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Game of Wisdom 大博弈 Episode 4 Recap

Secretary Qian and Tian Ye were planning to pay a discounted salary. Secretary Qian would step down as party secretary soon, and the new party secretary was Sun Heping, so Tian Ye was a little out of breath. Yang Liu called to go and have a look. Sun Heping said that the factory party committee failed to approve the defection, but they were still working, and Yang Liu was very angry.

Secretary Qian earnestly persuaded Tianye to side with Sun Heping, while Sun Heping was arguing with Yang Liu. Yang Liu was afraid that Sun Heping would change his mind, so he hurried over, otherwise Chen Lijuan would not let them go bankrupt knowing that the province had given Beiji a listing index up. At the meeting, Sun Heping threatened to jump from the window, and the resolution to join Hanzhong was passed.

Sun Heping held a meeting, and there were many canteens and deep-fried dough sticks shops in the factory. Sun Heping felt that it was shameful, but he hadn’t paid wages for half a year, and everyone needed to eat. The factory was on the verge of bankruptcy, and the reception fee was still four to five million. Sun Heping wanted to cancel a lot of benefits, and Secretary Qian left on the spot. Tian Ye and the others also advised Sun Heping not to be so anxious.

At this time, he would definitely not be able to keep people. Director Ren still hoped that Qian Ping would stay, saying that Liu must have gone to Beiji for the past two days. Secretary Qian returned home sullenly, and Qian Ping watched the excitement and said that the rights were given by Secretary Qian, so Sun Heping could not use them. Sun Heping is still continuing to reform. At this time, Yang Liu and Chen Lijuan came.

Qian Ping persuaded Secretary Qian to give Sun Heping a little trust. It is a good thing to have ideas, otherwise how can Beiji make progress. Qian Ping changed her attitude towards Sun Heping, thinking that it was the right thing for him to bring Beiji to join Hanzhong, but Secretary Qian was still not reconciled, because Beiji is a century-old factory after all. Sun Heping came to receive Yang Liu and Chen Lijuan in a hurry, and asked for money without saying a few words.

Sun Heping reported the current situation to Secretary Qian, but he was so talkative that Secretary Qian didn’t say a word, so Sun Heping could only ask Qian Ping for help. Qian Ping helped to say a few words before Secretary Qian was willing to speak. Sun Heping hurriedly tried to persuade Secretary Qian with good reasoning. Secretary Qian really didn’t think about many things, and he quickly listened to them.

Yang Liu planned to take Beiji to get the indicators, and then arrange for heavy trucks after getting the indicators. Liu must come to see Secretary Qian and Sun Heping for a drink, trying to persuade them to change their minds, but they have already signed a contract. However, Sun Heping hoped that Liu must be able to buy shares, and Liu must be tricked into donating two million.

Qian Ping sat down to drink with Liu Biding when she saw Liu Biding came, while Sun Heping received a call from Song Jinyan, saying that all their goods were broken. There was a problem with the quality of this batch of goods. Of course, Sun Heping agreed to refund, but Song Jinyan clamored to pay for his mental loss. Sun Heping had to give Song Jinyan the agent of rat poison, and Song Jinyan gave up.

After Sun Heping and Liu Bingding left, Secretary Qian was worried that the whole factory would pay wages tomorrow. Unexpectedly, the batch of goods not only had problems abroad, but also domestic problems. Many refunds occurred, and it will be very difficult to pay wages tomorrow. Sun Heping was busy all night, and rushed downstairs to Yangliu’s house overnight to wait for the money. When Yang Liu opened the door and saw Sun Heping holding breakfast, he knew that he was busy. Sun Heping said that the salary must be paid today.

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