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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 6 Recap

Yu Jianguo tearfully recounted the various pains Mingming had suffered since he fell ill. He was sorry for Mingming and agreed to tell Mingming his true condition, and did not want to deprive her of her right to know. Bai Zhu felt that this was too cruel and put all the blame on Xiao Yan. Pissed off and slammed away.

Xiao Yan, Bai Zhu and Yu Jianguo explained the truth to Ming Ming. Ming Ming had long expected such a result. Her dying wish was to wear a white dress and take a photo, so that the photo would always stay by Yu Jianguo’s side. Instead, Mingming comforted him not to be sad, and persuaded him to find someone to marry and have a healthy child. Bai Zhu felt very uncomfortable and had to leave silently. Yu Jianguo bought new dresses and shoes for Ming Ming, and Xiao Yan personally took pictures for Ming Ming.

Xiao Yan came to the riverside on a motorcycle to relax, Bai Zhu came later, and brought a cup of coffee that he liked. Bai Zhu thanked Xiao Yan for his actions in the matter of tea, and the two released their suspicions. Bai Zhu admitted that he only paid attention to the condition before. However, ignoring the patient’s own feelings, Xiao Yan opened up to him and told her original intention of choosing to be a doctor in the face of death, as well as her helplessness after becoming a doctor.

The doctor’s mission is to accompany the patient to overcome the disease and face the unchangeable fate together. Bai Zhu admires her, and the more they chat, the more speculative they become. Bai Zhu came home very late. He looked at Xiaoguang’s sleeping face carefully, and remembered Xiao Yan’s insights into life, and he was very inspired.

A patient with dyspnea was sent to the emergency department. Xu Yiran and Lu Ping’an repeatedly checked the patient’s examination results, but could not find the cause of the disease. Xu Yiran sent Chen Zhi to ask Xiao Yan, and he personally called Bai Zhu, and Bai Zhu was given to the patient. After a simple examination, Xiao Yan came later. The two of them unanimously diagnosed a localized pneumothorax. The attending doctor hurriedly gave the patient symptomatic treatment. Bai Zhu saw that Xu Yiran was deliberately embarrassing him, so he turned around and left in anger.

Xiao Yan and Tang Hua just wanted to go to the ward. Zhang Guirong, an 80-year-old patient who suddenly fell into a coma when the ambulance took him for a walk, initially diagnosed that the brainstem was blocked. Xiao Yan immediately arranged Zhang Guirong to the EICU for rescue. Bai Zhu asked Xu Yiran to ask his teacher for guilt, but Xu Yiran disagreed, and cheered Bai Zhu, hoping that he and Xiao Yan would compete fairly, Bai Zhu was speechless with anger.

Zhang Guirong’s wife, Xiaolian, stayed outside the ward. Xiao Yan learned from her that Zhang Guirong’s grandson Zhang Dahai was in the city, so he asked Tang Hua to call Zhang Dahai. Zhang Dahai was arrogant and insisted that the hospital cheated money and made noise. He wanted to transfer Zhang Guirong from the EICU and asked Xiao Yan to return the money to him. Xiao Yan repeatedly emphasized that Zhang Guirong was seriously ill. If he was moved out of the intensive care unit, his life would be in danger at any time. Zhang Dahai was still in the corridor. Li shouted, and soon attracted the onlookers of the patient’s family. Bai Zhu witnessed this scene and quietly sent a message to Xu Yiran to bring Zhang Guirong’s medicine bill.

Lu Ping’an came with a security guard upon hearing the news. Zhang Dahai was very arrogant. He insisted that he would sue the hospital to defraud money. Lu Ping’an was in a hurry. Bai Zhu took out Zhang Guirong’s 19,000-dollar medicine bill and asked Zhang Dahai to make up the money. Zhang Dahai was immediately dumbfounded. He pretended to follow the security to pay the bill, and sneaked away when he was not prepared. Bai Zhu took the opportunity to ask Xiao Yan for credit. , thanks to himself for helping Xiao Yan out of the siege.

Xiao Yan came to see Zhang Guirong and discussed the follow-up treatment plan with him. Zhang Guirong couldn’t wait to know Zhang Dahai’s whereabouts. Aunt Li had to explain the matter and persuaded Zhang Guirong not to give Zhang Dahai a penny who was addicted to gambling. Zhang Guirong knew his time. Not much, and decided to give 40,000 yuan to Xiaolian and Zhang Dahai. Xiaolian couldn’t beat him, so he had to call Zhang Dahai.

Zhang Dahai lost his bet on football last night, and forced Zhang Guirong to pay him back the loan shark money. Zhang Guirong gave him 20,000 yuan. Zhang Dahai thought it was too little. Zhang Guirong sold the house to pay him off the gambling debt. Had no choice but to take the money and leave. Xiaolian persuaded Zhang Guirong not to indulge Zhang Dahai any longer, and Zhang Guirong had no choice. Xiaolian took out the 20,000 yuan Zhang Guirong gave her to pay for the hospitalization, and was snatched away by Zhang Dahai who was hiding on the side.

Xiao Yan called Xiao Lian to the office. Xiao Lian didn’t want to call the police to arrest Zhang Dahai, and briefly described the matter between Zhang Guirong and Zhang Dahai. At that time, Zhang Guirong let his son serve as a soldier, but his son died unexpectedly. He compensated his grandson Zhang Dahai for all his debts to his son. Zhang Guirong’s experience is very embarrassing.

Xu Yiran pointed out Bai Zhu’s concerns in a straight-forward manner. He competed with Xiao Yan everywhere, and wanted to defeat Xiao Yan, and then left the emergency room justifiably and returned to his heart. Zhang Guirong’s condition took a turn for the worse, all organs were failing, and he was powerless to recover. Xiao Yan didn’t want to see death and gave him symptomatic treatment. Xiaolian begged Xiao Yan to stop tossing Zhang Guirong and let him leave quietly. Xiao Yan wanted to wait for Zhang Guirong. Let’s talk about the sea.

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