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Game of Wisdom 大博弈 Episode 3 Recap

Chen Lijuan made it clear that she wanted Beiji to go bankrupt, so she asked Sun Heping to cooperate with the bankruptcy liquidation. Sun Heping became the director of the bankrupt factory, and Tian Ye directly proposed the return of fund-raising funds and payment of wage arrears at the meeting, and asked Sun Heping to fight for it. Sun Heping is looking for Yang Liu to borrow money. Yang Liu said that he can help them, but it must be reasonable and legal, but he does not need to guarantee the loan to Sun Heping. Everyone hoped that Sun Heping would go to the city to fight for the biggest discount, but Secretary Qian didn’t give up, and still didn’t want to go bankrupt and liquidate.

Yang Liu deceived Sun Heping to merge Beiji into the Hanzhong Group, so that they would have the opportunity to help with the affiliation. Sun Heping cheerfully agreed, and the two had a long chat. Sun Heping still tried his best to ask for money, and finally Yang Liu turned around and left in anger. Secretary Qian received a call from Chen Lijuan and asked him to come to the desk to take away the group visitors. Yang Liu finally agreed to lend Sun Heping 10 million because they are old classmates. Yang Liu fell in love with this small broken factory of Beiji, and it was a pity that Beiji went bankrupt like this. Sun Heping went back and told Secretary Qian about joining the Hanzhong Group. Only in this way can this game of chess survive.

But Secretary Qian said that the history of Henzhong Group and Beiji was incomparable, and this was the reason why Yang Liu wanted to take over Beiji. Secretary Qian didn’t want to be Han Zhong’s grandson, so he asked Sun Heping to talk to Yang Liu again. At this time, Liu must call and say that he helped him get the loan, but Sun Heping refused. After all, this matter was suspected of breaking the law. Liu Bing was so angry that he cursed loudly, but Secretary Qian thought it would be better to listen to Liu Bing once. Sun Heping quickly criticized him, no matter what he said, he had to maintain his reputation in his later years.

Yang Liu asked people to look at the chassis of Pingzhou City, and tried to give them a listing index. Sun Heping and Secretary Qian racked their brains at the meeting to persuade everyone to agree to join Hanzhong, but everyone would rather go bankrupt than go to Hanzhong, and Sun Heping was a little exhausted. Tian Ye changed his mind temporarily, and Secretary Qian’s thoughts were also very contradictory. He was unwilling to go bankrupt, and he was unwilling to be a son, but they really had no way out. Sun Heping returned home and saw Qian Ping came back with her daughter Lingling. Sun Heping hurriedly hugged her daughter. Lingling complained a little wronged that he didn’t want her.

Zhou Tao ran to the deputy mayor Liu Hongchuan to file a complaint, saying that he should be the president of the charity association. Sun Heping sighed, feeling sorry for Lingling. Qian Ping and Gao Qiang’s life is also difficult, and Qian Ping’s salary is almost all paid for his medical expenses. Red Star’s life is not easy, but the salary can be paid, and the medical insurance can also be reported. Sun Heping had a headache. How could he take care of Lingling when he was so busy with work in the future? Qian Ping advised him not to do it if he couldn’t continue. He might as well go back and start an international trading company, but Sun Heping also held his breath and was unwilling to give up. Liu Hongchuan learned that Yangliu had ideas for Beiji, and expressed his support for them. Beiji and Hanzhong are very compatible, and the listing index will be given to them.

Sun Heping and Qian Ping came to dinner together and tried their best to find out about Red Star’s situation, but Qian Ping stopped them all. Liu must have invested in Red Star, and the factory director said that as long as the new factory is built, Hanzhong will not be their opponent. Beiji is about to go bankrupt, and Liu must be planning to help the director of the factory win a production line. Qian Ping was still worried that Sun Heping would play hard to get, and Sun Heping also suspected that she came back to take advantage of Beiji’s bankruptcy to pick up something. Qian Ping didn’t hide it, but after all, she didn’t get anything. Qian Ping will go back tomorrow. She encourages Sun Heping to continue to work hard. No matter what, she is the daughter of Beiji.

Sun Heping was chased by the workers for wages, and Tian Ye was busy paying wages to the workers at a discounted price.

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