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Unexpected Falling 不期而至 Episode 7 Recap

Ruan Zhenzhen agreed to the request of the driver for private mediation. After collecting the maintenance fee, he drove to the cemetery. The driver of the vehicle was about to get into the car and suddenly saw the locator that Ruan Zhenzhen had left behind. into your car. Gao Jun and his sister followed Ruan Zhenzhen’s vehicle to the cemetery. Seeing that Ruan Zhenzhen had gotten off the car, Gao Jun was about to follow him. His sister was very worried about Gao Jun and reminded him to think carefully. Gao Jun didn’t follow his sister’s suggestion, he picked up the bouquet he had prepared in advance and came to Xu Youning’s cemetery.

Ruan Zhenzhen put the cakes she brought in front of Xu Youning’s tomb, which caused her mother-in-law’s disgust. Xu Youning’s sister had received a photo from a stranger the day before, and when she saw Gao Jun this time, she immediately recognized the person in the photo. My brother just passed away a month ago, and this day was my brother’s “May 7th”. I didn’t expect that my sister-in-law would have a new love so soon, and the two openly appeared in front of my brother’s tomb. My sister-in-law immediately broke up with Ruan Zhenzhen.

The furious little sister-in-law kept scolding her for being disrespectful. Ruan Zhenzhen was very shocked. Seeing the flowers in Gao Jun’s hand, she seemed to have already prepared them. She suddenly understood that this scene was designed by Gao Jun. Originally, Gao Jun asked her to go to school, and the photos seemed to be taken deliberately to cause misunderstanding. Ruan Zhenzhen couldn’t see Gao Jun more and more. She angrily reminded Gao Jun that she didn’t post that love letter back then. Even if she hated her, she shouldn’t take revenge like this.

Gao Jun saw her so excited, worried that she would have an accident while driving, grabbed the car key in Ruan Zhenzhen’s hand, and solemnly stated that if Ruan Zhenzhen didn’t let go, he would always hold Ruan Zhenzhen’s hand and let her in-laws see. Ruan Zhenzhen didn’t want to cause extra trouble, so he let Gao Jun drive his car.

Gao Jun drove the car directly to the home where Ruan Zhenzhen went last night, and then deliberately said that he wanted to take her back to see the teacher in the former middle school, and then got out of the car on the pretext of buying fruit. Ruan Zhenzhen saw Gao Jun get off the car and immediately sat in the driver’s seat, then walked away. Since she was returning to her hometown, Ruan Zhenzhen went back to the old house again.

It was because of this time that she discovered that someone had sneaked in the old house. Fortunately, the locator fell off halfway. Ruan Zhenzhen passed by the person who followed her and saw The door of the house was unlocked, and she suddenly realized that the one who had been following her just now was the one who had been following her.

The owner of the car that caused the accident sent Ruan Zhenzhen a WeChat message and told about the locator. Ruan Zhenzhen thought that Xu Youning had installed it before his death, and was very disgusted. Ruan Zhenzhen’s mood became much calmer through the movement these days, her thoughts became clearer and clearer, and she must go all out to investigate the whereabouts of the loan.

Ruan Zhenzhen drove her back to Gao Jun, who left her halfway. This time Ruan Zhenzhen expressed his gratitude to Gao Jun. Fortunately, he forced the car to his hometown at that time, otherwise he would not have known that there was still a dark force watching her silently.

Ruan Zhen really wanted to go to the factory of Xia Youliang, Xu Youning’s former creditor. Since Xu Youning lent him a lot of money, Xia Xinliang must know the use of the money. Su Wen received a call from Ruan Zhenzhen and heard that Ruan Zhenzhen wanted to go with Gao Jun, so she said that Gao Jun seemed to have a court session today, and then suggested that Ruan Zhenzhen would go together in a few days. Ruan Zhenzhen couldn’t wait any longer, she drove quietly to Xia Xinliang alone near the factory.

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