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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 13 Recap

Zhou Wenlu’s injury gradually improved. She admitted to her parents that she was wrong. Her mother regretted arranging so many blind dates for her. When Zhou Wenlu was hit by a car, she regretted that she was not married yet. After urging her again, the mother and daughter were reconciled as before.

Pan Dong came to see Zhou Wenlu. Zhou Wenlu learned that he saved him and was grateful to him. Zhou Wenlu and Pan Dong had a good chat, and the more they chatted, the more speculative they became. Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan were very relieved to see this scene. Chen Zhi treated a patient with a strained ligament, and routinely gave her an infusion to reduce inflammation and pain, but the patient suddenly suffered unbearable pain. The patient’s son Xiaogang came to Mr. Chen Zhixing to ask him the guilt. She had a cast.

Chen Zhi misunderstood this patient. He has been depressed and unhappy. Tang Hua encouraged him to cheer up and promised to help him regain his confidence and re-understand himself from today. Tang Hua felt that Chen Zhi had a solid business and a hard-working person, and was willing to treat the patient. In the first place, Tang Hua was very optimistic about him, and Chen Zhi was moved.

When Tang Hua was free, he taught Chen Zhi to analyze the case. Xu Yiran couldn’t help making fun of them. Tang Hua did not allow him to talk nonsense, and Chen Zhi gradually developed feelings for Tang Hua. Zhang Jianmin came to the hospital with a cake. Xiaogang couldn’t accept his relationship with his mother, and he spoke ill of him. Zhang Jianmin bought a cake to celebrate Xiaogang’s birthday. He and Xiaogang’s mother fell in love with each other. Xiao Yan saw this. Touching picture, tell Xiaogang about it.

Zhang Jianmin called Xiaogang to a roadside stall for a drink and a chat, and talked about how he and Xiaogang’s mother grew up as childhood sweethearts, and then they went their separate ways until the two unexpectedly reunited soon after, and they decided to renew their relationship. Zhang Jianmin came to pick up Xiaogang’s mother from the hospital early in the morning. Xiaogang personally came to pick up his mother and invited Zhang Jianmin to go home with him. Seeing this warm scene, Tang Hua asked Chen Zhi what kind of love he wanted. Chen Zhi was very excited and decided that Tang Hua was interested in him.

Chen Zhi mustered up the courage to ask Tang Hua out and expressed his intentions to her. Tang Hua was at a loss for him. Chen Zhi insisted that Tang Hua liked him. Tang Hua was so angry that he could not laugh or cry. He goes to the clinic. 58-year-old Dongcheng suddenly fainted while drinking tea at home. He insisted on calling 120 and was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Bai Zhu and Xu Yiran concluded that the patient had an acute myocardial infarction and needed stent surgery. Dongcheng’s wife and daughter Xiaoman came in a hurry, and they hesitated.

Dongcheng was determined not to install stents. He believed that the doctor only wanted to make money. He asked Xiaoman to call Lingling, a relative of Beijing University Hospital, for consultation. Baizhu was worried that Dongcheng would be in danger at any time, so he grabbed the phone and explained the situation to Lingling. bypass surgery. Dongcheng’s condition is more serious than expected. Dongcheng suddenly developed ventricular fibrillation. Bai Zhu hurriedly performed electric shock defibrillation on him. Dongcheng shouted loudly. I don’t want to listen either.


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