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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 10 Recap

Ge Hong is the wife of the chairman of Wahman Real Estate. She donated money to build a laboratory building for Tongshan Hospital. Jiang Zhongjing did not dare to neglect. He and Lu Pingan discussed making Xiao Yan the attending doctor of Ge Hong. Taking over Ge Hong, Lu Pingan thought about it again and again and had to agree. He heard that Ge Hong had a bad temper and gave Bai Zhu thousands of instructions.

Bai Zhu read Ge Hong’s medical records and suggested her to remove all her breasts. Ge Hong resolutely refused to do it. Bai Zhu explained to her the stakes. If the cancer cells were allowed to spread like this, they would have to wait for death, but she would not let go. Bai Zhu had to go to Jiang Zhongjing for help, but Jiang Zhongjing asked him to find a way to convince Ge Hong himself, and forcibly drove him away.

Bai Zhu was too anxious to do anything, Xiao Yan asked him to find out the reason why Ge Hong was unwilling to have her breast removed, and found out the photos of Ge Hong when she was young. Xu Yiran heard that Ge Hong’s husband had a crush on a young girl. He felt that Ge Hong didn’t want to lose to that girl. Bai Zhu couldn’t help sighing. Ge Hong would even risk his life to prove a foolish man.

Xiao Yan found out that Ge Hong’s daughter Li Xuan was studying in the UK, and suggested that she persuade Ge Hong to undergo surgery, and Bai Zhu asked Xiao Yan to send an email to Li Xuan. Jiang Shan came home from get off work and saw that Xianyun had made a mess in the house. He wanted to prove that he could take care of himself, but it backfired. Jiang Shan cleaned up the mess and started cooking. Xianyun blamed himself and offered to find The nurse, Jiang Shan hurriedly changed the topic. She wanted to send a message to Lu Pingan, but she finally gave up.

Xianyun sent a message to Lu Ping’an overnight to explain the situation. Lu Ping’an immediately got in touch with Lao Pan. Lao Pan agreed to take care of Xianyun. Lu Ping’an told Jiang Shan the news early in the morning. As soon as Li Xuan returned to China, she came to the hospital to look for Bai Zhu. As soon as they met, she repeatedly praised Bai Zhu as being handsome. Bai Zhu asked her to persuade Ge Hong to remove her breasts. Seeing Ge Hong, Li Xuan came to the ward bravely.

Ge Hong couldn’t get used to Li Xuan’s cynical appearance in revealing clothes, so she drove her away in a few words, Bai Zhu saw it all in his eyes, and Li Xuan gave Bai Zhu the contact information before leaving. Xu Yiran learned the whole story from Ge Hong’s assistant. Li Xuan was sent abroad by Ge Hong when she was very young. Ge Hong did not allow her to see her father. Li Xuan hated Ge Hong deeply.

Bai Zhu asked Li Xuan for an interview, and asked Xu Yiran to accompany him. Li Xuan praised Xu Yiran as handsome, but he was still not as good as Bai Zhu, and Xu Yiran was speechless with anger. Bai Zhu took out the information about Li Xuan collected by Xiao Yan, and bluntly pointed out that Li Xuan had Ge Hong in her heart, but she just didn’t want to admit that Li Xuan was told the central thing, so she left the table in a fit of anger.

Li Xuan came to the hospital to see Ge Hong, but she didn’t want to go to the ward, so she just stood outside the door. Xiao Yan found out that Li Xuan wrote the novel about the reunion of mother and daughter to Bai Zhu, and Bai Zhu gave the novel to Ge Hong. Ge Hong believed that he had traveled thousands of miles to find Li Xuan because of the laboratory test and wanted to change the attending doctor.

That night, Ge Hong read Li Xuan’s novel from beginning to end. She was so sad that she wanted to die. Ge Hong found out the photos she secretly took of Li Xuan living and studying abroad. Bai Zhu persuaded her to show the photos to Li Xuan, not forever. Living in hatred, Ge Hong did not allow Bai Zhu to meddle in his own business. Bai Zhu deduced that the reason why Ge Hong sent Li Xuan abroad was that she did not want her to be involved in the conflict between their husband and wife. Bai Zhu and Xu Yiran discussed giving Li Xuan the photos collected by Ge Hong, hoping that this would ease their mother-daughter relationship.

Li Xuan was moved to tears when she saw the photos that Ge Hong took and organized over the past ten years. Ge Hong asked Li Xuan to meet. She was glad that she had witnessed Li Xuan’s growth and progress, but her husband did not have this right. Ge Honghong admitted that she had a crush on Li Xuan. Everything she did was to get revenge on her husband. Ten years ago, she came to this restaurant for dinner before she sent Li Xuan to go abroad. Today, she sent Li Xuan away from this restaurant. Li Xuan was so angry that she was speechless. Tears ran away.

Li Xuan packed her luggage and was about to go back to the UK, when she suddenly received a call from Atractylodes and learned that Ge Hong suddenly fell into a coma. Li Xuan came to the hospital with a suitcase and learned that Ge Hong was in a coma due to emotional cerebral hemorrhage. Atractylodes repeatedly emphasized that Ge Hong was deeply in love. With Li Xuan, she didn’t want Li Xuan to be involved in the fight between their husband and wife, nor did she want to drag Li Xuan down because of her illness. She deliberately said those harsh words, just to make Li Xuan hate her, forget her, and start a new life, Bai Zhu. Persuade Li Xuan to stay with Ge Hong.

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