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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 6 Recap

Zhu Yun was a little jealous when she saw that the person who had an appointment with Ren Di turned out to be Li Wei. Ren Di looked at the back of Zhu Yun leaving and felt that she was different from before, and Li Wei was also different from before. Guess There may be some changes in Li Wei, but Li Wei said that his changes are always within the plan. Ren Di took Li Wei to see the shared house. When Ren Di went back, Fang Shumiao accused Ren Di of wasting resources by not coming to school every day, and he didn’t return home at night. Fang Shumiao suspected that Ren Di and Li Wei were already together, and Zhu Yun was a little unbelievable. People are together, but their personalities are too similar, one is colder than the other, and they must not freeze to death together.

Ren Di dropped out and planned to leave the school. He packed his things and prepared to leave. Zhu Yun persuaded Ren Di, but he was reluctant to let him go. He also hoped that Ren Di could pay attention to safety and learn to protect himself. Ren Di couldn’t help laughing, and told Zhu Yun that she actually didn’t like Li Yao, and the person who really liked Li Yao was Fang Shumiao. Because Li Wei is not something ordinary people can follow. Zhu Yun thinks that Ren Di is a very brave girl who can do whatever she wants, but Ren Di thinks that Zhu Yun is the brave girl, but she has not yet discovered her own bravery.

The next day, Zhu Yun told Fang Shumiao the news of Ren Di’s departure. Fang Shumiao was actually a little happy, which also confirmed Ren Di’s guess. Some people in the base were directly driven away by Li Yi because of their poor qualifications. For this reason, Zhu Yun also asked Li Yi to get angry and lose his temper, but Li Yi believed that those people were all elementary school students and were not suitable for this place at all.

Teacher Lin recognized Zhu Yun’s programming ability and asked Zhu Yun if she liked programming. In fact, Zhu Yun didn’t know it herself. She just came here according to her mother’s arrangement. Teacher Lin suggested that Zhu Yun go to Li Yi’s base to have a look, because Li Wei always gives people a feeling that they can see things they can’t see. Zhu Yun did not agree, but Li Wei took the initiative to find Zhu Yun and asked Zhu Yun if she would consider the teacher’s suggestion, and if she wanted to come, he would invite him. This sentence touched Zhu Yun’s heart, and Zhu Yun thought about Li happily at night. What he said stayed up all night, thinking that this is the happiness in life.

Zhu Yun came in the morning according to the time specified by Li Wei, but found that no one came to the base. Only then did he know that he was tricked by Li Wei again. Liu Sisi also arranged for Zhu Yun to do some simple work. Zhu Yun was very angry. Ask Li Wei, and remind Li Wei not to forget that he invited her. Li Wei announced in public that Zhu Yun was the princess he had invited, and he also entertained the princess at night.

In the evening, everyone went to the bar to drink and sing. Zhu Yun was very happy to see Ren Di as the lead singer in the bar, but she was angry again when she saw Liu Sisi sitting next to Li Wei and looking like her girlfriend. In the bathroom, Zhu Yun was molested by two drunks. Ren Di’s friend helped Zhu Yun to get ahead, which led to the dismissal of Ren and Di.

Li Wei shot the two drunks away in time. With anger, Zhu Yun also reminded Li Yi that if she helps his girlfriend with her homework in the future, she will do it herself, or she will leave the base. Li Yi put a USB flash drive in a keychain and gave it to Zhu Yun. After Zhu Yun went back, she found that they were all programming languages, but it was enough to show that Li Yu paid enough attention to herself before, and always called her a princess, which made Zhu Yun elated.

Early in the morning, Zhu Yun came to the base, watched Li Yi fall asleep on the table, and put on his clothes, but when Li Yi made the next secret move, Gao Jianhong and others came, and Zhu Yun hurried back on your own seat. Li Yi took Zhu Yun to do the core project. In this core project, only she and Gao Jianhong could join. The rest of the people were also inconspicuous in Li Yi’s eyes. At night, he led everyone to work overtime until late at night. Yi stopped.

Until the next morning, when everyone came, Fang Shumiao felt a little uncomfortable when she saw Zhu Yun lying beside Li Yi and fell asleep. Liu Sisi also brought Li Yi breakfast, but accidentally spilled soy milk. On the computer, Li Wei was so angry that he scolded Liu Sisi away, and also reprimanded Fang Shumiao’s code for playing a house, and warned everyone that if they couldn’t meet the standard, they could leave.

Fang Shumiao left the base angrily, and Zhu Yun also felt that Li Wei was going too far, so she went to chase Fang Shumiao. Fang Shumiao satirized Zhu Yun with jealousy and hatred, but thinking about it was not her fault, she was a human being The beloved little princess, what is wrong with her is because Li Yao is too arrogant. Fang Shumiao said that she used to let Li Yao, but she will never be used to Li Yao in the future, and also announced that she will never like Li Yao again. Now, if Zhu Yun likes it, take it away, and Zhu Yun also emphasizes that she doesn’t like that kind of person. The two were reconciled as before, cursing Li Wei together.

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