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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 11 Recap

Li Xuan called Ge Hong’s good friend Andrina to find out what happened, and confirmed her mother Ge Hong’s feelings for her. The remarks in the restaurant were deliberately angry with her, and Li Xuan had a backlog in her heart for ten years. Hate was swept away, she decided to stay with Ge Hong, she paid the assistant, and stayed in front of Ge Hong’s bed.

Li Xuan opened her heart to Ge Hong. Ten years ago, Ge Hong sent Li Xuan to the UK. At the age of ten, Li Xuan was full of fear and helplessness about the strange country and host family. Li Xuan looked forward to Ge Hong every day. He came to pick her up, but was disappointed time and time again. Li Xuan learned that Ge Hong sent her abroad for revenge. Since then, she hated Ge Hong to the core and swore that she would never forgive Ge Hong for the rest of her life. In the pain, it was not until she saw the photos taken by Ge Hong that she realized that Ge Hong loved her deeply. The more Li Xuan spoke, the more excited she became. In the end, she held Ge Hong’s hand and burst into tears. Ge Hong also burst into tears with excitement.

Seeing this touching scene, Xu Yiran, Bai Zhu and others were happy for Ge Hong and Li Xuan and their mother and daughter. Ge Hong accepted Li Xuan’s advice and agreed to the operation. She drafted a divorce agreement and completely broke off with her husband. On the day of Ge Hong’s surgery, Li Xuan kept guarding the door of the operating room, and she kept wandering nervously. The operation was very successful. All the tumors in Ge Hong’s body were removed, and she quickly woke up. Bai Zhu told her to review every three months to avoid recurrence. Ge Hong expressed her gratitude to Bai Zhu and Xu Yiran.

Li Xuan chased after him and kissed Xu Yiran, boasting that Xu Yiran was more handsome than Bai Zhu, but not her type. The nurses on duty couldn’t help but hide their faces and snicker, and Xu Yiran blushed with shame. Bai Zhu thanked Xiao Yan for the information, which not only allowed Li Xuan and Ge Hong to resolve the conflict, but also asked Ge Hong to agree to the operation. Xiao Yan also thanked Bai Zhu for helping her with Fang Nan’s affairs. She casually talked about rescuing a bleeding man in a field hospital.

In the case of pregnant women, pregnant women are unwilling to have their uterus removed when they die. Xiao Yan understands that if a local woman is infertile, she will never be able to lift her head up. Xiao Yan analyzes that Ge Hong must be unwilling to have her breast removed. Bai Zhu learns from Xiao Yan’s people. The theory was greatly appreciated, and Xiao Yan took the initiative to shake hands with Bai Zhu to make peace.

Atractylodes blocked Jiang Zhongjing in the parking lot and struggled. He had already helped Ge Hong to perform surgery, and the matter of Ge Hong’s donation to build a laboratory building was settled. The family asked his wife to introduce him to a partner, and Bai Zhu ran away in fright.

College student Wang Xiang came to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital with his girlfriend Yu Yating, who was suffering from abdominal pain. Yu Yating complained of intermittent abdominal pain for two years. Xiao Yan gave Yu Yating a simple examination and ruled out the possibility of appendicitis. Yu Yating strongly protested that she was asked to do urine pregnancy test, she got up and was about to leave because she almost fainted due to abdominal pain. Xiao Yan asked Tang Hua to take Yu Yating for a B-ultrasound examination, but she refused to do it, so Xiao Yan had to let Tang Hua take it. She had a CT scan and she suspected an ectopic pregnancy.

Xiao Yan saw that Yu Yating had something to hide, so she wanted to talk to her alone, and wanted to persuade her to take a pregnancy test. Yu Yating took Wang Xiang to buy breakfast, and she confided her hidden worries to Xiao Yan. Yu Yating has always been among the best in academic performance since she was a child. She is an enviable child of other families, but her parents distrust her extremely and guard her like a prisoner.

Yu Yating is fed up with the pain of being disrespected. She and Wang Xiang are still in love with her parents. Xiao Yan feels that her parents are concerned and they are messed up. She persuades her to understand the painstaking efforts of her parents and let her have a good talk with them.

Xiao Yan gave Yu Yating pain relief first, and invited other doctors to examine Yu Yating. The doctor also suspected that Yu Yating was having an ectopic pregnancy. Atractylodes learned about this and asked Xiao Yan to persuade Yu Yating to do a B-ultrasound. Wang Xiang persuaded Yu Yating to do the examination, but Yu Yating firmly disagreed, and complained that Wang Xiang did not believe her, so Wang Xiang had to shut up, and Yu Yating was still angry.

Professor Su’s wife, Professor Jin, was hit by a car two weeks ago and sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Because of her serious injury, her brain herniated into a vegetative state. He couldn’t accept this reality. Looking forward to the miracle, Professor Su recently showed signs of Alzheimer’s disease. He was afraid of forgetting his wife, so he used a notebook to record his daily routine. Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan were very upset when they saw this scene. Wang Xiang stood in the corridor feeling sad. Professor Su persuaded him not to worry, to coax Yu Yating, and to persuade Wang Xiang to talk about him and his wife.

When Yu Yating’s parents heard the news, they came to the hospital and asked her to do a general examination. Xiao Yan called Yu Yating’s parents out, hoping that they would not doubt Yu Yating. Yu Yating confessed to her parents that she had concealed her relationship with Wang Xiang, but she was definitely not pregnant. Her parents apologized to Yu Yating again and again, believing what she said. Yu Yating’s B-ultrasound examination was not pregnant, but there was fluid accumulation in the pelvis. Xiao Yan called a gynecologist for consultation and ruled out the possibility of pelvic inflammatory disease. Xiao Yan asked Yu Yating to perform a gastroenteroscopy, but no abnormality was found in the results.

It was suspected that there was a problem with the jejunum and ileum, and a capsule endoscopy was recommended. Xiao Yan explained the situation to Yu Yating’s parents, and they agreed that although there were small nodules, it was not the cause of the abdominal pain. Xiao Yan discussed it with her parents and did it again. The mesenteric embolism examination showed that everything was normal. Xiao Yan was confused and could not find the reason for Yating’s abdominal pain.

Yu Yating’s abdominal pain was unbearable, her father asked Xiao Yan to give her painkillers, Xiao Yan accidentally found Yu Yating’s father’s mouth twitching. brain CT. Sure enough, as Xiao Yan expected, Yu Yating’s abdominal pain was caused by epilepsy. She was given the right medicine, and Yu Yating’s abdominal pain was quickly relieved. After discussing with Yu Yating, Wang Xiang and Yu Yating found a nanny for Professor Jin. Professor Su agreed, and he went through the discharge procedures for Professor Jin, and they went back to their hometown directly. Before leaving, Professor Su came to say goodbye to Xiao Yan and Bai Zhu. The two of them were very emotional when they saw this scene.

The ambulance brought a patient with uremia in a coma. Not only was the patient’s daughter Yingying not in a hurry, she was cursing her father on the side. Xu Yiran was puzzled.


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