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Winter Night 在你的冬夜里闪耀 Episode 7 Recap

Zheng Daqian brought some gifts to Mi’s house to visit Mi Lan. Mr. Mi heard that he would cook specially afterward. At the dinner table, Mr. Mi still did not forget to suppress Mi Lan by asking about Zheng Daqian’s work, and Mi Lan said his own Before the job was settled, Mr. Mi suggested that there was a vacancy for an administrator in the library of the study sample, and asked Mi Lan to go to work there, but Mi Lan was not interested at all. Mr. Mi was on fire at that time, and Zheng Daqian hurriedly explained for Mi Lan, He also said that he was going to catch up with Mi Lan at night, and Teacher Liu was also helping Mi Lan talking, so the father and daughter didn’t quarrel.

After the meal, Mi Lan was going to live in the hotel. Zheng Daqian forced her to take her to Mu’s house. The next morning, the two went out to see the house together. Mi Lan didn’t want to live at home, so she came to Lao Street to find a rental house. Because the rent here is cheap. Mi Lan saw a large store on the corner of the street. It used to be a restaurant.

The restaurant owner’s younger brother was a little mentally retarded, but he knew Mi Lan after many years, but he didn’t have much impression of Zheng Daqian. Mi Lan introduced him. But he said that Zheng Daqian was not that Daqian at all. Zheng Daqian received a call from Yan Junze, and the two quickly came to the hot pot restaurant. They saw Yan Junze and Dazhi eating here, and Dazhi also brought out his son. Several people were very puzzled, and they had never heard of when Dazhi got married. , Why did he suddenly have a son, and Dazhi’s son’s remarks almost made Zheng Daqian’s nose crooked. He praised Mi Lan well, and when it was Zheng Daqian’s turn, there was nothing good to say.

Yan Junze mentioned helping Zheng Yingjun to find a job, but the meteorological bureau was already full of logistical staff. He said that he would stay for other jobs. Zheng Daqian didn’t care too much. Anyway, he was the emperor and was not in a hurry to be an eunuch. Zheng Yingjun was still there all day. She was worried that if this continued, the family would be disbanded sooner or later.

Yan Junze mentioned that the old street was going to be demolished. He heard that a museum and a forest park were going to be built. Zheng Daqian immediately remembered that the parallel time and space asked her to come back to collect the demolition funds. She decided that it was the area to be demolished, and she had to find a way to buy one there. The opportunity to make money came when she started a house. She immediately put down her chopsticks and started her dream of making a fortune.

Zheng Daqian went back to Mu’s house to discuss with his parents about buying a house, and learned that Zheng Yingjun had gone to the movies with her in order to please Gong Xiaoqin. Zheng Daqian expected that the two of them would not be too happy, because she knew that her father would be ready in ten minutes. Falling asleep, sure enough, Gong Xiaoqin didn’t look good when she came back, and Zheng Yingjun explained that it was her menopause.

Zheng Daqian mentioned the matter of buying a store, and Gong Xiaoqin mentioned the reason for her anger. It turned out that Zheng Yingjun was pestering her to open a KTV where she sang while eating hot pot. Zheng Daqian immediately objected, thinking that her father was not reliable at all. Investing by yourself is the right way. The father and daughter had a dispute because of this. Gong Xiaoqin told them not to make up their own minds, and no one could move her money.

In desperation, Zheng Daqian could only come to Mu Zili for sponsorship. Mu Zili didn’t do much except sneer and ridicule. He also blamed Zheng Daqian for scaring his clients away. After Yan Junze arrived, he heard about it. He immediately stated that he wanted to buy shares, but Zheng Daqian knew that his family had just repaid the debt. Although he was kind, she couldn’t be too embarrassed by Yan Junze. In the evening, after returning to Mu’s house, Zheng Daqian began to look up his savings and the balance of his overdraft card, which was far from his goal.

On the other hand, Mu Zixi had a conflict with Mu’s mother because he did not take the Beijing University entrance examination. , and then led the anger to Mu Zili’s head, and the two brothers started fighting. Mi Lan felt that his arrival had intensified the conflict between the two brothers. Zheng Daqian said that the two brothers were like this. In the end, it was Mu Guoliang who calmed down the situation. There was a family dispute, and he also persuaded Mu’s mother to respect her son’s idea and not necessarily have to go to Beijing University.

Mu Zixi was a little surprised when he saw Mi Lan in the kitchen. After all, this is the object of his admiration since he was a child. Mi Lan explained it and said that he would make more food and let Mu Zixi eat it together. Careful that her hands were scalded, Mi Lan felt warm with Mu Zixi’s warm care, but she never thought that she would be planted in Mu Zixi’s heart.

In order to collect the down payment, Zheng Daqian tried his best, and even took out the porcelain left by his grandmother to sell as antiques. As a result, Mu Zili found that it said “for microwave ovens”. Zheng Daqian wanted to sell his piano, but was caught Zheng Daqian tried his best to stop it. Afterwards, Gong Xiaoqin told her that at the time, Zheng Yingjun saved money for a year to buy his beloved motorcycle, but he sold it in less than half a year, just to buy the piano for Zheng Daqian, so he was reluctant to be very normal thing.

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