all the injured to the hospital for rescue, Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan were also exhausted. When Xiao Yan was in love with the scene, she couldn’t help thinking of Lin Zhiyuan, who had died in a foreign land. She once again deeply realized the meaning of life. When Xiao Yan saw Lin Zhiyuan’s photo when she came home, she had mixed feelings.

The little girl Lin Lin had a high fever that persisted for a week, and also had a sore throat and cough. Her grandmother gave her cold medicine and antipyretics, but it did not improve, and finally fell into a coma. Her grandmother had to send her to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Bai Zhu complained to her grandmother.


If they didn’t send Lin Lin earlier, Lin Lin’s parents came over after hearing the news. They saw the child was seriously ill and comatose. After a special inspection, it was found that Lin Lin was infected with the human herpes virus. This is a kind of kissing virus. Bai Zhu reminded grandma to pay attention to personal hygiene, not to kiss the child again in the future, and not to feed the child mouth to mouth.

Lin Lin’s parents discussed and decided to pick up the child. They asked a nanny to look after them when they went to work. In the future, grandma would not be allowed to see Lin Lin again. Grandma cried bitterly. Lin Zhi complained to Xiao Yan in private. She found that Bai Zhu was abnormal today. Bai Zhu has always been cold and arrogant, and never communicated too much with the patient’s family. Today, she even spoke coldly to the patient’s family many times. Xiao Yan came to talk to Bai Zhu, and couldn’t wait to know the reason for his anger. Bai Zhu was very angry when he saw that Lin Lin was ill because of the neglect of his parents. Xiao Yan still felt that he was a little angry today, and was puzzled.

Xiaoguang suffers from thalassemia major. He suddenly fainted in physical education class. The teacher could not contact Atractylodes, so he was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xu Yiran recognized Xiaoguang as the son of Atractylodes at a glance and gave him an emergency blood transfusion. , Xiaoguang just turned the corner. When Bai Zhu heard the news, he was very anxious. Xu Yiran arranged Xiaoguang to the EICU, and Bai Zhu stayed by his side.

Xu Yiran briefly introduced Xiaoguang’s situation to Xiao Yan. When Xiaoguang was born, he was changed to thalassemia. The doctor announced that he would not live to be one year old. Bai Zhu refused to give up and tried his best to cure Xiaoguang. , Xiao Yan finally understood why Bai Zhu insisted on saving Jiang Xianyun. Xiaoguang finally woke up, and Bai Zhu reminded him not to exercise vigorously. Jiang Shan came to see Jiang Xianyun on the next bed, saw Xiaoguang accidentally, and came over to greet him.

Lin Zhi, Tang Hua and others were discussing in private. They didn’t know when Bai Zhu got married and even had an eight-year-old son. Xiao Yan did not allow them to talk right and wrong. Lu Pingan was very concerned about Xiaoguang’s condition. Bai Zhu didn’t want to say too much, so he sent him away in a few words.


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