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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 8 Recap

Zhu Yun was reluctant to continue to join the project, and also talked to Ren Di about the current situation, thinking that Li Wei’s actions made her look down on her. But he thought that Li Wei was not that kind of person. As long as everyone couldn’t understand what he did, he must be prepared otherwise.

On the surface, Zhang Xiaobei wanted to work together on the Blue Crown project, but in fact, he wanted to take the credit alone and acted as the team leader himself. He believed that although Li Wei was capable but inexperienced, he also made Han Jiakang the deputy team leader. He was on time every day.

To report to the base, if all members do not go directly to affect the score and salary, this also makes everyone complain, but they have to go. Zhu Yun, who had withdrawn voluntarily, did not report to her. Fang Shumiao told Zhu Yun that Li Wei did not remove her from her name, but instead reported her full attendance yesterday. Zhu Yun felt guilty and rushed to the base, but lingered at the gate for a while before leaving.

Zhu Yun was not present during the roll call, Zhang Xiaobei questioned the reason, Fang Shumiao lied that Zhu Yun was in class, but Zhang Xiaobei knew that the teacher of the major course was on a business trip today, Fang Shumiao lied that he had hired another teacher to take the class, and did not believe the lie at all Zhang Xiaobei asked to check the school’s timetable. Li Wei went to the school’s website without any hesitation, and changed today’s timetable. Zhang Xiaobei believed it to be true, but everyone knew that it was Li Wei who did it.

After Zhu Yun got the news, he went to the base to find Li Yi. Li Yi warned Zhu Yun that if he quit next time, he would not be allowed to come back. Zhu Yun nodded in agreement, and Li Yi smiled unconsciously. Zhu Yun asked Li Yi whether she had prepared with both hands. She did not believe that Li Yi was willing to do so. Li Yi told Zhu Yun that things were going on track from the beginning, but they would become more and more deviated from the track, but only if they worked harder, they would not stop. As for being too far off track.

Zhang Xiaobei can only understand the web page, but not the data, so he asked Han Jiakang to go to Zhu Yun to bid for the report. Zhu Yun asked Han Jiakang if they had no projects from the beginning. It was Zhang Xiaobei’s intention to ask for the data. Ieyasu admitted it, which made Zhu Yun angry for Li Wei.

In the process of creating the project, Zhang Xiaobei did not understand the expert guidance, which made everyone exhausted. The project was finally over. Zhang Xiaobei and the tenderer explained the project content, but they only described some bells and whistles on the surface. Something is completely ignorant. But after all, he passed the test. In the evening, Li Wei proposed to have dinner together, and Han Jiakang also went.

After drinking alcohol, Han Jiakang cried and told the truth. He was also squeezed by Zhang Xiaobei. If he didn’t listen to her, he might even graduate. The problem is that he has a teacher who is in this situation. The graduate student has not been able to graduate for several years. In fact, Zhang Xiaobei didn’t have any bids at all this time. It was all data and information defrauded from Li Wei, and he was also deeply ashamed.

Li Yi didn’t blame Han Jiakang, and understood that it was not easy for him. Several people drank together and listened to Ren Di singing. Unconsciously, Zhu Yun drank too much at night. Ren Di simply borrowed a shopping cart from the supermarket and went with Li Yi. Pushing the drunk Zhu Yun back, Zhu Yun was happy and noisy along the way, and was taken by Ren Di while holding Li Wei.

Ren Di arranged Zhu Yun to live in his room, and told Zhu Yun that this was the place she and Li Yi rented, and it was also the base for their singing. It was Li Yi who invested in them, so there was a suite here that belonged to Li Yi. , Sometimes Li Wei lives here without going back to the dormitory. After Zhu Yun waited for Ren Di to leave, she vomited, but when she returned again, she remembered the wrong direction and broke into Li Jiao’s bedroom, and found out that Li Jiao was actually working on a new project.

Li Jiao was forced by Zhu Yun to do nothing. He had to say that it was the real Blue Crown that he created. The online shopping has been eliminated, and the next step is the application of the mobile smartphone APP. He also knew that Zhang Xiaobei would definitely retaliate after realizing that he was tricked, but he was also prepared. At the same time, he also reminded Zhu Yun to stop making trouble, and he would not coax people, but when he turned around, he found that Zhu Yun fell asleep leaning on his shoulder again.

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