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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 16 Recap

Lin Lixia disregarded the dissuasion of her husband and the medical staff and insisted on being discharged from the hospital. Xiao Yan took the pregnant woman she met when she was a foreign aid doctor as an example to persuade Lin Lixia to cherish the child in her womb. She fainted again with excitement, and the medical staff rushed her to the operating room.

Lin Lixia gave birth to a daughter by cesarean section, and the fetus was sent to the nursery in a weak body. Lin Lixia asked her husband to accompany her to the nursery room. Seeing her daughter sleeping peacefully through the large glass window, they couldn’t be more happy. They thanked Xiao Yan again and again. Bai Zhu was very emotional when he saw this scene.

Atractylodes rested today, he was sleeping soundly, Xu Yiran called him to deal with the newly arrived patients in the emergency department, Atractylodes rushed to the hospital without saying a word. The patient is an old woman. She was hit by a deliveryman riding a motorcycle, causing her spleen to rupture and a large amount of intra-abdominal bleeding. The situation was very urgent.

Bai Zhu had to perform abdominal puncture on the old woman in the emergency department, and then sent the old woman to the hospital. Go to the operating room. The deliveryman who caused the accident has been busy, and he took out all the money he had to pay for the hospitalization fee, and then stayed outside the operating room. The old woman’s son came over after hearing the news, and the deliveryman beat and kicked him. The certificate was confiscated, and he was asked to raise money again.

After the operation, Atractylodes arranged the old woman to be in the EICU for further observation. After a few days, the old woman was in stable condition, and Atractylodes told her to be transferred to the general ward. Imported medicine, Bai Zhu persuaded her to vacate the bed for those who need it more, but she would not let go.

The deliveryman came in a hurry and forcibly transferred the old woman to a general ward. The old woman lied that she was in pain all over her body, and Bai Zhu wanted to give her a further examination before the old woman stopped making trouble. The deliveryman worked hard for a month, but it was not enough for the old woman to pay for a day. He asked his parents to borrow 40,000 yuan from relatives and friends, but the old woman asked him to compensate for mental damage and lost work expenses. He was very distressed. Bai Zhu reminded the old woman that she was wasting medical resources, and she didn’t buy it at all.

Bai Zhu, Lu Ping’an and others were all in a hurry, and the deliveryman was even more anxious. Bai Zhu asked him to find the traffic police to determine the responsibility for the accident. The traffic police found out that the old woman ran a red light and the takeaway was speeding. Both of them were responsible and should each pay half of the medical expenses. The old woman cried a lot. If she was moved to a general ward, no one would take care of her. The old woman thought about agreeing again and again. Moved out of the EICU, but her pension can’t pay for the hospitalization at all, so the delivery staff should pay for it. Bai Zhu warned the old woman not to be kidnapped by morality. He was fined for speeding when he drove to the hospital in the morning. Obediently paid the fine.

Jiang Xianyun got up from the bed and poured water, but he accidentally fell to the ground, Lao Pan hurriedly picked him up, Jiang Xianyun excused to eat beans, and asked Lao Pan to buy it immediately. Before leaving, Jiang Xianyun also asked Lao Pan to open the window. After writing a suicide note in advance, he jumped out of the window to commit suicide.

Lao Pan walked downstairs and heard Jiang Xianyun falling from the upstairs. Lao Pan was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital, Atractylodes performed relevant examinations on him, and then sent him to the operating room. Jiang Shan came over after hearing the news, and she was so sad that she wanted to die. Lao Pan revealed something to Atractylodes, and Jiang Xianyun asked him to send him He went to the fifth hospital for an examination, and it was found that pancreatic cancer was at an advanced stage. He was in unbearable pain and did not want to live.

Jiang Shan sat outside the operating room and wept secretly, and Lu Ping’an persuaded her nicely. After the operation, the chief surgeon told Jiang Shan truthfully about Jiang Xianyun’s condition. The cancer cells had spread to the entire pancreas, and he had tried his best. Jiang Shan stayed by Jiang Xianyun’s side. Jiang Xianyun finally woke up and complained that Jiang Shan should not save him. He wanted to die. Jiang Xianyun couldn’t bear the pain. Arguing to see Bai Zhu, Jiang Shan had to call Bai Zhu.

Jiang Xianyun didn’t want to live without dignity, let alone drag Jiang Shan down. He begged Bai Zhu to stop saving him. Bai Zhu couldn’t help him. Jiang Xianyun threatened to sue him and set up Tongshan Hospital. Bai Zhu had nothing to do.


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