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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 7 Recap

Zhu Yun also said that she would not like Li Yao. Although Fang Shumiao was angry, she still planned to stay and add points to herself, but she would never like Li Yao again. The two agreed that whoever liked Li Yao would be a dog. The people came back hand in hand as before, and Gao Jianhong couldn’t help but tease the pair of plastic sisters.

Zhu Yun and Gao Jianhong worked together to show Li Yi the blue crown plan. Li Wei thought it was too fancy, but Gao Jianhong thought it was not bad. If it was too simple, it would make people feel that they were not serious about things. Li Wei didn’t say more, but expressed his agreement to use this program. This is a great encouragement to Gao Jianhong. This is something he made without relying on Li Wei and Zhu Yun. I was even more smug when I had to be the keynote speaker in the next two days. On the contrary, Zhu Yun thought that there must be demons in the abnormal. According to the previous practice, Li Wei would definitely hurt them. He would not agree so readily. But thought it was their ability.

Early the next morning, without waiting for Li Wei to appear, Gao Jianhong took Zhu Yun to the scene of the bidding meeting, but when he came here, he found that he was wrong, because the people who came to the bidding meeting were all well-known companies at the time, and their plan One is better than the other. In contrast, my own works are a bit poor, and I also found a set of code errors that I can’t modify. Zhu Yun hurriedly called Li Wei in a hurry, but Li Wei was always turned off.

Gao Jianhong had to bite the bullet, but when he went up, he hesitated and added a code error, which made the tenderer very dissatisfied, and he couldn’t come down to the stage. At the time, Li Wei appeared and took out the program he had prepared to explain a good shopping platform environment to everyone. At the same time, he also explained that the first version that Gao Jianhong came up with was the first edition, and the purpose was to let everyone experience the wrong one. What experience the program will bring.

This kind of speech was recognized by everyone, but it also made Gao Jianhong feel ashamed. He thought that it was Li Yi who deliberately kept him off stage, but Zhu Yun thought that it was thanks to Li Yi this time, otherwise everything would be over. It’s a shame to throw it at my grandma’s house, so that everyone remembers the Blue Crown Project, and no one knows who they are.

The blue crown project successfully won the championship. When he was in the base, Li Wei announced the result and acknowledged the results of everyone’s efforts. Because of the extra points, he could get bonuses. Although a large amount of money arrived at the school, it still made everyone happy. Only Gao Jianhong thought that it embarrassed him at the time, and now he gave him face. He didn’t want this kind of thing, and proposed to leave the base. Li Yi did not stop him, but continued to arrange the next work. Zhu Yun called Li Yi when he was waiting to get off work, persuading him to keep Gao Jianhong, but Li Yi thought that Gao Jianhong would definitely come back.

Afterwards, Li Yi went to find Gao Jianhong alone, without saying a word of retention, but simply asked Gao Jianhong if he wanted to make something that only belonged to him. Gao Jianhong knew that only by following Li Yi could he improve himself quickly. In order to create something different and make something that belongs to you, I obediently went to the base the next day, and said in front of Zhu Yun that only by following Li Yi can we really learn something.

During the class, Li Wei did not show up. Zhu Yun keenly noticed that something was wrong. Sure enough, Teacher Lin brought Zhang Xiaobei, the project director of a new startup company, to the outside of the classroom. Zhang Xiaobei claimed to have submitted the same project materials as Li Wei, so I hope to join forces with each other, but everyone knows that this project was created by Li Wei and the others, one code at a time, and that Zhang Xiaobei’s subordinate Han Jiakang had seen it at the tender meeting before, sitting in the corner, He never took the stage to explain his project. In this regard, Zhu Yun unceremoniously asked when the other party submitted the report. The people in the college hurriedly stopped Zhu Yun and reminded her to cooperate.

Teacher Lin also took Zhang Xiaobei and others to the base to find Li Wei. Li Wei did not say a word, but acquiesced to such an operation. Zhu Yun did not understand why Li Wei, who had always been invincible, gave in on this matter. Yi told Zhu Yun that he had experienced too many things and had seen too much. This is something that the academy agreed to. No one can change it. It is because Zhu Yun was protected too well, so he has never been able to face such a thing. . Zhu Yun didn’t understand the behavior of being deprived of the fruits of her labor, but this project belonged to Li Yi, and she had nothing to say about who Li Yi was willing to give her, but she unilaterally offered to leave the base.

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