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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 12 Recap

Zhang Yingying cursed her father Zhang Jinshan in public, and her mother Li Chun reminded her not to do this in the future. Zhang Yingying did not listen at all, and even spoke ill of Zhang Jinshan. Zhang Jinshan was so angry that she cursed and forced Zhang Yingying out. Zhang Jinshan’s condition suddenly deteriorated and he developed renal failure, liver failure and respiratory failure. Bai Zhu and Xu Yiran heard the news and rushed to give him first aid and related examinations.

Teacher Wu Guifang provided Xiao Yan with the contact information of Lin Zhiyuan’s good friends in elementary school. Xiao Yan called them to find out the exact location of Yanxiang. Lin Zhiyuan promised to take Xiao Yan to Yanxiang where his grandmother lived to live a happy little life. But he died in a foreign land. Bai Zhu overheard Xiao Yan inquiring about Yanxiang. Bai Zhu remembered that his brother’s family once lived in that alley. He used to go there often and took Xiao Yan to come there on his own initiative. The old grandmother called it Yanxiang, and only the people who lived here knew the name.

Xiao Yan couldn’t wait to ask Bai Zhu about the grandmother’s situation. Bai Zhu only remembered that the old grandmother had a grandson and later went abroad. Xiao Yan was sure that it was Lin Zhiyuan’s grandmother. The gate of the courtyard where grandma lived was locked, and the courtyard was very clean. Bai Zhu asked the neighbors that the owner was renting the house, and Xiao Yan immediately decided to rent it. Bai Zhu realized that Xiao Yan was back to Shanghai to find an old friend. Before Xiao could answer, Bai Zhu received a call from Corey, and he rushed back without saying a word.

As soon as Xu Yiran received Zhang Jinshan’s examination results, he called Bai Zhu back. The results showed that Zhang Jinshan was not uremia, and suspected that he was poisoned by rat poison. Zhang Jinshan had just had a physical examination half a year ago and found nothing abnormal, and he had never been exposed to mice. medicine. Atractylodes learned from Li Chun that Zhang Jinshan usually likes to drink. Recently, he was taking Chinese medicine. He was about to come to the Chinese medicine prescription and consulted a Chinese medicine doctor. cause of illness.

When Xiao Yan learned about this, he felt that Zhang Jinshan’s illness was in line with the clinical manifestations of paraquat poisoning. Atractylodes immediately asked Zhang Jinshan’s family of three about the situation. They all denied exposure to paraquat. Atractylodes asked Chen Zhi to test Zhang Jinshan’s urine to check for paraquat. Chen Zhi put the urine in the laboratory, and it was stolen without waiting for the test. .

Chen Zhi came back to Zhang Jinshan to extract urine, but Zhang Jinshan couldn’t urinate, so Xu Yiran had to come and get it in person. Bai Zhu, Xu Yiran and Chen Zhi have been guarding the entrance of the examination department and waiting for the result. Bai Zhu determined that someone stole the urine sample to cover up the truth. He retrieved the surveillance video in the corridor of the examination department, and clearly saw that Zhang Yingying stole the urine sample, and Bai Zhu stole the urine sample. Had to call the police first.

Atractylodes called Li Chun and Zhang Yingying to the office, and took out the surveillance video outside the examination department. Zhang Yingying admitted that she had put paraquat in the traditional Chinese medicine Zhang Jinshan was drinking, and also stole a urine sample, just to make Zhang Jinshan stay in the hospital and not go home.

Li Chun hurriedly stopped Zhang Yingying and explained that she did all this. She was Zhang Yingying’s stepmother. After the family’s business failed, Zhang Jinshan scolded her. Zhang Yingying protected her when she couldn’t watch the violent crime. Zhang Jinshan began to beat Zhang Yingying violently. Li Chun bought a bottle of paraquat and secretly added it to the traditional Chinese medicine that Zhang Jinshan was drinking.

Zhang Yingying had seen the paraquat bottle hidden by Li Chun at home. When she learned from the doctor that Zhang Jinshan might have been poisoned by paraquat, she guessed that Li Chun did it, so she secretly took the urine sample and wanted Zhang Jinshan to be poisoned. been sick. All the truth came out. Zhang Yingying wanted to see Zhang Jinshan again, so Bai Zhu took her to the ward. Both Zhang Yingying and Li Chun admitted to poisoning Zhang Jinshan. Zhang Jinshan gritted his teeth in anger and wanted to call the police to arrest them. Hurry up and take Li Chun and Zhang Yingying back for investigation.

Xiao Yan contacted the owner, who brought her to see the house, Xiao Yan signed a contract with her on the spot, and also asked a cleaner to tidy up the house. The ambulance brought two injured people. The girl who was hit by the car was called Zhou Wenlu. Bai Zhu checked her and found that he had a large amount of fluid in his chest and abdomen. He had to be operated on immediately. Pan Dong, the boy who rescued Zhou Wenlu, was also injured. After being seriously injured, Xiao Yan found out that he had a brain herniation and needed immediate surgery. But there is only one operating room, Xiao Yan went to Bai Zhu to discuss, and Bai Zhu had to do another examination for Zhou Wenlu, so Xiao Yan could use the operating room first.

Zhou Wenlu’s parents came later, and the couple complained about each other. Zhou’s mother regretted urging Zhou Wenlu to go on a blind date. Zhou Wenlu ran away from home without eating a prank, and ended up in a car accident. Lu Ping’an performed an operation on Zhou Wenlu, and suddenly there was bleeding in the spleen. He sent someone to invite Bai Zhu to help. Bai Zhu took a lot of trouble to find the bleeding point, and the operation was successfully completed.

Pan Dong’s surgery was also successfully completed, he woke up quickly, please do not tell his parents about his injury, or his parents would force him to go back to Canada for a blind date. Tang Hua was very emotional about the older generation’s concept of marriage. , Xiao Yan hurriedly stopped her. Xiao Yan thanked Bai Zhu for giving him the operating room, and praised him for not being the same as before.


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