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Unexpected Falling 不期而至 Episode 4 Recap

After dinner, Su Wen helped collect clues at her best friend’s house. Ruan Zhenzhen was absent-minded. Su Wen asked her if she had any other clues. Ruan Zhenzhen was always silent about the watch that appeared inexplicably.

After leaving Ruan Zhenzhen’s house, Gao Jun asked Su Wen why Ruan Zhenzhen didn’t go to work. Su Wen tweeted that her best friend was introverted and didn’t like socializing very much, and she has been a housewife since she got married. Su Wen asked about the lawyer’s fee, but Gao Jun didn’t care, just lied that he had discussed it with Ruan Zhenzhen.

Ruan Zhenzhen was worried that her mother-in-law was sad, so she went to her mother-in-law’s house. One lost her son and the other lost her husband. They were both so unfortunate people, but Ruan Zhenzhen’s mother-in-law openly called others that Ruan Zhenzheng killed her son. Ruan Zhenzhen’s hand for cutting the apple for her father-in-law began to tremble slightly.

Gao Jun saw the news at home. The media reported that Jinshang Fund was involved in illegal transactions. An investor was deeply affected. He couldn’t stand the pressure and jumped off the building on the live broadcast. In the live broadcast, he also said that this incident was related to Xu Youning. Seeing this video, Gao Jun immediately drove downstairs to Ruan Zhenzhen’s house.

If really Ruan Zhenzhen came downstairs, many reporters were already besieged there, and they swarmed over when they saw Ruan Zhenzhen appear. Numerous interviews left Ruan Zhenzhen overwhelmed. Fortunately, when Gao Jun saw it, he immediately stepped forward. Because of his height advantage, he pushed aside many reporters and directly took Ruan Zhenzhen to escape home.

Su Wen heard about Xu Youning’s company. She was worried that her best friend would be affected and immediately called Ruan Zhenzhen. Seeing that Gao Jun was also at Ruan Zhenzhen’s house, he was a little relieved, because there were still arrangements for work, so he let Gao Jun stay there to take care of him.

Ruan Zhenzhen went back to the bedroom bed and recalled what happened during this time. She was like a moth covered in a black hole, bumping around, unable to see the sun, and bottomless when she sank. Before the car accident, she clearly felt that Xu Youning loved her and regarded her as a jewel in her palm, but after the car accident, she checked Xu Youning’s mobile phone and found that all chat records and caller information had been cleared. What’s the secret?

Ruan Zhenzhen checked two similar watches repeatedly, and suddenly she saw the English letter “Shen” written under one of the watches. She suddenly remembered that when she met Mr. Shen in the elevator, she seemed to pay attention to this watch, and said If you want to buy it, you need to book it in Switzerland, but how could my husband book this watch?

The more he thought about it, the more confused he became. Ruan Zhenzhen first called Xiao Lu and asked him if he knew the relationship between President Shen and Xu Youning. On the phone, Xiao Lu admitted that President Shen and Xu Youning were only in a work relationship and did not communicate much in private. Xiao Lu tried to ask Ruan Zhen if there was anything wrong, and the call was directly hung up.

Ruan Zhenzhen’s mother heard that her daughter was implicated and had a lot of debts, and the whole family was helpless. My cousin felt that Ruan Zhenzhen definitely knew about the loan, but she said that it was for personal possession. Although Ruan Zhenzhen’s mother knew that her daughter was not such a person, she did not know How to comfort my daughter.


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