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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 3 Recap

The head nurse gave Wang Qing’s parents a detailed introduction to the operation. They signed the operation notice. Wang Qing knew that her mother risked her life to give birth to her back then. She was ready and comforted her.

Bai Zhu supplemented and revised Xiao Yan’s surgical plan and sent it to Xiao Yan’s mailbox as soon as possible. The operation officially started. Xiao Yan proceeded in an orderly manner according to the plan made in advance. A small blood vessel suddenly ruptured. Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan cooperated tacitly and quickly repaired the blood vessel. The two successfully completed the operation together. Wang Qing gave birth to a healthy boy. Bai Zhu was very dissatisfied with Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan fought with him according to reason, and finally broke up.

Xu Yiran and his colleagues watched the operation together. He was full of praise for Xiao Yan’s skillful technique, but Bai Zhu made fun of him for being confused by Xiao Yan’s beauty. Xiao Yan rode a motorcycle home, met Bai Zhu in the underground garage, and took the initiative. Offered to send Atractylodes home, Atractylodes categorically refused. When Wang Qing woke up and learned that the operation was successful, she cried with joy. The parents named the child Qin Xiaoshan to commemorate Qin Shan who died fighting the fire.

Chen Chuanshu recovered very well after the operation. He promised to give the new book to Bai Zhu first. When Wu Xiuzhu went to fetch water, Chen Chuanshu wanted to get enough pen on the table to continue the manuscript. He accidentally fell off the bed, suffocated and fainted on the spot. Bai Zhu heard the news and came for treatment. Although everyone worked together to rescue her, she was still unable to return to the sky. Wu Xiuzhu was so sad that she wanted to die.

Jiang Zhongjing invited a third-party medical appraisal agency to confirm that the early diagnosis of Atractylodes was accurate, the operation was successful, and there was no problem with the postoperative treatment. Chen Chuanshu’s accidental death had nothing to do with Atractylodes. Chen Yan insisted that Atractylodes bow and apologize when Chen Chuanshu was buried, otherwise He took legal proceedings to sue him. Bai Zhu agreed to bury Chen Chuanshu, but he never apologized. He insisted that he was right and wanted to maintain the dignity of the doctor. Wu Xiuzhu came later. She cleared the suspicion of Bai Zhu and advised Bai Zhu not to have a psychological burden. Jiang Zhongjing bowed to pay tribute to Wu Xiuzhu.

Xu Yiran reprimanded the newly graduated doctoral student Chen Zhi for not being able to write medical records. Xiao Yan helped Chen Zhi out of the siege and patiently explained the precautions for medical records. Chen Zhi thanked Xiao Yan repeatedly. Tang Hua revealed to Xiao Yan that Bai Zhu had been complained by Chen Yan, and she had long disliked Bai Zhu’s arrogant behavior. On the day of the funeral, relatives and friends came to pay tribute to Chen Chuanshu. Bai Zhu hid aside and bowed deeply to Chen Chuanshu.

After the hospital decided to transfer Atractylodes to the emergency department, Atractylodes strongly protested. Jiang Zhongjing asked him to go to the newly-built EICU to play the role of the director. It was overkill, but he didn’t let go. Jiang Zhongjing became angry and reminded him to do a job in the emergency room, otherwise he would leave Tongshan Hospital. Only then did Bai Zhu understand Jiang Zhongjing’s painstaking efforts and vowed to make a name for himself in the emergency department.

Lu Ping’an came to Jiang Zhongjing to express his bitterness. He is still the acting director and dare not make a mistake. He knows Bai Zhu’s personality well and is worried that Bai Zhu will not accept him and will cause trouble for the newly established EICU. Only then did Lu Ping’an persuade him to leave.

Bai Zhu officially reported to the emergency department, Xu Yiran gave him a brief introduction to his colleagues, Lu Ping’an came to see Bai Zhu, Bai Zhu sneered at him, and Lu Pingan left. A small boy with persistent diarrhea was admitted to the emergency department. Bai Zhu took the initiative to rush over. The initial diagnosis was epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis. Xiao Yan came to ask the doctor after hearing the news and questioned Bai Zhu’s judgment. Bai Zhu insisted that his diagnosis was correct. After blood test, it was determined that the patient was meningococcal meningitis. Bai Zhu ridiculed Xiao Yan. Tang Hua couldn’t understand Bai Zhu and said a lot of bad things about him in front of Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan hurriedly stopped Tang Hua.

Jiang Zhongjing came in person and held the unveiling ceremony for the EICU together with the emergency medical staff. Bai Zhu deliberately turned his back to the camera to take pictures. Jiang Zhongjing urged Lu Ping’an thousands of times, and also printed and distributed the process specifications organized by Xiao Yan, so that the medical staff could learn the advanced technology and experience she brought back from abroad.

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