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Game of Wisdom 大博弈 Episode 2 Recap

Sun Heping planned to have a few more drinks with Liu Bing, but received a call on the way, saying that the production line was on fire. When Qian Ping heard the news, she rushed to the factory to check the situation without saying a word. Due to the shortage of funds, the factory also neglected a lot of safety issues, and accidents were expected. Qian Ping rushed to the factory to help Secretary Qian put out the fire. Tian Ye and Sun Heping could only go to meet Liu Bingding, but both of them were thinking about the situation in the factory.

Sun Heping inevitably complained that he shouldn’t have picked up this hot potato. Seeing Liu Bing’s magnificent company, both of them lamented that he was a character who married a school girl and set up such a big group, but they didn’t know that this character would kneel on the washboard in front of his wife. Liu Bing must not show his pride in front of his wife Qi Xiaohua. Qi Xiaohua took a stack of photos of Liu Bing eating secretly on the table, and the atmosphere was very dignified.

After putting out the fire, Qian Ping and Secretary Qian were in a mess. Qian Ping advised Secretary Qian to be more careful with Sun Heping. He dreamed of becoming someone like Liu Ding. Liu must let Sun Heping and Tianye continue to wait, and the two can only sit steadily. Liu must write a letter of guarantee in front of Qi Xiaohua, while Sun Heping is worried that they are discussing about investing in the Red Star Factory. Liu must and Qi Xiaohua talk about Sun Heping’s affairs, whether the money will be borrowed or not, but people must see each other. Both Liu Bing and Qian Ping knew that Sun Heping was an official fan when he was in college, and despite his reluctance now, he was actually trying to get him.

Liu Bingding and Qi Xiaohua went to see Sun Heping and Tianye, and Sun Heping asked for 200 million yuan, but Liu Bingding and Qi Xiaohua said that they had already invested in Red Star and had no money to invest. Sun Heping opened his mouth and exposed the fact that Liu must be caught by Qi Xiaohua for committing an old problem outside. Liu must be angry and directly ask someone to see him off. Secretary Qian was crying silently in the factory, he didn’t want to watch Beiji go bankrupt like this. After Tian Ye came back, he asked Secretary Qian to have a drink, while Sun Heping ran to Liu Bingding and Qi Xiaohua’s house for a meal without hitting the south wall or looking back.

Liu must criticize Sun Heping for not returning to China to take over Beiji, and wants to recruit him to be the vice president of his company. Secretary Qian and Tian Ye were also worried that Sun Heping would be pulled over, but Secretary Qian believed in Heping Sun, he was not that kind of person. Sun Heping did not agree. When they graduated from university and entered Beiji together, Secretary Qian promoted them all the way, Qi Xiaohua was promoted faster than Sun Heping, but Liu must not listen.

Tian Ye mentioned Secretary Long in front of Secretary Qian, but Secretary Qian didn’t bother to listen, and didn’t want to hear Secretary Long’s name at all. Liu musting thought that Bei Jiche was hopeless, so he asked Sun Heping to find their old classmate Yang Liu. Sun Heping fought to the end, the time was almost up, Liu must take Sun Heping to lead the family to block people. Secretary Qian was optimistic about Sun Heping and made Qian Ping look at him with admiration.

At this time, Sun Heping was still doing Liu Bing’s work. Sun Heping accompanied Liu Bingding to sing, Liu Bingding tried to persuade him to cheat the bank, but Sun Heping said nothing. Qian Ping is still not optimistic about Sun Heping, but Secretary Qian said that he will be able to save Beiji after training. Liu Bingding found a bank vice president for Sun Heping, but the other party suddenly couldn’t come. Sun Heping wanted to leave, but Liu Bingding took him to drink with the girls.

Secretary Qian guessed what the factory director thought about Red Star, otherwise Qian Ping would not have come back. Secretary Qian also hopes that Qian Ping will come back to help him, but Qian Ping has to work hard to pay Gao Qiang’s medical expenses. Yang Liu scolded Sun Heping, saying that he couldn’t go to the doctor in a hurry, and he couldn’t be fooled by Liu Bing.

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