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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 4 Recap

Fang Shumiao called Zhu Yun to tell him that Li Wei was going to self-study. Zhu Yun quickly got up and rushed to school, but it was embarrassing that he was still wearing the coat that Li Wei put on. However, I feel that Li Wei has completed the task when he went to class.

But what surprised Fang Shumiao and Zhu Yun was that Li Wei proposed in front of the teacher that he would share his experimental base with everyone. Anyone who went to participate in extracurricular activities would not need to go to morning self-study and evening self-study. This is called Fang Shu Miao felt that Li Wei had ruined their self-study class, so it would be better not to ask him to go to class.

When Gao Jianhong saw that Li Yi was back late, he wanted to find him to go to basketball with him, but was rejected by Li Yi. After that, Gao Jianhong asked Li Yi to talk to him, and told Li Yi’s base not to poach people casually, especially him. Without the computer interest group, Li Yi had no interest in their interest group.

As a result, several members of Gao Jianhong and Zhu Yun’s interest group were taken away without being dug up.

Wu Mengxing had surgery, Fang Shumiao went to the hospital to see him, and learned that he would be discharged after exhausting gas, so Fang Shumiao hurriedly took him for a walk in the corridor in order to get their interest group members together, and then finally gave a fart. Fang Shumiao was very happy, but Wu Mengxing still couldn’t be discharged from the hospital, after all, he had to wait until he got better.

After returning home, Fang Shumiao felt that Wu Mengxing was not particular. He said before that he could play suona, but when he asked him to go back to help, he said that he had only played at family weddings and weddings, so Fang Shumiao wanted to perform a show with Zhu Yun. Just when they were rehearsing, Li Yi passed by and felt that their welcome party was unintentional. This made Zhu Yun very angry. She made an agreement with Li Yi that she would go on stage, and was worried that Li Yi would not dare to watch it.

At the party, Xu Lina performed a violin on the stage, which made everyone feel that it was in place. After the performance, Xu Lina directly confessed that it was for Li Yi, but Li Yi did not respond. unacceptable. After that, Zhu Yun came to the stage to tell everyone a talk show, comparing Li Yi to the pet dog she kept, but only Li Yi and Zhu Yun knew what happened between them, so Li Yi knew that Zhu Yun was He was referring to Sang and scolding Huai, but he applauded Zhu Yun’s talk show. After Zhu Yun stepped down, he met Li Yi backstage, but Li Yi directly confessed that he would be willing to be with him in the future, which made the students on the scene go crazy.

The video of the two together was posted on the Internet. After returning home, Fang Shumiao asked Zhu Yun to quickly confess, admitting when they were together, but Zhu Yun felt that she was wronged. In the bathroom, a lot of people were talking about Zhu Yun and Li Wei. This made Zhu Yun ashamed to take a bath in the bathroom and hurried back to the dormitory to make a clarification, telling everyone to stop talking about it. That’s all, she’s still single now.

Afterwards, she went to Xu Lina to clarify, but Li Wei also left a message at this time. She felt sorry that Zhu Yun should not have made her angry. Xu Lina was even more angry with Zhu Yun after seeing it, and felt that Zhu Yun was looking for her to have fun. Zhu Yun had no choice but to go to the broadcast room to clarify her relationship with Li Wei.

Because Li Yi called Zhu Yun Xiao Zhu Zhu at the party, many people now see Zhu Yun also called Xiao Zhu Zhu, and that name is also called Kai Kai. But what Zhu Yun didn’t expect was that Li Yi dyed his blond hair black, but asked Zhu Yun to ask the guilt. He didn’t promise to be a guest performer.

Li Yi went to the bar to find Ren Di. At that time, Ren Di sang in the bar to earn living expenses. He also hoped that Li Yi would invest in their band and then earn income from his shares. Li Yi gave them to them under Ren Di’s persuasion. The band invested part of the money.

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