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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 11 Recap

Zhu Yun’s mother told Zhu Yun about Li Yi’s cheating in the exam that year, and thought that Li Yi had a problem with her character. Zhu Yun did not believe that Li Yi would cheat. According to his grades, there was no need to cheat, but Zhu Yun’s mother thought that even if it was not cheating, then This attitude is also not acceptable. I hoped that Zhu Yun would not go to the base, but Zhu Yun said that she could reduce the time she went to. Her mother agreed to let her continue to go, but asked Zhu Yun to stay away from Li Wei.

Zhu Yun went back to see Li Yao alone at the base, and Li Yao also openly and honestly told about her cheating. Zhu Yun thought that there must be a reason for Li Yao, and wanted to know the reason, Li Yao did not answer Zhu Yun, but also guessed Zhu Yun. Mother must have hoped that she would stay away from Li Yi. Zhu Yun admitted this, but also said that she did not want to stay away.

Li Wei came to the bar to drink alone, in a bad mood, thinking about the events of the year, he braved the heavy rain to come to Zhu Yun’s mother and beg her to raise his hand and let Fu Yizhuo go. He can take all the responsibilities and come to the window At that time, he saw a group of people in the room celebrating Zhu Yun’s birthday. At that time, Zhu Yun was like a princess. Later, Li Yi left after being rejected. Zhu Yun chased after him and gave him an umbrella and wanted to give it to Li Yi, but Li Yi left without looking back, but Zhu Yun left an impression in his heart, which is what he always called The reason for Princess Zhu Yun.

Zhu Yun found that Li Wei had changed since her mother came, and she was no longer the same as before. She was a little bit unwilling to leave. Zhu Yun took the initiative to come to Li Yao, and also said that she had clearly told her mother that she would not stay away from Li Yao, and hoped that Li Yao would not push her away, but Li Yao told Zhu Yun that the base did not need her, and Zhu Yun warned Li Yao again, Nor is she the type to come and go when she is called.

When the students went to the gym to learn to play volleyball, Jiang Xingchi taught Zhu Yun very enthusiastically, but Zhu Yun injured his wrist. Jiang Xingchi sent Zhu Yun to the infirmary and greeted Zhu Yun. Yun successfully attracted the attention of Jiang Xingchi, and Jiang Xingchi hoped to leave Zhu Yun’s contact information. It happened that this scene was seen by Li Wei who was following him. Li Wei was angry with Jiang Xingchi’s attitude towards Zhu Yun before, and now he was pestering Zhu Yun. Li Wei even proposed to compete with Jiang Xingchi in a fit of anger, but Zhu Yun stopped him. .

Zhu Yun reminded Li Wei that he was not Jiang Xingchi’s opponent at all. Jiang Xingchi was a national second-level athlete and the school’s volleyball leader. He was not an opponent at all. Li Wei was even more angry after what he said. Will not let her go easily. Zhu Yun also succeeded without being driven away by Li Wei.

Fang Shumiao, Wu Mengxing, and Jiang Xingchi made an appointment to go out together, and Li Wei, who got the news, also came directly, and he had to sit with Zhu Yun, and the two big men squeezed Zhu Yun in the middle. Fang Shumiao felt that the air in the car had frozen while driving.

A few people went to play the racing car together, but Zhu Yun had a serious nausea after playing it for the first time. Jiang Xingchi brought a bottle of water, and Li Wei reminded him that if he vomited more after drinking this water, Jiang Xingchi hurriedly went to buy white water. I gave Zhu Yun my own water. Seeing that Zhu Yun was seriously nauseated, I patted Zhu Yun’s back and reminded Zhu Yun to spit it out. Just at this time, Jiang Xingchi came back and Zhu Yun spit on Jiang Xingchi’s body. Li Wei finally With a smile on his face, the next race car with Jiang Xingchi still prevailed. Zhu Yun thought that she had soiled Jiang Xingchi’s clothes, and took the initiative to take it back for cleaning. Li Wei couldn’t help being jealous.

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