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Unexpected Falling 不期而至 Episode 6 Recap

You Gang has been worrying about the house recently. One day, he received a call from an agent. The other party told him that he was in a hurry to sell a house, and the price was particularly suitable. You Gang dubiously followed the agent to see the house. The apartment was spacious and bright, and he was very satisfied.

Ruan Zhenzhen packed her luggage and drove directly to the countryside. This is where she grew up. Grandma used to live here. Seeing the certificate of her student days on the wall, she felt very at ease. Ruan Zhenzhen cleaned the house again. There was a thick layer of ash on the table and the bed. Ruan Zhenzhen put the sheets he brought on the bed and started to clean the ground carefully. In a crack in the wall under the bed, she found a dusty iron box containing her childhood toys, a notebook and a small envelope for change. Seeing these gadgets, Ruan Zhen really had mixed feelings.

Gao Jun called her and invited her to go back to school. Back in middle school, the two stood beside the Honor Roll. Gao Jun said that he liked her very much before, so he wrote a love letter of 5,000 words. Even if Ruan Zhen really didn’t like him, he should not have posted the love letter on the Honor Roll, attracting so many people. go and see. Ruan Zhenzhen was very surprised to hear that she did not receive a love letter, and she did not do it on the honor roll.

At the gate of the school, suddenly a motorcycle galloped past Ruan Zhenzhen, Gao Jun hurriedly took Ruan Zhenzhen into his arms. Fortunately, it was rescued in time, and Ruan Zhenzhen was not knocked down. After returning from school, Gao Jun said goodbye to Ruan Zhenzhen. He had something to do in the afternoon and asked Ruan Zhenzhen to go home first.

When Gao Jun came to a remote place, the crazy motorcycle rider took off his helmet to greet Gao Jun, and said that this move was too cruel. According to his instructions, he had sent an “intimate photo” of the two to Ruan Zhenzhen’s cousin. Gao Jun got on the other party’s motorcycle. It turned out that the thrill just now was carefully planned by him. Gao Jun told his accomplices that it had been confirmed just now that Ruan Zhenzhen should not have done the matter of pasting the love letter.

Ruan Zhenzhen bought some daily necessities, and when she brought things home, she found someone was following her. Fortunately, Ruan Zhenzhen was very agile. She hid quietly, and the people who followed her couldn’t find a place. Gao Jun called to know that Ruan Zhenzhen was being followed. He was worried and rushed over overnight. It was late at night. Ruan Zhenzhen opened the door for Gao Jun. During the day, someone followed Ruan Zhenzhen.


Gao Jun suggested that Ruan Zhenzhen should either let him stay here or follow him. He went out together to find another place to live. That night, Gao Jun and Ruan Zhenzhen rested together, and Ruan Zhenzhen was in the small room inside. That day, Gao Jun finally asked Ruan Zhenzhen about the love letter. At that time, Ruan Zhenzhen had already known Xu Youning. As for whether Xu did it or not, Ruan Zhenzhen did not speculate. The next morning, when Ruan Zhenzhen got up, Gao Jun was gone.

Yesterday, the people who followed Ruan Zhenzhen saw that Ruan Zhenzhen had already left, so they took the opportunity to enter the room where Ruan Zhenzhen lived last night to find some clues. They installed a locator on Ruan Zhenzhen’s car. It was found that Ruan Zhenzhen’s car suddenly stopped when it entered a distance. It turned out that Ruan Zhenzhen’s car was rear-ended, and the other party asked for privacy, so the time was delayed.

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