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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 14 Recap

After the medical staff tried their best to rescue Dongcheng, Dongcheng was finally rescued. Dongcheng’s wife and daughter Xiaoman made a lot of noise outside. Xiao Yan, Bai Zhu and Xu Yiran tried to persuade them to leave.

Luo Youzhi suddenly fainted in the hall of the emergency department. Xiao Yan immediately gave him first aid and found out that he was left heart failure caused by myocarditis. After Xiao Yan’s symptomatic treatment, Luo Youzhi’s symptoms of myocarditis were quickly relieved, but he still continued to have a high fever. Xiao Yan He did a general examination of his body, but the cause could not be found all the time.

Atractylodes suspected that Luo Youzhi’s condition was related to the working environment. He came to Luo Youzhi to learn more about his work situation and learned that he was in contact with punches and batteries every day. Xiao Yan came to check the room and learned that Bai Zhu had been there. She inquired about Luo Youzhi’s work situation, and went to the factory alone to investigate the cause. Bai Zhu was not at ease, so he drove after him.

Xiao Yan quickly came to the factory, the door of the factory was closed, Xiao Yan knocked on the door and wanted to go in for investigation, but was turned away, Xiao Yan quietly went outside the workshop, and saw workers dumping discarded nickel-cadmium rods from a distance. In the vat, he quietly took a sample and took it away, only to be found by the security guard of the factory. The security guard thought she was a reporter, so they chased and stopped her. Xiao Yan found that the workers in the factory did not have any protective measures, and suspected that Luo Youzhi’s illness was caused by harmful substances, and all the harmful substances had not been discharged, so Luo Youzhi’s symptoms had not improved. She called the safety supervision bureau to report the factory.

Luo Youzhi was found to have myocarditis caused by cadmium poisoning. Xu Yiran learned that Atractylodes followed Xiao Yan to the factory for investigation. Seeing that he was attracted to Xiao Yan, he insisted on Atractylodes. A bloody Hao Jiajia came to the emergency department in a hurry and kept claiming that she was injured when she was walking the dog. She even took pictures on the spot for proof. Xiao Yan found that there was no wound on her head at all, Hao Jiajia had to admit that she was there. The blood package bought online was to bring the beating thugs to justice. Xiao Yan refused to cooperate with her to cheat. Hao Jiajia acted both hard and soft. Xiao Yan was unmoved. She did the relevant examination and found nothing abnormal, Hao Jiajia left in anger.

Hao Jiajia quickly posted the story of her beating on the Internet, which caused an uproar. Then, the man also posted news on the Internet. His statement was very different from that of Hao Jiajia. On the day of the incident, he did not drink and led his daughter downstairs. On a walk, Hao Jiajia didn’t leash the dog while walking the dog, which shocked his daughter a lot. Before he even scolded his daughter for not having a dog, he rushed up to reason with Hao Jiajia and didn’t hit Hao Jiajia at all. When Tang Hua saw the battle between Hao Jiajia and that man on the Internet, he and Xiao Yan were very emotional.

The factory owner brought someone to find Xiao Yan to settle the accounts. Because the safety supervision bureau closed down his factory, he forced Xiao Yan to compensate 500,000 yuan. Xiao Yan publicly exposed that the boss was ignoring the safety of the workers in order to make money, and asked Tang Hua to call the police. , the boss scolds Tongshan Hospital for its black heart, rushed up to argue with Xiao Yan, and suddenly collapsed to the ground. Xiao Yan gave him a routine examination and found that he was also poisoned by cadmium. He couldn’t wait to be discharged from the hospital. Tang Hua angrily scolded him for harming others and harming himself.

The onlookers filmed a video and posted it online. Netizens who didn’t know the truth misunderstood the hospital. Jiang Zhongjing watched the online video and told Lu Pingan not to act rashly, so as not to cause more trouble. Lu Pingan persuaded Corey’s colleagues to work with peace of mind, and the household in the hospital came forward to deal with the matter. Tang Hua couldn’t help complaining. For the first time, she realized the horror of Internet violence.

Hao Jiajia came to Xiao Yan again and asked Xiao Yan to issue a diagnosis certificate, but Xiao Yan categorically refused. Hao Jiajia threatened to discredit the hospital, but Tang Hua did not want to listen to her long-winded words and forcibly drove her away. The patient’s right fallopian tube stone, his waist pain is unbearable, Xiao Yan did a simple investigation and determined that he is not only this kind of disease, and suggested further examination, the patient’s wife decided that Xiao Yan was over-medical and yelled at her. , Bai Zhu came to hear the news, called the patient’s wife aside, and persuaded her to trust Xiao Yan’s medical skills and judgment. Xiao Yan pushed the patient for a heart examination, suspecting that he had arterial dissection, and needed another enhanced CT.

The patient’s wife came back in a hurry, Bai Zhu read the patient’s examination results, asked him to do an enhanced CT immediately, and then called the patient’s wife to the office and moved out similar cases before to persuade her. As expected by Xiao Yan, the patient had a type B aortic dissection and must be operated on immediately, otherwise his life would be in danger at any time. The patient’s wife apologized to Xiao Yan again and again.

Bai Zhu praised Xiao Yan for being decisive and not judged by the recent negative influence. Xiao Yan laughed at him for being old-fashioned. Xiaoliang saw on the Internet that Hao Jiajia posted a video of Xiao Yan riding a motorcycle on Weibo, and also said a lot of bad things about Xiao Yan and Tang Hua. He showed Bai Zhu immediately. Lu Pingan held a meeting early in the morning, reminding Xiao Yan to pay attention to his personal image and private life, so as not to have a negative impact on the hospital. Xiao Yan felt that he was right and argued with Lu Pingan according to his reasons.

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