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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 5 Recap

Bai Zhu was watching the surgery video with headphones on. Chen Zhi came to ask him for advice. He was very impatient and asked Chen Zhi to read the textbook before consulting. Xu Yiran advised Bai Zhu to stop putting on a cold and arrogant persona.

Colleagues would not buy his for a long time. He turned his attention to Xiao Yan. Chen Zhi felt that Xiao Yan was very mysterious. Don’t look at her usually dashing and glamorous, and her work was humane, but she didn’t understand why she gave up the good development prospects and generous treatment of Lausanne Hospital in Switzerland. Atractylodes disapproves of her willingness to work in the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital.

An 85-year-old woman, Xia Qingyun, suddenly fell to the ground at home. Her wife Shen Peihai accidentally sprained her waist while helping her. They were sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Suddenly, Bai Zhu passed by and pushed Shen Peihai to check.

Shen Peihai is a well-known extra-cardiac expert in this city. Bai Zhu has admired him for a long time, and took him for relevant examinations. Xia Qingyun’s examination result was a cerebral hemorrhage. Xiao Yan suggested her conservative treatment. Xia Qingyun used to be a nurse, and she insisted on the operation, worried that Shen Peihai would fall into a coma again and be alone. Shen Peihai was afraid of the danger of the operation. , let Atractylodes accompany Shen Peihai to check blood.

Xia Qingyun explained the situation to Xiao Yan. Her son’s family was out of town, and she and Shen Peihai had been together for most of their lives. She wanted to live a few more years after the operation and take good care of Shen Peihai. Atractylodes looked at Shen Peihai’s examination results and found that he had acute pancreatitis with a high mortality rate. Baizhu hurried to inform Shen Peihai that Xia Qingyun had a sudden brain herniation and had to undergo surgery. Get hospitalized as soon as possible.

Xia Qingyun was pushed back to the EICU after the operation. Her vital signs were stable. Shen Peihai was placed in the hospital bed next to her. Xia Qingyun finally woke up, and Shen Peihai burst into tears with excitement. Xia Qingyun’s condition suddenly deteriorated. Xiao Yan and the medical staff carried out emergency rescue for her, but she was still unable to recover. Shen Peihai witnessed Xia Qingyun’s death with his own eyes, and he burst into tears.

Xiao Yan witnessed this situation and remembered the scene of Lin Zhiyuan’s tragic death in front of her. She couldn’t sleep at night. She came to Lin Zhiyuan’s hometown early in the morning. Xiao Yan asked people everywhere, but did not ask the specific location of Yanxiang. Bai Zhu helped Shen Peihai to complete the relevant procedures and personally sent Shen Peihai to the door of the hospital. Shen Peihai pulled out the old-age card and wanted to take the bus. He saw Xia Qingyun’s card and tears flowed involuntarily. Bai Zhu felt very uncomfortable and watched Shen Peihai leave alone. Xiao Yan saw this scene at the door, and left without saying a word.

Tang Hua felt that Yu Jianguo’s selfishness was incurable for Ming Ming, and he condemned Yu Jianguo for being cold-blooded and ruthless in front of Ming Ming. Mingming suffered from osteoporosis due to the deterioration of his condition. Xiao Yan asked the nurse Lin Zhi to give Ming Ming an analgesic to relieve the pain. Xiao Yan called Yu Jianguo aside. Condemning Yu Jianguo for not being worthy of being a father, even for not matching his biological daughter Ming Ming.

Yu Jianguo’s sister just came to deliver the meal. She explained that Mingming was an abandoned baby picked up by Yu Jianguo. Yu Jianguo regarded Mingming as his own daughter and didn’t want Mingming to know the truth, so he did not dare to match. Tang Hua bowed deeply to Yu Jianguo. Apologize. Mingming knew that she didn’t have much time and didn’t want Yu Jianguo to spend money for her anymore. Xiao Yan advised her not to think too much. With all the money, she didn’t want to burden Yu Jianguo any more.

Lu Pingan called Xiao Yan, Tang Hua and Bai Zhu together to discuss Ming Ming’s situation. Xiao Yan suggested to tell Ming Ming about the real condition. Bai Zhu firmly disagreed, worried that Ming Ming would not be able to bear the blow of death. Xiao Yan felt that Ming Ming had the right to know. Bai Zhu decided that she wanted to be different, and the two had a fierce dispute as soon as they disagreed. Yu Jianguo heard their dispute outside the door and came to the office to express his thoughts.

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