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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 12 Recap

When Li Yi was practicing volleyball, Zhu Yun came to him and persuaded Li Yi that it was not necessary to beat Jiang Xingchi. Li Yi also said that this time was not to win the simple-minded person with strong limbs, but only understood that Zhu Yun wanted him to be active. Love he must receive. Zhu Yun also admitted that because Li Yi always typed on the keyboard, he hoped that Li Yi could exercise more. On the day of the volleyball test, Jiang Xingchi obviously gave Zhu Yun some water, but he was very strict when dealing with Li Yi. Li Yi was not convinced, and insisted on catching all the balls.

Zhu Yun sent Li Wei to the hospital. Li Wei’s sister Li Lan came to see him. Looking at Li Wei who was in a coma, Li Lan was distressed and wept. Zhu Yun took Li Lan to dinner and asked what happened to Li Wei’s spinal injury. Li Lan blamed herself and wept, thinking that the conditions at home were not good. Li Wei came out very early to make money and took up the responsibility of the family. The spine was also injured because of her. Zhu Yun asked Li Lan to sign and forced Li Wei to perform the operation. Zhu Yun hoped that Li Lan would go upstairs to see Li Wei. Maybe Li Wei would wake up, but Li Lan did not. I didn’t dare to see Li Wei anymore.

Zhu Yun was curious about the story of Li Yi before. Li Lan told the story of her mother’s hospitalization. Li Yi used computer skills as a hacker to help game netizens build equipment, so as to get money to pay for her mother’s hospitalization. Fu Yizhuo likes Latin dance and dances every day, but he is also worried that he will fail the exam and will be forced by his father to study business, so he asks Li Yi to help him pass the exam because he knows that Li Yi needs Qian saved his mother, but was rejected by Li Yi. But her mother had liver cancer, and there is a medicine that can prolong her mother’s life for three months. After Li Wei learned about the situation, he took the initiative to find Fu Yizhuo to make a deal. The money must be given as soon as possible.

But this matter was soon discovered by the Education Bureau, because the insatiable Fu Yizhuo changed his grades to a very high level, which was completely different from the previous one. Zhu Yun’s mother, Liu Ailin, issued a punishment to both Li Yi and Fu Yizhuo. He was fired, the money was not received, and his mother died. Brother-in-law Zhang Dagang came to make trouble again, thinking that it was more than enough to save Li Yi’s mother. After all, liver cancer would die sooner or later. Li Wei got angry and started a conflict with Zhang Dagang. However, he refused treatment, and eventually fell into trouble.

When Zhu Yun rushed back, Li Yi had already been discharged from the hospital and went back to the base. He also prepared two tickets for Pu Shu’s concert for Zhu Yun and asked him to take his sister to the concert. It turned out that Li Yi knew that Li Lan had gone to the hospital. Li Lan thanked Zhu Yun for realizing her dream. In the past, she and Li Wei both liked Pu Shu, and once said that as long as they made money, they would listen to Pu Shu’s concert. Zhu Yun and Li Lan were excited to sing along at the concert, and Li Lan’s eyes were full of tears.

Since the death of his mother, Li Wei dyed his hair yellow, he just wanted to be different from everyone, and in the end he returned to the past for Zhu Yun. Li Lan thanked Zhu Yun instead of Li Yi. She could also see that Li Yi treated Zhu Yun differently. Li Lan told Zhu Yun not to be eaten by Li Yi, and sometimes it was necessary to make Li Yi anxious. Zhu Yun sent Li Lan away, and when she saw Li Yi standing opposite, Zhu Yun also knew that Li Yi actually cared about her sister, but she didn’t express it.


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