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Game of Wisdom 大博弈 Episode 5 Recap

The salary must be paid today, he has sworn to it, anyway, the 18 million check must be returned. Yang Liu sighed, and was forced by Sun Heping to call to solve the matter. Sun Heping was finally relieved, but how Beiji could save itself was also a problem. Sun Heping held a meeting and made criticisms in front of everyone, but he begged his grandpa to tell his grandma that he had indeed received wages for everyone, and he did not break his promise.

Yang Liu felt that he had to support Sun Heping. He was in a fight to the death and he couldn’t lose. It didn’t matter who Sun Heping was. Sun Heping hopes that everyone understands that their interests and those of Beiji are bound together. Sun Heping smashed the heavy trucks with quality problems in front of all the factory workers, turning the page.

Tian Ye really wanted to put down the pick, and chased Sun Heping to raise funds. Sun Heping told Director Yan and Tian Ye his thoughts, and wanted to go public in Hong Kong through an excuse. Tian Ye quickly figured it out and quickly expressed his support. But there were also people who disagreed with the fundraising and went to make trouble with Secretary Qian. Secretary Qian took the lead in paying the share capital, but it was useless for them to say anything. The joint-stock system relies on shares, and Sun Heping did so in the hope that Beiji would come back.

Lao Li went to talk to Secretary Qian, complaining that he had to raise funds again without refunding the raised funds. Secretary Qian’s attitude was also very clear, he supported Sun Heping. Seeing this, the other party couldn’t say anything, and left quickly. Tian Ye heard that the province approved a listing quota for Beiji, but it was taken by the group, so he asked Sun Heping to ask his old classmate Yang Liu. Without further ado, Sun Heping went to Yangliu to report on his work.

Yang Liu’s wife, Qin Xinting, went to have dinner with Liu Ding. Liu Ding hoped that Qin Xinting’s trust company would give him trust funds, and Qin Xinting readily agreed to them. Yang Liu was chased by Sun Heping to chat, and asked about the group’s listing index by the way, Yang Liu said guiltyly that he heard it wrong, and kept saying that the listing index given by the province was not Beiji’s, but the group’s, and he was clearly told not to think about it. this matter.

After Liu Bing finished the phone call with Qi Xiaohua, he continued to drink and eat with Qin Xinting. Yang Liu criticized Sun Heping’s wishful thinking. The Hanzhong Group was not the original university campus. Sun Heping refused to accept it and could not go to the province to file a complaint. Qin Xinting and Liu Bingding had a good chat, while Sun Heping and Yang Liu were busy arguing, and when he heard the news that Liu Bingding and Qin Xinting had dinner together, Sun Heping hurriedly went to them to sell them badly.

After arriving in a hurry, Sun Heping asked Qin Xinting for investment while showing off the prawns, and it was time to leave when the prawns were finished. Liu Bing said mysteriously that he had found a partner for Sun Heping and would arrange for him in a few days.

Sun Heping felt that there was no way to get into a stalemate with the group. Now that he was a father and they were sons, they had to bow their heads under the eaves. If Sun Heping became like Liu Bing, he would definitely have to say something. Tian Ye was not reconciled, the group kept the order very low, but Sun Heping also thought about it, it would be good if the group could get it. Liu must enter the tourism industry, so he took Ren Factory Manager and Qian Ping to inspect the places he wanted to buy. As soon as the factory took a breather, Sun Heping began to talk about reforms, and it was bound to push Beiji to go public in Hong Kong within three years.

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