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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 13 Recap

The next day, Zhu Yun took Li Xun to the infirmary for physical therapy. Li Xun suddenly found that the lighter was missing. Zhu Yun hurried to help find it but found nothing. She left her phone number with the cleaners, hoping They can give her the lighter they picked up. After Li Xun came out after physical therapy, he found that he couldn’t find a lighter.

Although he was a little disappointed, he comforted Zhu Yun who was full of self-blame, thinking that it was not her fault. Zhu Yun blamed herself for forcing Li Xun to play volleyball, almost costing him half his life. At this moment, the phone rang and the lighter was found. It was a relic left by Li Xun’s father, so it meant something different to Li Xun . But the lighter was damaged, and Zhu Yun was anxious to help him repair the lighter.

Li Xun and Gao Jianhong quarreled because of disagreement, but Gao Jianhong was strongly suppressed by Li Xun, but he expressed his dissatisfaction. In the evening, Li Xun and Zhu Yun had dinner together. Zhu Yun proposed to accompany Li Xun to hand in the blue crown project. At the same time, he also reminded Li Xun to pay attention to team building, not just to shine alone, and to prepare for construction. Work, avoid emotions, Li Xun teased Zhu Yun as a political commissar, but agreed with her.

When Fang Shumiao and Zhu Yun were eating together, they talked about the base, thinking that the base is getting more and more attractive now, but it is more like a husband-and-wife shop, but Gao Jianhong said that he planned to quit the base, because without his dragging , maybe Li Xun’s achievements are even higher. Zhu Yun didn’t speak at that time, but came to find Gao Jianhong in private. Gao Jianhong also teased that Zhu Yun came to persuade him every time, and he was also a veritable good political commissar.

Now he is also convinced by Li Xun, and he has to admit that Li Xun is indeed powerful. The last time he quit, it was Li Xun who went to him, hoping to let him make something that truly belonged to him, but later Li Xun took the initiative to give the blue crown to Zhang Xiaobei for Zhu Yun, without considering his feelings at all, good advice Hong hoped to have something that truly belonged to him, and to make decisions by himself.

Li Xun finished the program, but he forgot to put the logo on the login interface, but he didn’t know how to do it either. Zhu Yun proposed to go to the art exhibition outside to find inspiration. Li Xun didn’t agree at that time, so he called Go out to the art exhibition with Zhu Yun. This painting exhibition was painted by Zhu Yunfa and Oda Xiuzhu, and Zhu Yun began to praise Fa Xiao for his ability, thinking that he was a talented painter. As a result, Li Xun became jealous again, thinking that he was a genius. Zhu saw that Tian Xiuzhu didn’t go forward to say hello.

Coming out of the painting exhibition, when the two were waiting for the car, there were many people and it was very cold outside, so Li Xun asked Zhu Yun to wait in the room, and he waited outside, Zhu Yun who was hiding in the room looked at Li Xun shivering He couldn’t help laughing, but in the end he decided to wait for the bus with him.

The school was on holiday, so Zhu Yun called Liu Ailin and lied about helping Fang Shumiao with the party school and going to the art exhibition. In short, there were many refusals. Liu Ailin agreed, and Zhu Yun was very happy, thinking that every time she lied, she would be punished. The mother seized, and this time the mother agreed. But although Liu Ailin agreed on the surface, the more she thought about it, the more something went wrong. She was worried that Zhu Yun would not come back because of Li Xun, and urged Zhu Yun’s father to go to school tomorrow.

Liu Ailin called Zhu Yun, claiming that she asked Tian Xiuzhu to have dinner together at night, and told Zhu Yun to come back quickly. She also told Zhu Yun that her father had gone to a meeting near the school and brought her back by the way. When we arrived at the base, we chatted with Li Xun and found that Li Xun was still working overtime due to a cold, but as soon as he finished speaking, he saw Zhu Yun came back with medicine. He understood a lot, but he didn’t expose it. The two left space to say goodbye. Zhu Yun gave Li Xun the medicine and told Li Xun to work hard. Li Xun was a little bit reluctant and told Zhu Yun to come home to report.

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