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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 9 Recap

Fang Nan suffered massive bleeding in the posterior fossa, and the experts were helpless. He still had four or five days at most. Xiao Yan regretted not insisting on persuading Fang Nan to do a brain CT scan. At the end of this, Lu Ping’an wanted to discuss with Fang Nan’s mother in his last attempt to perform surgery on Fang Nan.

Xiao Yan fell into deep self-blame. Tang Hua and Lu Ping’an persuaded her nicely and advised her not to take the responsibility on herself. Her handling was right. It was Fang Nan’s mother who insisted on not doing brain CT. Lu Ping’an reminded her. Xiao Yan should not show guilt in front of the patient’s family, so as not to be coerced. Bai Zhu sneered at Lu Ping’an, believing that he was afraid that this matter would affect his future, Lu Ping’an tried his best to defend.

Xiao Yan hid aside and kept calling foreign experts to consult the treatment plan for posterior fossa hemorrhage. Bai Zhu saw everything in his eyes.

Xiao Yan came home from get off work, searched for experts in this field on the Internet, and asked them for help overnight. After Xiao Yan went to work, he continued to contact various parties, but he never found a suitable plan for Fang Nan. She was almost hit by a speeding ambulance, thanks to Bai Zhu’s arrival in time to push her away. Seeing that Xiao Yan was unhappy, all colleagues came to comfort her and persuade her not to bear so much pressure.

Lu Pingan held a meeting of general practitioners to let everyone discuss the boundary between medicine and doctors. Lu Pingan made it clear that medicine is not omnipotent, and doctors are not omnipotent. There are always patients who cannot be cured. Jiang Shan and Tang Huadu Persuade Xiao Yan not to be hard on herself. Xiao Yan wants to be a good doctor who has flesh and blood and emotions and insists on running to the last moment. She wants to persevere for Fang Nan until the last moment. Everyone is deeply moved by Xiao Yan and unanimously asked to run with Xiao Yan to the end. at last.

Bai Zhu didn’t make a statement during the meeting. He called around to ask experts for help. Xu Yiran couldn’t help making fun of him. The medical staff in the emergency department acted separately. They read the literature, contacted foreign experts and scholars, and then reported to Xiao Yan one by one. Xiao Yan summarized the information provided by everyone, but still could not find a feasible treatment plan. She was in a state of anxiety.

Atractylodes found that Professor Ai Ben of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine had just finished writing a paper on massive bleeding in the posterior fossa, which contained the latest treatment plan. The paper had not been published, so Bai Zhu asked Professor Ai Ben for it. He came to the paper and printed it out. Back then, when he went abroad to study and exchange, he was deeply appreciated by Professor Ai Ben. Professor Ai Ben invited him to stay, but he politely declined. Bai Zhu asked Xu Yiran to transfer the paper to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan specially came to thank Bai Zhu, but he didn’t expect that he could get such precious information, Bai Zhu still had a cold tone. Fang Nan’s condition suddenly deteriorated and his heart stopped. Bai Zhu hurried to the rescue. Although she tried her best to save Fang Nan’s life for two hours, Xiao Yan was heartbroken. During lunch, Bai Zhu deliberately dawdled and wanted to wait for Xiao Yan to come to the cafeteria to eat, but Xu Yiran revealed that Xiao Yan received new patients again.

Lu Pingan introduced a relative who was a nurse to Jiang Shan to take care of Xianyun. The salary was only 3,000 yuan. Jiang Shan felt that it was suitable. Lin Zhi couldn’t help joking that Lu Pingan was very kind to Jiang Shan. Jiang Shan explained the matter to Lin Zhi privately. She and Lu Ping’an are colleagues. Lin Zhi should not say such words again. She didn’t want her husband and colleagues to misunderstand and even affect Lu Ping’s future.

Lu Pingan called the care worker Lao Pan. Jiang Shan was very satisfied with him and promised him to take care of Xianyun. Lu Pingan secretly gave Lao Pan 3,500 yuan and promised to transfer the money to him on time every month, and Jiang Shan gave the remaining 3,000 yuan to him. When he came out, he also told him to hide from Jiang Shan. Jiang Shan went home and talked to Xianyun about hiring a nurse, but Xianyun refused to agree, and did not want outsiders to see his embarrassed appearance.

Xiao Yan watched Fang Nan’s death, remembering the scene of Lin Zhiyuan’s tragic death, she burst into tears with sadness, Bai Zhu saw this scene, and felt sighed in her heart. Xiao Yan rode a motorcycle to the riverside to relax. Bai Zhu was not at ease, so he drove after him. Bai Zhu tried hard to persuade Xiao Yan not to criticize her, but she just couldn’t let it go. Bai Zhu took Xiao Yan back to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital, where there was a one-to-one comparison of the patients who were brought in for emergency treatment. Bai Zhu persuaded Xiao Yan to dry his tears and cheer up to treat more patients. Xiao Yan was relieved a little.

Jiang Shan explained the situation to Lu Pingan, and Lu Pingan was no longer reluctant. Fang Nan’s mother came to find Xiao Yan. She felt that she had killed Fang Nan, and regretted not letting Fang Nan have a brain CT scan. Bai Zhu came over after hearing the news and confirmed that Fang Nan was born with Musquier’s syndrome. Unable to diagnose, Fang’s mother was relieved a little. Xiao Yan looked at Fang’s back and thanked him for saving Fang’s life.

The wife of the chairman of Huaman Real Estate, Ge Hong, had a recurrence of breast cancer and was going to be transferred to Tongshan Hospital for further treatment. She had high demands on doctors. Lu Pingan and Jiang Zhongjing discussed that Xiao Yan should take over Ge Hong.

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