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Winter Night 在你的冬夜里闪耀 Episode 10 Recap

The group came to Grandma Mi Lan’s house. The grandma, who was awakened from her sleep, naturally wouldn’t give them a good face, so the five of them would be crowded into a large kang, and they would leave tomorrow. Zheng Daqian arranged the positions of several people. The men and women were divided into two sides. The child was in the middle. Mu Zixi was the child. He was next to the goddess in his heart, and he felt strange and satisfied in his heart. He came out and tilted his head to the side deliberately. Mi Lan simply talked about the relationship between her and Dahua.

Back then, after graduating from college, she was looking for a job, and what she did most was live broadcasting. She was rejected by the supervisor because she had no talent. When she was most helpless, it was Dahua. Accompanying her, they became best friends. Later, they went to the police station because they sold nutrient solution. Later, she returned to Baihe and met them. She planned to start her life again and forget the terrible past, so she didn’t put these Tell them what happened, and after listening to Mi Lan’s remarks, Zheng Daqian forgave her from the bottom of his heart.

Early the next morning, Zheng Daqian found out that Mi Lan was gone. She went down to the door and heard the conversation between Mi Lan and her grandma. Mi Lan planned to leave secretly but was stopped by her grandma. Grandma persuaded her not to run away. It doesn’t matter if she made a mistake. As long as she realizes that she will not commit crimes again, she will be an upright person in the future.

In the end, she used Mi Lan’s mother’s behavior to educate Mi Lan. Mi Lan was moved to tears, and she decided not to leave. Yan Junze received the news that the road was blocked by snow. They could only stay here for one more day. Grandma began to give orders to Mi Lan and Mu Zixi to sweep the snow, Zheng Daqian and Mu Zili to catch the goose, and she Take Yan Junze to sell lunch boxes.

Mu Zili and Zheng Daqian jumped and grabbed the big goose, but the big goose was not caught, and Zheng Daqian twisted his foot. In order to deal with it, he had to hide the medicine. I heard that my grandma was going to take everyone to ice fishing, and Zheng Daqian’s feet didn’t hurt so much anymore. In fact, grandma just wanted everyone to relax, but Zheng Daqian and Mu Zili had a good time. Zheng Daqian sat in the tire, and Mu Zili dragged her to run on the ice, as if back to childhood. Grandma used her fishing experience to educate Yan Junze. The same is true for fishing people. She had to grasp the timing. She didn’t expect to get an oolong. She thought that Yan Junze was interested in Mi Lan. In fact, the person in his heart was Zheng Daqian.

After the happy life at grandma’s house ended, everyone returned to Mu’s house. Mi Lan apologized to Zheng Yingjun, and Zheng Daqian also helped her to speak. Zheng Yingjun knew that Mi Lan was not at fault, so he forgave her. Mi Lan returned to her home after receiving a call from her stepmother, and told Teacher Mi about her resignation. She was so angry that Teacher Mi didn’t even let her eat, Mi Lan left home lonely, and Zheng Da called her in after seeing it. After entering the house, the two chatted while drinking, and overheard that the front house that Zheng Da liked before had not been sold.

Mu’s mother wanted Mu Zili to do something, and asked him to go to Mu Guoliang’s factory to do sales. He refused to say anything and felt that it was better to stay at home. Zheng Da came to Mu Zili and wanted him to convince Mu’s father. Mu’s mother came to invest in her store, and Mu Zili asked her to make a plan. Later, Zheng Daqian and Mu Zili used the project plan to impress Zheng’s father, Zheng’s mother, and Mu’s father and Mu’s mother. They agreed to invest in the two. Mu’s mother is the major shareholder of the investment. She has only one request, and Mu Zili must participate in it. When the investment was settled, Mu Zili asked Zheng Daqian to ask the landlord. As soon as the landlord heard that it was Zheng Daqian, he immediately hung up the phone.

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