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Game of Wisdom 大博弈 Episode 1 Recap

Somewhere in Southeast Asia. Song Jinyan, a Southeast Asian trader, and the general manager of Arctic International Trading Company bought goods and stopped the car together. Sun Heping, the current deputy director of the North Machinery Factory and the general manager of the international trade company, in the eyes of many people in the factory, Sun Heping is just a salesman of rat medicine. The profit from packing rat poison exceeds the profit from an engine, accounting for half of our city’s overseas sales. To put it bluntly, the factory is now fully supported by Sun Heping.

Song Jinyan wanted Sun Heping’s rat poison and engine agent very much, but Sun Heping never agreed. The two were chatting when a few police cars arrived suddenly, and several special policemen slowly approached them with guns in hand. The Party Committee of the Northern Machinery Factory was discussing the new factory director, and Sun Heping was the best candidate.


They expected him to come back to save the factory, but there were still many voices of opposition. The factory is facing bankruptcy, and money is very important. At this time, Sun Heping and Song Jinyan hid under the car to save their lives in the face of the police drama in Southeast Asia. At this time, I received a call from Secretary Qian, asking Sun Heping to come back to be the factory manager, but Sun Heping was unwilling, let alone the constant gunshots at the scene, he might have died here tonight.

The gunfire finally stopped, and Sun Heping was relieved, but all his mice were killed. Song Jinyan was a little complicated when he heard the news that Sun Heping was going back to China, and he was still fighting for the agency in Southeast Asia. After all, they were going bankrupt. Sun Heping disagreed, as long as he was there, Beiji would not be able to go bankrupt! Secretary Long was about to be transferred to the city to enjoy the blessings. Secretary Qian asked him to stay here and help him again, but he was ruthlessly rejected.

Song Jinyan sent Sun Heping to the airport overnight. Sun Heping planned to go back to Hong Kong first and then transfer back. However, he came back for other purposes. He wanted to do the listing of the trading company. Secretary Qian was very angry when he heard about it, and made it clear that without his own signature, it would be absolutely impossible for the trading company to go public. Chen Lijuan, the mayor of Pingzhou City, Hanjiang Province, heard that Secretary Qian had invited Sun Heping back, and felt that this matter was unreliable.

But Secretary Qian recognized Sun Heping because he was very thoughtful and capable. Chen Lijuan believes that the trading company can be independent, and the bankrupt trading company of Beiji can continue to operate. Sun Heping made up his mind not to be the last factory director. Secretary Long has already slipped away, so there is also Tian Ye, the deputy factory director. Chen Lijuan had already decided on Beiji’s bankruptcy. Secretary Qian wanted to fight for it again, but in the end he could only leave the office lonely.

Qian Ping, the director of the Red Star Heavy Equipment Factory, returned home with her luggage. Secretary Qian snatched Sun Heping’s bag and refused to let him leave. Qian Ping is Secretary Qian’s daughter, and she was puzzled when she heard that her father had found Sun Heping. Although they grew up together, Qian Ping always looked down on Sun Heping.

Qian Ping will stay here for three or four days when she comes back this time. Red Star is doing well now, and Liu must have come to invest. Liu Ding used to be from Beiji, but he went to make a fortune long ago. Sun Heping was a child of Beiji. Secretary Qian watched him grow up, and he didn’t want to see Beiji go bankrupt. Seeing Secretary Qian wiping his tears, Sun Heping decided to give it a try. Sun Heping has no idea whether he can manage this factory well, but he really can’t just let Beiji go bankrupt, otherwise they will be the sinners of history.

Sun Heping and Zheng Meili divorced. Zheng Meili asked her child to follow her before the age of seven, and she will go abroad to study after the age of seven. Secretary Qian knew about this because Sun Heping’s child had been staying at his home for three days. When Sun Heping heard this, he hurriedly followed Secretary Qian back home, seeing his daughter sleeping soundly with mixed feelings. The factory owed wages for more than a year, and many families were in difficulty, so Secretary Qian opened a winery to sell self-made wine. Sun Heping and Qian Ping felt very disgusted.

The next day, Tian Ye told Sun Heping about Secretary Qian’s hard work. The most important thing now is to stabilize everyone’s emotions, so the problem of wage arrears must be resolved first. But there was only 80,000 yuan in the account, so they planned to go to Liu Bingding to borrow money, and Sun Heping was going to drink to death. But on the way, Secretary Qian suddenly received a call saying that the production line was on fire.

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