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Game of Wisdom 大博弈 Episode 6 Recap

Sun Heping wants to reform and rely on his strength to get into the capital market. As for the listing index, there is no need to think about it. After all, it is useless to think about it. Factory Manager Ren and Qian Ping coaxed Liu Bingding into a circle, wanting to invest 200 million yuan, but Liu Bingding said he would give Qin Xinting an interest rate. Qian Ping wanted to go to Yang Liu to see if he could persuade Qin Xinting, but it was obvious that Yang Liu would not help. This is busy. After Liu Bing finally let go, Qian Ping hurriedly took out the contract for him to sign, for fear that he would go back on his word.

Zhou Tao said that Sun Heping went to the city to ask for indicators, and that the self-brewed wine given by Sun Heping broke the system, but Yang Liu didn’t care. Sun Heping went to Liu Bingding to ask about the reform of the Red Star system, complaining that they were classmates, and Liu Bingding couldn’t help him. Zhou Tao always regards Sun Heping as an outsider, but Yang Liu feels that they have a lot of places to spend money, and they must support those who can support them.

But the children he picked up couldn’t get enough to eat, and Sun Heping was almost suffering from money hunger. Liu Bing held a Miss Public Relations Contest and wanted to give Sun Heping a blind date, but Sun Heping left without even looking at it. Yang Liu gave Beiji a loan of 300 million yuan, although Zhou Tao was not happy, he couldn’t object.

Three years later, Beiji was gradually on the right track, and the group considered formally injecting 500 million into Beiji. But Yangliu and Sun Heping couldn’t agree on shares. Yangliu insisted on specifying the largest shareholder and would invest 500 million yuan. Sun Heping still bowed his head in front of 500 million yuan. After all, more money makes things easier to do, but Tian Ye is very anxious, so it will be difficult for Beiji to do things in the future. Sun Heping thought about it and wanted to start an arms race.

Chen Lijuan was very dissatisfied with Han Zhong’s outsmarting Beiji, but Yang Liu was not afraid. Sun Heping wants to increase capital and expand shares, but they have raised a lot of funds over the years. How can everyone have money? Sun Heping does know where there is money, but he needs the support of the shareholding association. Sun Heping invited Qin Xinting to dinner, and Yang Liu went to meet Chen Lijuan.

Sun Heping has worked hard all these years, and they have decided to let him join the group’s leadership team. Yang Liu increased the loan amount of 300 million to Beiji, and Sun Heping was about to burst into tears. Qin Xinting knew that Sun Heping must be looking for something to do with him, and Qin Xinting’s eyes lit up when he heard that it was a shareholding disagreement. Yang Liu went to Chen Lijuan for the same purpose, hoping that Chen Lijuan would give them some support, but Chen Lijuan did not agree.

Qin Xinting and Sun Heping signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and Yang Liu was very angry when she heard about it, she had ruined her own affairs, but Qin Xinting just couldn’t bear his rampant behavior. Yang Liu has no choice, after all, she leads herself at home. Chen Lijuan was about to be transferred to the province, so she came to Beiji to see everyone before leaving. Zhou Tao came up with two ideas to stop Sun Heping’s plan, but Yang Liu disagreed. After all, Sun Heping is a rare talent. Chen Lijuan told Sun Heping that she must respect the arrangement of Henzhong Group, and she would still support Beiji, but Sun Heping didn’t need to compete with Yang Liu.

Zhou Tao doesn’t think that Sun Heping is better than them, although it is true that Sun Heping brought Beiji back to life. Chen Lijuan hoped that Sun Heping would give 10 million shares to Han Zhong, and Sun Heping agreed to let them be the major shareholders, at least they would look good. Beiji was launched on the market, and Sun Heping was moved to tears after a busy day. Only the people of Beiji knew the hardships along the way.

two years later. Thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, now Zhou Tao is begging Sun Heping to borrow money.

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