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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 7 Recap

Zhang Guirong had pulmonary embolism, Xiaolian asked Xiao Yan to give up the treatment, stop tossing Zhang Guirong, and let him walk in a decent manner. Xiao Yan performed thrombolytic therapy on Zhang Guirong, and asked Xiaolian to wait for Zhang Dahai to discuss. Xiaolian stayed by Zhang Guirong’s side, and Zhang Guirong took her last breath to say goodbye to her.

Xiaolian couldn’t bear to watch Zhang Guirong leave like this. She begged Xiao Yan to continue to treat Zhang Guirong, but Zhang Guirong suddenly suffocated. Xiao Yan and the medical staff cooperated fully to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Zhang Guirong. Xiao Yan rescued Zhang Guirong for 40 minutes, which was beyond the norm. Ten minutes later, Zhang Guirong still had no spontaneous heartbeat. Bai Zhu came to hear the news and continued to perform CPR on Zhang Guirong, but Zhang Guirong still died.

Bai Zhu was very helpless. Chen Zhi advised him not to blame himself. Bai Zhu expected a miracle to happen, but he was still powerless. He once again realized the fragility of life. Zhang Dahai rushed to the hospital in a hurry, he regretted it too much, and cried to see Zhang Guirong. Xiao Yanlai thanked Bai Zhu for what he did just now. Bai Zhu excused himself to leave beforehand and let Xiao Yan taste his coffee. Zhang Dahai was arrested by the police for gathering D Bo, and he shouted his injustice.

Jiang Zhongjing reprimanded Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan for a while. Bai Zhu ignored the hospital’s regulations to treat Zhang Guirong and broke Zhang Guirong’s three ribs. Jiang Zhongjing criticized both of them in the hospital. Xiao Yan didn’t understand why Bai Zhu knew that Zhang Guirong could not be rescued, why he had to make the last effort. Bai Zhu didn’t want to give up his last hope. Through this incident, he re-examined the meaning of life. Bai Zhu wanted to invite Xiao Yan to eat barbecue. Xiao Yan excused himself. Decline something.

Xiao Yan couldn’t find the exact address of Yanxiang, so she came to the teacher Wu Guifang, the head teacher of Lin Zhiyuan Primary School. Wu Guifang clearly remembered that Lin Zhiyuan’s ideal was to be a doctor who treats and saves people, but she had never heard of Yanxiang, so Wu Guifang agreed to go. Ask Lin Zhiyuan’s classmates.

Cheng Weiliang sent his old father Cheng Guodong, who had a high fever and coughing, to the emergency room. Cheng Guodong suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. He was afraid of injections and clamored to pee. Cheng Weiliang complained about Cheng Guodong while changing his clothes. Tang Hua saw this scene and decided that Cheng Weiliang was not filial, but Jiang Shan persuaded Tang Hua to understand that Cheng Weiliang was not easy.

Xiao Yan found out that Cheng Guodong was suffering from severe pneumonia and was worried that he would suffer from respiratory failure, so he was placed in the EICU. Cheng Weiliang called his brother Cheng Weijie and his sister Cheng Weixiu respectively, and repeatedly stated that they did not need to pay for the medical expenses. Cheng Weijie even complained that he did not take good care of him. Cheng Guodong. Cheng Guodong refused to take medicine and was still making a scene in the ward. Cheng Weiliang hurried back to the ward and forced Cheng Guodong to take medicine. He refused to cooperate, and Cheng Weiliang slapped Cheng Guodong severely.

Xiao Yan wanted to call the police to arrest Cheng Weiliang, but Lu Pingan hurriedly stopped her. Cheng Weiliang took care of Cheng Guodong who had Alzheimer’s disease for a long time. Mixed tastes in my heart. Lu Pingan called Cheng Weiliang aside and persuaded him nicely. Xiao Yan complained that Cheng Weiliang should not hit Cheng Guodong, and persuaded him to go home and rest, so that Cheng Weixiu and Cheng Weijie could experience his difficulties.

Tang Hua told Jiang Shan that Cheng Weiliang had beaten Cheng Guodong. Jiang Shan was surprised. Cheng Weijie and Cheng Weixiu came later. They believed that Jiang Shan had beaten Cheng Guodong, so they beat Jiang Shan. The corner was scratched, Xiao Yan heard the news and rushed to make a clearance, and asked Lin Zhi to bring Jiang Shan to bandage. Cheng Weiliang hurried back and took the initiative to admit that he hit Cheng Guodong. Cheng Weijie and Cheng Weixiu were very dissatisfied and spoke ill of him.

Lu Ping’an heard that Jiang Shan was injured and greeted her. Lin Zhi saw that Lu Ping’an was very concerned about Jiang Shan, and couldn’t help making fun of Jiang Shan. Cheng Weiliang called Cheng Weijie and Cheng Weixiu aside, and asked them to take Cheng Guodong away. Since Cheng Guodong suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, the two of them did not take care of Cheng Guodong.

To him, Cheng Weiliang counted all the ways that Cheng Guodong had subsidized them for so many years, but the two of them didn’t buy it at all. Cheng Weijie and Cheng Weixiu waited for a long time and did not see Cheng Weiliang coming back, and they couldn’t get through to him. Xiao Yan lied that she called the police and Cheng Weiliang beat someone, and the police took Cheng Weiliang away.

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