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Winter Night 在你的冬夜里闪耀 Episode 9 Recap

Zheng Daqian and Mi Lan took Dahua to the hotel. Fortunately, she just had enough food, and there was no serious problem. Mi Lan said that she could take care of Dahua here and asked Zheng Daqian to go back to rest, but Zheng Daqian insisted on accompanying her. Together. The next day, the two sent Dahua to the car together. Mi Lan told Dahua to go back to find a job and live a steady life. Dahua agreed and said that the money owed to Mi Lan would be paid back as soon as possible.

As soon as Zheng Daqian returned to Mu’s house, he saw Zheng Yingjun hurriedly came out of the house. Zheng Daqian asked him what he was doing. Zheng Yingjun said that a few friends had saved a game and asked him to play a few rounds. Zheng Daqian felt that his father’s There was something wrong with his expression, so he followed him to see where he was going, but Zheng Yingjun really went to the mahjong hall.

Zheng Daqian walked back with confidence, but she didn’t expect to see Dahua as soon as she turned around, which surprised her. She and Mi Lan clearly sent Dahua to the station, but she suddenly appeared here. Zheng Daqian asked. Why didn’t Dahua leave? Dahua lied that she didn’t catch the car. Zheng Daqian wanted to call Mi Lan and have dinner together at night. Dahua hurriedly stopped her and left quickly.

Back at Mu’s house, Zheng Daqian found that her father had stolen her mother’s bank card. She guessed that Zheng Yingjun must be hiding something from them, so she planned to use the night to check it out. She told Mi Lan about it, and she also talked about seeing the big flower. Mi Lan was shocked and hurried out to find the big flower. In the evening, Zheng Daqian secretly took out Zheng Yingjun’s mobile phone.

The password was her birthday. After unlocking it, Zheng Daqian found some clues. Zheng Yingjun seemed to be doing oral liquid agency with others. Mu Zixi waited for Mi Lan in the kitchen after school, and then pretended to meet by chance. Mi Lan was a little absent-minded, and went back to sleep without saying a few words to Mu Zixi.

Early the next morning, Dahua called and said that she could sign the contract in the morning, and she could return the money to Mi Lan. Mi Lan was very worried and planned to go there and see. Mu Zili went to the police station to report the case, and then dragged Dazhi along to find Zheng Yingjun. At this time, Zheng Yingjun was dreaming of making a fortune and was about to sign a contract with Dahua. Just when he was about to press his handprint, Mi Lan rushed to stop him.

Zheng Yingjun was more relieved when he heard that Dahua was Mi Lan’s friend. The contract is stamped. Mi Lan called Da Hua aside and told her that Zheng Yingjun was Zheng Daqian’s father. Da Hua immediately changed his mind and prepared to leave with the contract. Before Zheng Yingjun had woken up, he put the money directly into Mi Lan’s hand. , Zheng Daqian and Mu Zili arrived, Zheng Daqian accused Mi Lan of being a clever deceiver, even deceiving himself and his father, Mi Lan was speechless for a while. And Dahua was caught by Dazhi.

Dazhi interrogated Dahua. Dahua admitted that she used Sanwu products to defraud agency fees, but she insisted that the matter had nothing to do with Mi Lan. The police next to her told Dazhi that Dahua and Mi Lan had been involved in similar incidents. Scam and got caught in the police station. Mr. Mi came over immediately after learning about the incident. Dazhi told Mr. Mi the details. This time, Mi Lan really didn’t know about it. Lan slapped her face, then turned around and left, leaving Mi Lan standing there.

Mi Lan packed up and was about to leave Mu’s house. Mu Zili held her back. Zheng Daqian was still angry and ignored her. Mi Lan was about to take the car back to Tieyuan, but the last bus had also left. Said that he could go by the watch, Mi Lan had no choice but to get into the black car. Mu Zixi saw it from behind but did not stop it. When Yan Junze heard that something happened to Mi Lan, he came to ask. Zheng Daqian was also worried, and urged Mu Zili to call Mu Zixi. Hearing that Mi Lan got into a black car, the three of them hurriedly drove after him.

Mi Lan walked halfway only to find out that the driver had deliberately manipulated the meter. She was so angry that she called to stop and got out of the car. Before Zheng Daqian, they stopped the black car and learned of Mi Lan’s whereabouts. Mi Lan was standing alone in the cold winter, her mood was as cold as the weather. When Zheng Daqian and the others arrived, they directly warmed Mi Lan’s heart. Because Mu Zili came in a hurry and forgot to cheer up, Mi Lan suggested that everyone stay overnight at her grandma’s house in Tiexi, and then go back tomorrow. This is also the best place for a few people at the moment.

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