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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 3 Recap

In order to complete the task given by the squad leader, Zhu Yun followed Li Yi all the time, but did not dare to approach. As a result, many suitors who came for his fame appeared in front of Li Yi and confessed, but they were all rejected by Li Yi. After that, Zhu Yun followed Li Yi all the way to a small yard, which was Li Yi’s world. Li Wei was writing code there, and was very disgusted that Zhu Yun asked him to go to self-study.

He felt that the amount was useless, so he asked Zhu Yun to play games together, and as long as he won, he would go back to class. In the end, Zhu Yun was not an opponent, but she didn’t give up. Li Wei told Zhu Yun not to look for him in the future.

Self-confidence, but Li Yi didn’t go, and Zhu Yun didn’t see Li Yi in the professional class. It was a surprise. As a result, Li Yi arrived at this time. The teacher told them to learn the C language well, which will help them a lot in the future. After that, I also asked Zhu Yun to explain the C language. Zhu Yun explained the teacher’s questions in an orderly manner, which made the teacher very happy and asked Zhu Yun to be the class representative.

Zhu Yun’s mother, Liu Ailin, made a video for the girl. If she wants to ask her to go to college, she should not slacken her studies. Although the college entrance examination is a hurdle, college is more important, which makes Zhu Yun feel a lot of pressure. After that, the teacher asked Zhu Yun to join Gao Jianhong in their group. Although Zhu Yun did not want to go, she had to compromise under the pressure of her mother and teacher.

Afterwards, a few of them became members of the group and got their own studio under the arrangement of Teacher Lin. Everyone wanted to ask Li Wei to participate, but some people felt that Li Wei was arrogant and worried that they would not look down on their group, but Zhu Yun wanted to try it, so she went to Li Yi to discuss it in person. As a result, Li Yi asked Zhu Yun to take back a set of codes of his own to take a look. Unexpectedly, after Zhu Yun took it back and plugged it into the computer, it was poisoned.

After that, Zhu Yun went to many well-known teachers to help clear the virus. At first, the teacher was full of confidence, but in the end, his own computer was also poisoned. After that, he asked an expert to help him. The virus was cleared, which made the teachers and buddies anxious, and asked Zhu Yun to go to Li Yi.

Zhu Yun didn’t want to go to Li Wei and had to go back and give it to Gao Jianhong, but after a long time there was no show. Gao Jianhong went to check the information, and after that, Zhu Yun took the USB flash drive to Mr. Lin to deal with, but he couldn’t do anything.

After that, I called Li Yao, and asked Li Yao to talk about how the virus was written in a soft voice. After Li Yao’s introduction, Mr. Lin felt that Li Yao was absolutely amazing. But what made them even more unexpected was that Li Wei wanted to use the virus to control the virus, so that those hard-to-remove viruses could not attack the computer.

Just when Mr. Lin was listening, he received a call from his family and went back quickly. Before leaving, he asked Li Wei to quickly unravel the computer virus. Afterwards, Li Yi was about to leave the office, which made Zhu Yun very anxious. She wanted to ask Li Yi for help in unlocking the computer, but was laughed at by Li Yi for a while. Unexpectedly, the class representative was nothing. Zhu Yun was so angry that she cursed Li Yi secretly. Just scum. After a period of hard work, Zhu Yun finally got rid of the virus, but she went to the night market at the prompt of Li Yi.

Zhu Yun bought mutton skewers to thank Li Yi, but she also felt that he was a genius and should make good use of his time, but Li Yi felt that their group was wasting time, which made Zhu Yin very angry, thinking that Li Yi was a big man Obeying the school rules was too much, and as a result, Li Wei was directly locked out of the door and could not get in.

When Li Yi went to school the next day, he found that Zhu Yun had slept at the door all night. Li Yi didn’t expect that Zhu Yun would be so persistent like a fool.

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